Barista Pin

Barista Pin

The PowerPercolator Template gives Members a structure for a coffee appointment with these benefits:

  • Equality - each person gets the same amount of time to speak; one person can't take over the conversation.
  • Focus - while there's time to get to know each other, the focus of the conversation is on business. This is a business appointment.
  • Introduction - the best referral we can give to a Member is an introduction to a GateOpener - a person who is in the position to send them one referral, every month, like clockwork. A GateOpener doesn't do that lightly. Learning about the Member you're introducing through the PowerPerk questions let's the potential GateOpener know whether there is a values match and a reason for a stronger referral relationship.

When a Member has the Barista pin it means they have:

  1. Scheduled three PowerPercolator conversations, each with two people in addition to themselves.
  2. Snapped a selfie, and uploaded it to News
  3. Completed the page with details and the Single Best Things they learned, and forwarded it to the PowerCore office.
  4. And >> three of the people they've Perked with have done 1, 2, and 3.

The Barista Pin, because referrals happen with a PowerPerk.



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