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Industrial Design degree from Auburn University. Owner of two companies, significant design experience in Products, Graphics, Web and Video categories.

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  • Phone: 615-613-4249
  • Team: Virginia Highlands
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  • Joined on 05/03/2017


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Accurate: Increase the Distance

My background being in Product Design I do get these entrepreneurial clients with grand ideas in their early stages. These projects are always “long-haul” projects because I am, in some cases quite literally, taking a napkin sketch and bringing that drawing all the way to a product on the shelf of a retail store. These projects usually require my entire scope of abilities over the course of several months: product, graphic, web and marketing.

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Company Profile

Design firm that offers Graphic, Product, and video design services. Includes all customer or business facing visuals with the intent to increase revenue. Specialize in Logo/Branding, Digital Platforms, and Physical Collateral

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    ZB Designer
  • 144 Woodmere Square NW
  • Atlanta, GA
  • 30316
  • Phone: 615-613-4249
  • Website:

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