Olivia Initiates Action - and Gets Results

The workshop at the Paulding Team this week was Art of the Invitation. Two leading premises:

  1. Utilize means to use something for a purpose other than what it was originally intended.
  2. People do business with people who like them. An invitation is a way to show people you like them.

Hours later this email from Olivia titled: "Business Card Graveyard Project"

I have been sending emails to follow-up with the realtors and other vendors who dropped their business card in my fishbowl for the Expo drawing. 

The first vendor I decided to call to invite to our PowerCore meeting next week jumped all over it.  And his response was priceless….DEAD ON! 

He said Thank you so much for thinking of me”.  WOW!! 

I sent him an email with details and a link to our website. He has already responded to my email saying he really appreciated the invite.  We had a nice, long chat and his motto is “nothing ventured, nothing gained”.