Chad Meisner

Chad Meisner

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I've been married for 22 years to my amazing wife, Stephanie, and have two great kids, Paige & Ava. I grew up in Western Massachusetts, went to college in Rhode Island, then moved to Atlanta before the Olympics in 1995. I'm also a proud Eagle Scout!


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Nancy Lewis


Ameriprise Financial Services

Ameriprise Financial Services


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My best client is one that is genuinely interested in their own financial success and wants a written plan to achieve it. I don't have account minimums to work with me, but appreciate it when my time, experience, and advise are valued and respected.



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At Endurance Planning Group we have a very structured process that we take our planning client through. Not only does it help us stay on track and focused on next steps, but clients really like how we are constantly outlining their next steps as well. Planning is a partnership and only works well when both parties understand their roles, responsibilities, etc. Once clients complete their “homework,” they can move on to other priorities they may have. We have heard it over and over again from our clients that they believe that part of our job as their advisor is keeping them on track. I’m more than happy to add that to my list of responsibilities.

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