Credibility: How to Get It, How to Lose It, and How to Get It Back

1: Referrals are earned – not owed.
We earn referrals by what we do, behavior,
not by intention, what we meant.

  • People Refer to People Who Like Them.
    Respect shows liking.

a: Time – arrive, substitution, lunch, preparing an introduction
b: Rapport – how to benefit, and how to break it
c: Is it my responsibility to tell them when … Why don’t they tell me when …
d: How to refer to multiple people
e: What should I do when I get a bad lead, get bad service, give bad service?
f: What should I do when a Member conflicts with me?

2: Equal and fair are not synonyms.
Equal means everyone is treated the same.
Fair means individuals are treated as they deserve.

  • Consider these scenarios:

a: Arrive late = no InfoMinute
b: Stand when talking
c: How much time do I have to respond?
d: When do I owe a thank you?
e: Who is responsible for Referral Records, We Did Business slips, Endorsement letters?
f: What is the purpose of an IntroMinute?


3: Effective communication is crucial for credibility.

  • Communication is what the listener does.
    Will the listener think this is good news or bad news?
Good News 12 Bad News
Eyes (email or text)
Ears (phone or in person)
Eyes  Ears
Individual (private)
Group (public)
 Group One-on-one



  • Congruency Creates Credibility.
    Credibility produces trust.
    Trust generates referrals.

a: How to talk about money. How to mix business with politics and religion.
b: Dress for the meeting, for appointments. Does it really matter if I wear my jeans, cancel coffees, only follow up on the best referrals?
c: Why am I not getting referrals from my GateOpeners at the table?
d: Email choices – CC, BCC, sig files
e: The cost of paying for referrals and bartering services.
f: How to leave a group profitably.



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