What to SAY to GET Referrals: 7-Minute Presentations- Information

Referral Trigger for the week of June 26
Topic: 7-Minute Presentations

Group of business partners explaining ideas at meeting in office Consider your next 7-Minute Presentation.

  • What topic have you chosen?
  • How could you create a FeedForward Card for yourself,
    for this particular presentation, to insure we give you unique
    and valuable information?
  • Or, what could you ask your Introducer to
    do that would set us up perfectly for
    the new knowledge you’ll share?

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Build Your Business Naturally

Referrals happen (or don’t) for three reasons.
talk networking  [1] New Information. If we want our network to talk about us to their network (and we do) it’s our responsibility to share new information with them regularly–information they can use to insert us into conversations. No talk = no referral. PowerCore meetings begin with an opportunity for each Member to share new information. Because that’s how referrals happen.
 credibility-logo  [2] Credibility. Referrals are earned, not owed. We earn them through relationships. The PowerCore structure provides opportunities to show respect, reliability and responsibility. Which translates into Team Member’s willingness to refer and endorse us to their clients. Referrals are endorsement with action.
 give networking  [3] Reciprocity. Referrals aren’t just language, the way a lead is.  Referrals are a task list item (or three) and we expect that effort to return personal benefit. The PowerCore structure give each Member the opportunity to bring benefit to the group.  That’s how reciprocity kicks in.
Visitors are welcome to check out two meetings to see if the PowerCore referral marketing structure is a fit.(You’ll know in the first 15 minutes.) To find a Team near you, with an opening for your classification, (only one person per classification is allowed at each Team, so there’s no competition within the group) call the PowerCore office at 404-816-3377.