What Is A Meeting Like?

PowerCore meetings begin promptly at 7 am and end at 8:30.

This isn’t a networking event, it’s a business meeting, with an agenda, and a purpose. Plan to arrive about 6:45, so you can meet your VisitorHost and get your business cards in the box.

Bring at least 30 business cards. Everyone on the Team will want one. A card box will go around the table so you can get Members’ cards, too.

In the first part of the meeting each person (including Visitors) has one minute (they’ll use a timer) to share new information and identify signs that a prospect is ready for them. We call these InfoMinutes.

The Whitlock Avenue PowerCore Team

The second part of the meeting gives two Members 7 minutes each to share more detailed information. Then, during the Referral Trigger exercise, each person answers the same Referral Trigger question, from the perspective of their business.

The third part of the meeting is where we give. Once again each person has the opportunity to speak; sharing referrals, thanking Members for a referral that turned into business, inviting a Member they don’t have referrals for to lunch, so they can learn enough to generate referrals for them.

When the TeamCoOrdinator adjourns the meeting some Members will leave quickly to get to a 9 o’clock appointment. (We don’t make money at this meeting; we make money with the results of this meeting.) Others will get more information about a referral that was passed to them. Visitors want to shake hands with a few of the Members and make a date to follow through.

Each Team has a different arrangement with the location where they meet. Some have breakfast available; in those cases it is appropriate to order and eat during the meeting. Each person pays for their own breakfast–that’s the benefit the location gets for hosting the meeting. In other locations the cost includes the room, tables and chairs. In those cases you’ll want to bring your own coffee! The VisitorCoOrdinator will let you know the protocol and the cost for the meeting location.