21 Different Types of Associations

Think of the 21 different types of associations like 21 different countries:
each has a unique culture, different natural resources, and its own language.

If I could only speak one language and expected to do business in 21 different languages you would expect me to be successful in one, and (in the best case) frustrated, or (in the worst case) offensive in the other 20.

The magic key to generate referrals is to belong to three different types of associations, and to work them each according to their individual purpose.

A PowerCore Team’s purpose is to generate referrals between Members.
Passing leads in a PowerCore Team would be equivalent to speaking Spanish in Brazil, where the language is Portuguese. Selling to PowerCore Team Members, either in InfoMinutes or at lunch appointments, would be like speaking German in China.

Belonging to more than one of the same type of association is ineffective.
Consider civic associations like Rotary, Kiwanis and Lions Clubs. They have a strong fundraising purpose. Each organization would think I was bringing less to them because of what I was producing with the others. Perhaps worse, belonging to three groups where I would be asking clients to donate means they would soon lose value from my three similar purposes.

It is the same in a PowerCore Team. It’s not appropriate to belong to another close contact network. Choosing between Members of two groups when you pass a referral isn’t loyal to either organization; giving a client two cards isn’t an endorsement for either associate. To generate referrals for your own business show Members they can count on your loyalty.

There is a magic combination for choosing the three different types of associations to belong to. 
Choose one where every member is a potential client; one where every member is a potential GateOpener; and one with a broad cross-section of members. One of the organizations should meet weekly; the other two monthly.

Maximize time, effort and referral generation for your business.
That’s how to build a business naturally.