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Use these tools, templates, scripts and systems  to make getting referrals natural.


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Zero to Referrals In Just A Minute

Each week every Member has 60 seconds to promote their business.
We call this an InfoMinute. Download this template. It’s the tool radio and TV stations use to be sure commercials are exactly the right length. It’s most valuable when you highlight each segment with color, to verify you’ve included all seven parts, in balance. Use this tool to give yourself an advantage.

Quick Reminder: It isn’t the order that matters, it’s the ratio of time on each card.
Blue and Red cards are 15 seconds each–White and Purple are 5.
Spend a full 20 seconds on resonant client identification–the Green, Gold and Platinum cards.







(NO company, phone, URL)



15 seconds
(about 3

New, valuable, usable information.
Something I can use if I never see you again.
Information I can use to insert you into a
conversation with a client next week.
Left brain



Why I’m good at this.
Prepare 200 Purple cards.
Three ways  to get a Purple Card:
1. What comes naturally to me, that makes me good at this?
2. What have I worked hard to learn, that makes me good
at my business?
3. Take a cliché (I’m well organized)  and say what that means
when I say it about myself.
(My answer would be “I work from a checklist.”)





15 seconds
(about 3
A story, showing me using the Blue Card to a client’s advantage.

Use the PAR template:

  • Problem – the problem the client had when they came to you.
  • Action – the action you took: what you saw, what you thought,
    what you did.
  • Result – the client’s result; how life is for them now that your
    work for them is complete.
Right brain 

emotion and


Not always necessary.
Do not use the words “lead”, “today” or “me”.We don’t refer to each other—(A good lead for me is…)
We refer great people to our clients—(I’m a good referral for
your client who…)

I’m not trying to
get money from you



Who  is always a person, never a company.
There are only three ways to identify a Who:
1} name, 2} title, or 3} relationship.

How must be something I (I am not in your business) can see or
hear in real life. (I have never heard someone say “I want to take
my business to the next level.” I have heard people ASK for a referral
to someone who wants to take their business to the next level, but
since people don’t walk around saying that, it isn’t resonant.)

(real life)
client identification


This is what the Who wants.
They do not want me. They want the result of me.
What does the Who want their life to be like after I’m complete?

the introduction


What question can the listener ask to start a conversation where
a prospect says, “YES!  Introduce me!  I need them!  Now!”

Action for
the listener



To download this chart InfoMinute Componets pdf.


InfoMinute Cards



To download these cards Click Here pdf.








Use this this template docxto help write your 7-Minute.

Download the Diamond Outline here pdf.

This is the Case Study format Case Study Format for 7-Minute Presentation docx and a format (you are welcome to make anything you’d like) to get customized FeedForward information Custom FeedForward questions pdf

How to Make Coffee Profitable

A PowerPercolator  (known as PowerPerk to its friends) is a structured get-to-know-you. Use this template to introduce a Team Member to a GateOpener. If three people on the Team are natural GateOpeners for each other, this is the perfect way to go deep, fast.


There are three keys for making a PowerPerk profitable:

1: Talk about one client. Your best client. The client who is the most profitable + the most fun.  (If you talk about everything and what could be, the others will not get a solid sense of your business.)  One.

2: Use a timer. The first round is important, but it’s only three minutes each.  (That’s nine minutes on personal info.) What you’re looking for is something the three of you have in common.  Find that, and you’ll make money. Promise.

3: Ponder what you’re going to say. A PowerPerk is as profitable as the least prepared person. (Don’t let that be you.) Since you won’t have time to tell everything, spend a few minutes thinking about the most important parts of the story.

What to Say, and How to Say It


Little white man on phone2

A script is a series of words, in order, that creates a predictable response.

One of the best places to use a script is when you’re inviting an acquaintance to visit your PowerCore Team.

If you, like me, have an upper left desk drawer full of business cards of people you wouldn’t recognize if they walked in your door, pull the trash can between your knees, pick out a card at random and use this telephone script before you throw the card away.

You’ll make an impression. And that’s more than what is happening now, in the dark, in your upper left desk drawer.


