Networking Aerobics

Networking Aerobics by Wendy Kinney

If the thought of walking into a group of people you don’t know is enough to make you curl up at home with a quilt and a good book . . .

If you feel like you always spend networking events talking to people you already know instead of making new business contacts . . .

If you know people who get great business from every event they attend and wish they would share their system with you . . .



  • Three Reasons to do Networking Aerobics
  • Five Rules for Maximum Networking Aerobic Benefit
  • Eight Stretches to Warm Up
  • Exercise 1 – The Meeting: Four Posture Points
  • Exercise 2 – The Greeting: Four Memory Methods
  • Exercise 3 – Some Conversation: Six Scripts For Success
  • Exercise 4 – The Question: Ask First and Prosper
  • Exercise 5 – The Card Exchange: Rules that Reap Rewards
  • Exercise 6 – Future Planning: Seven Money Making Methods
  • Exercise 7 – The Introductions: Four Ways to Be Valuable
  • Exercise 8 – The Exit: Three Strength Building Strategies
  • Exercise 9 – The Follow Through: Five Profitable Systems
  • Exercise 10 – The Schedule: Repetitions Build Muscle
  • Keeping Score: How To Know If You’re Healthy