Brett Vincent

Brett Vincent

INTROMinute from Tom Wallace - Endorsements

Talking with Brett for a short while you quickly get a sense that he enjoys people.  He’s interested in what’s up with you and likes finding common connections.


After 20 years in the business he enjoys helping people that want to be helped on both the how and why of real estate investing...especially the why.  But the thing he enjoys the most from the business is FREEDOM, both financial and time.


When we met a couple weeks age he had just returned from Sailing School near Vancouver and he was looking forward to a trip down to Gulf Shores, Alabama to spend a week Deep Sea Fishing with a friend.


A sound bit of advise he shared during our conversation from his parents:


”Everyone has a deep need for purpose and to make a difference in the world.”


I’m sure he’ll be bring more good knowledge nuggets today.


So now I give you Brett Vincent...





Single Best Thing...


Knowledge is Power so get your education early