PowerCore Glossary

Referral MarketingTeamActions

Referrala three-way introduction between two Members of the Team, and a third person who is not a Member and who is in the current market for a Member’s product or service.

Cold calloutreach — whether by phone, email or in person — to a person who is not expecting it.
Warm calloutreach for the purpose of soliciting business to a person with whom you’ve had previous contact.
GateOpenera classification (i.e. printer, insurance agent, CPA) whose clients ask for a referral to someone in my classification.
Gatekeepera person who keeps me from getting to my prospect.
Contact Spherea group of classifications who have clients in common, or whose clients have a need for many of them at the same time. The four most common Contact Spheres are Business Services, Financial Services, Personal Services and Residential Real Estate. 

Classification: a category of product or service provider. (I.e. banker, dentist, graphic designer) Some classifications have sub-directories. (I.e. Insurance – P&C and Insurance – Health; or Attorney – Bankruptcy and Attorney – Estate.)

Coffee|Lunch|PowerPint|PowerPutt: extracurricular time with a PowerCore Member, for the purpose of strengthening the relationship that determines whether a Member will refer a client, contact, friend or family member to us.

PowerPerka structured meeting between three people, one of whom is not a PowerCore Member, using a timer and the PowerPercolating template to answer six questions in order to learn about each other’s business for the purpose of referring clients.