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PowerCore is a business networking organization with 28 Teams around the Metro-Atlanta, Georgia area.

PowerCore is about referrals.

A referral is a 3-way introduction from a Member of the Team to a person who is interested in your product or service. This is not about leads - a lead is an opportunity to cold call. We're about referrals. Giving is a requirement, there are many ways to give, and there are no quotas, because we'd rather get nothing than bogus.

This is not a networking event.

It's a business meeting, with an agenda, and a purpose. Five Officers divide the responsibilities for professionalism, equality, generation, quality, and integration. There are three parts to the meeting: InfoMinutes--where each Member shares new information; 7-Minute Presentations--because one minute isn't enough; and referrals--to document the opportunities created during the week.

Weekly meetings

begin promptly at 7 AM, and end just as promptly at 8:30. Each person has three opportunities to share new information - a way for Team Members to insert them into conversations with clients - and confirm how they have contributed. The attendance policy is strict, the substitution policy is flexible, so you know how many people hear about you.

Membership is $149 a quarter.

After the first 90-days Members can continue to renew quarterly or choose a discounted 6, 12, or 24 month option. There is a one-time $104 registration fee that covers the MembershipJournal, Team Roster, name badge, Orientation Essentials, and InfoMinute Seminar. Additionally, Team Members divide the cost of the meeting location. That's it. When Members meet for lunch each person pays their own way: we meet as peers, not prospects.

You are welcome to take two complimentary visits.

Check it out. See first hand if this is something that would work for you and your business. Most people chose to take their two visits at two different Teams so they can compare. The structure is the same, the people are different. If the structure fits, the Teams will seem different, and you'll know -- really, you just will -- which one feels right for you.

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