Some of us just can’t bear to throw the cards away without keeping the information.
If that’s you, go ahead and enter these into an excel spreadsheet.
Then use this template letter  to mail merge an invitation to visit your Team.It won’t feel pushy–you aren’t asking for their
business–you’re offering them a way to get business.
So, if they remember you they’ll be impressed;
if they don’t, they’ll want to get to know you!

Which is more than is happening now, in the dark left-hand drawer.



Computer You might be wondering about an email template, and I’ll share what I’ve observed. The best thing you can send with an email invitation is one of your own InfoMinutes. Even when they aren’t interested in PowerCore they’ll be impressed with you.  Want proof?  Check this out!



Sub Proactively


Sub Professionally

Referral – a three-way introduction between two Members of the Team, and a third person who is not a Member and who is in the current market for a Member’s product or service.

Cold call – outreach — whether by phone, email or in person — to a person who is not expecting it.

Warm call – outreach for the purpose of soliciting business to a person with whom you’ve had previous contact.

GateOpener – a classification (i.e. printer, insurance agent, CPA) whose clients ask for a referral to someone in my classification.

Gatekeeper – a person who keeps me from getting to my prospect.

PowerPerk – a structured meeting between three people, one of whom is not a PowerCore Member, using a timer and the PowerPercolating template to answer six questions in order to learn about each other’s business for the purpose of referring clients.

Classification – a category of product or service provider. (i.e. banker, dentist, graphic designer) Some classifications have sub-directories. (i.e. Insurance – P&C and Insurance – Health; or Attorney – Bankruptcy and Attorney – Estate.)

Contact Sphere – a group of classifications who have clients in common, or whose clients have a need for many of them at the same time. The four most common Contact Spheres are Business Services, Financial Services, Personal Services and Residential Real Estate.

Coffee|Lunch|PowerPint|PowerPutt  – extracurricular time with a PowerCore Member, for the purpose of strengthening the relationship that determines whether a Member will refer a client, contact, friend or family member to us.

To add to this list email Wendy@PowerCore.net [/tab]

Download the PDF here INTROMinute Questions - Build Theme pdf

An INTROMinute is Prepared, Positive and Professional
It makes the presenter comfortable and the audience eager to listen.




  • The builder’s Mantra is “measure twice, cut once.” What directive do you live by?
  • What is the first boundary to consider when you start a project? Do you begin with time, money, end use?
  • What big bold goal are you willing to share?
  • What’s next with your family? First child graduating? Reunion in Italy?
  • What app do you use all day long?
  • What tool do you use to think? A great playlist? A favorite pencil?
  • Do you prefer hand made one-of-a-kind, or 3-D printed perfection?
  • In what unique way do you use your phone as a tool that has become integral to your business success?
  • What tool would you not be willing to live without?
  • Where, outside of business, are you a builder? Are you a photographer, baker, woodworker?
  • Imagine you invented a new tool. What does it give users the ability to do?
  • What difficult thing do you work on for the satisfaction of creation?
  • What have you built that you are most proud of?

We track referral success with We Did Business slips.
Professionals keep score. My brother would never think of playing golf without keeping score. He’s a scratch golfer, and tracking his results is what got him to this success level.

Each time you make a bank deposit because of a connection you got through PowerCore, complete a We Did Business slip. It’s how you say thank you to the Member who brought you benefit. TeamCoOrdinators send the We Did Business slips to PowerCore Central, where we use the information to see how Members can maximize their return on referral marketing investment.

Here’s what we know:
This graph shows the results Members experience in their first 18 months of Membership.
(Notice that each bar indicates by color whether the business was On Base, Home Run, or a Grand Slam. You’ll also see the number of people who didn’t check one of those boxes. Always check one of those boxes.)

Five pieces of information are collected on each We Did Business slip:
[1] Who did the original referral come from?
[2] Who was it to?  A prospect, a GateOpener, or did a Member them self do business with you?
[3] Is this  one time business or ongoing? And is this a 2nd or 3rd generation referral?
[4] Is this On Base, a Home Run, or a Grand Slam?
[5]  What was the timeline from introduction to bank deposit?

Here’s what we can see:

Members can print these from the Members’ Center page – scroll to the bottom left.