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I draw from a diverse background as an LEO and Infantry Officer to provide risk management and mitigation techniques for businesses of all sizes.

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Essential to my business is a client that knows and understands the value behind creating a more safe and secure culture within their organization. I can give them all the information and knowledge that I have but there needs to be action by the client in order to actually enact the protocols I recommend.

For differentiation, I make sure the results I provide are already delegated to the individual that can handle that task within the organization. For instance, if I recommend a slightly different patrol technique, I would work with the security director to implement the new policy and procedure.

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We help our clients create safer working environments with a paradigm shift in their culture. We use a top down approach that focuses on safety and security throughout the organization.

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    Knight Protection Services
  • 10 Glenlake Pkwy, Ste 130
  • Suite 130
  • Sandy Springs, Georgia
  • 30328
  • Phone: 404-771-9368
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