Affinity Networking

Clients are the life-blood of every business. New clients bring opportunities for growth; satisfied existing clients insure stability and long term success. Prospecting with a power partner is an excellent way to generate new clients while showing existing clients you care about their business success. Ken Small and Zett Quinn give added value to their clients and generate referrals for each other as power partners. During an afternoon on the road together they call first on Zett's customers. Zett says "hi" -- verifies that everything is going well, and then introduces Ken. "I know your business," Zett can say, "and I thought you would be interested in speaking with Ken about his service." Zett brings added value to his clients, Ken meets ideal prospects face to face, and their clients find excellent vendors without the expense of trial and error. The key to their success is regularity - they go from 9 to 10 each week, right after their Team meeting. They alternate weeks to pick the clients and set the route - but show each other the map a few days before, in case the other person has a nearby client to add to the mix. The keys to this triple win: consistency with an accountability partner.