Who Does You Mean?

1: Referrals require credibility.
2: Congruency creates credibility.
3: When an InfoMinute is incongruent it’s confusing.
4: Confusion erodes credibility.


InfoMinute Who is You?
Generally speaking a car wreck is not the highlight
of your day. Often it is not only the low point of
the day but can cause pain – literally – for months
afterwards. The person who caused the wreck has a
legal obligation to compensate the victims of his
carelessness. If you are that victim, you should know
all of the categories of compensation you are entitled
to: repair your vehicle, rental car reimbursement
while your car is in the shop, payment of your medical
bills to include medicines prescribed to assist you in
managing the pain in the neck. Dealing with the at-fault
driver or his insurance company can be a daunting
task and can frustrate even the most diligent victims.
My name is ___X___  and I love car wrecks.
The listener.
Who is the listener?
Team Members.
These words are an ad
that will generate a sale if
a Team Member 
has a need.
The pronoun you,
used eight times
in 45 seconds
will not create referral,
or actions.
When you see your neighbor get into his rental car The listener. Who is the listener?
Team Members.
This is incongruent.
For 45 seconds the listener
has been in an accident;
suddenly the listener is
not the person in the accident,
the listener is the person
the speaker wants a referral from. 
call me and let me do the worrying for you. Confusing because
in 10 words you means
both the listener and the neighbor
who has been in a wreck.

(To see a different reason this InfoMinute is a Good Example of Bad – click here.)

Using what you experienced in the InfoMinute look at these two phrases:

“It is my responsibility to provide a consultative approach when reviewing my clients needs. Can you go online and do it yourself? Sure, but this often leads to …”

  • The sales pronoun “you” is costing this Member referrals.

“Our specialists provide expert, one-on-one service so that you can focus on growing your business.”

  • When the listener is not the prospect, use referral pronouns (I, they) instead of sales pronouns.

1: Scroll up and read the original InfoMinute out loud – so your ears hear the pronouns.
2: Then read it again, substituting the pronoun “they” for you, or leaving out a pronoun if you choose.
Let your ears hear the difference.
Get referrals!

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