Frequently Asked Questions

What is PowerCore?

A marketing tool to generate referrals for business.

How is a referral different than a lead?

Referrals are a triangle of communication. The person with a business shares new information. A Team Member recognizes that a client needs that benefit and uses the new information to share with a client. So far this is just word-of-mouth. Word-of-mouth is great, but there’s no money in it. Word-of mouth becomes a referral when the Team Member brings their client right to you with endorsement and action. That’s a referral.

A lead is information that goes in the other direction. When one person shares information with you, that’s a lead. The prospect isn’t involved in the straight line of communication. To be a referral it has to be a triangle. If it’s a straight line it’s a lead. PowerCore is about referrals.

Can I visit to check it out?

Absolutely. We offer two visits. We’ve found, though, that you’ll know in the first 15 minutes if this structure fits you. That’s the real question, is this a fit for you. PowerCore is structured. Five Officers have a 25 script agenda, each person speaks 3 times, two Members have 7-Minute Presentations, there’s a cycle of Coaches Workshops and Mentor Moments that sync with the Referral Trigger Questions. If you like all of that plug-and-play you’ll appreciate PowerCore. If you prefer a more relaxed go-with-the-flow sharing of this-might-be-something information, PowerCore may not be for you. One isn’t universally better than the other, they’re just different—the way people and businesses are different.

Is there a way to learn more?

PowerCore Orientation is a two hour panel discussion with three experienced Members, sharing the template of PowerCore as they’ve used it for their own business success. You are welcome to attend as our guest.

What if it doesn’t work for me?

That’s a part of the structure. Every Member joins initially for 90 days. The MembershipCore wants to verify that you’re a fit, too. So at the end of that period they either invite new Members to become permanent, or they recognize that this isn’t a fit. As a new Member that’s a part of your guarantee that you can give referrals to the people at the table, since they’ve been through this evaluation period.

What types of businesses does this work for?

There are three times when a business gets spectacular benefit from referral marketing:

  • When they have a lot of competition (insurance, real estate, financial services, dentists, printers, computer networking, promotional products)
  • When they are a service or information based business (computer consultant, CPA, chiropractor, IT, telecom, event planner, caterer, adult care)
  • When their business is so new, or so unique, that potential clients don’t even know they exist (personal story books, professional organizers, home stagers, concierge services, pet sitters)
  • Though we’ve had PowerCore Members with wholesale or manufacturing businesses, typically their clients are a narrow vertical, and they get good results from cold calling. The difference is whether the Member thinks the PowerCore system will work for them. If they think it will, it does.

How do I participate at my first visit?

You’ll have one minute, like everyone else, to present new information about your business. During the referral part of the meeting participate by thanking the person who invited you, and by inviting a Member to lunch. You’ll learn about each other’s businesses, which is the start for generating referrals.

How do I find a Team where I can visit?

Here's where to find a Team to with an opening for you. We’ll ask a bit about your business and the part of town you’re in (most people prefer to find a Team close to home at 7 am, or close to the office at 8:30) and then send you an email invitation introducing you to the VisitorCoOrdinator of two Teams so you can see if PowerCore is a fit for you and your business.

We’re looking forward to meeting you.