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I help small business owners and individual taxpayers solve IRS tax problems and provide year-long tax saving strategies. Established Tax Accountant and the bestselling author of four business books.


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Better Together: Keep it Still

Clients can “slip up” by not revealing their total tax situation. I ask a lot of questions but truthful information is crucial to ensure that the tax return is correctly processed.

“Death and taxes are certain, but knowing how to only pay your fair share is third.” ~Yvette D. Best

My firm prides itself in keeping individuals and businesses IRS and state compliant. Operating with transparency and integrity helps in this process. By being upfront and honest, I can correct and control the tax situation with a favorable outcome.

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Best Services Unlimited LLC is the only accounting firm in Fayetteville, Georgia accredited and ‘A+’ rated by BBB of Metro Atlanta, also specializing in new business formation and consulting services.

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