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A standard in the Film Industry you might not know is what we call, “Free to Fee”. The, “Free to Fee” method is all about adding value first before asking for value to be given to you.

On it’s face, one can see this in strictly financial terms. But this principle lends itself to how we conduct our relationships as well. I’m always looking for ways I can add value to others first before expecting value to be given to me.

[1] This method was taught to me by Parker Walbeck of Fulltime Filmmaker.

[2] This benefit’s me by creating a positive relationship up-front, that will usually lead to great work as well as great working relationships.

[3] This benefit’s my clients by adding value to them first before ever expecting anything from them.

In other words, this standard can be summed up as, “Do unto other’s as you would have done unto you”.

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    VanDedo Productions
  • 4745 Hillside Dr
  • Acworth, United States
  • 30101
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