Timing = for the money

The difference between homeless and wealthy is time – a homeless person doesn’t know if they will eat tonight. A wealthy person is confident they can feed their family for generations.

Referrals require a wealthy mindset. When people talk about today — today’s news — it sounds like “in these uncertain times … if you know anyone … I can help … tell them to call me…”

These words flush referral opportunities.

Make your InfoMinute next week about the referrals you want to get in July.
For the money.

What should I do and say when I get an inappropriate referral?

Right after the meeting walk up to the Member who turned in the referral record with the white slip in your two hands. Grin broadly, and say “Thank you so much for thinking of me!” Then ask a question. If there isn’t contact information ask, “How can I reach them?” If it will be a…