Eve Lemon

Eve Lemon

INTROMinute from Holly Neumann - Endorsements

It’s time to play things Eve Lemon might say.

Please raise your hand if you think Eve would actually say these.

#1 Eve says: I LOVE to go “Vermont-ing”! Who thinks this is true? Well, she did just get back from some leaf peeping in Vermont and had a wonderful time….however Eve would NOT say that, although her friends did.

#2 Plants are my art. Would Eve say this? Raise yourhands? Yes! She would. And as a matter of fact she has over 30 house plants and the Peace Lily is her favorite.

#3 I’m working on giving up being right and admitting it. Raise hands if you think Eve would say this. Yes! Eve loves to explore and philosophize about self awareness and the art of being human. She puts this into practice in her business by having a foundation of integrity.

#4 I hate exercising. Who thinks Eve would say this? No! As a matter of fact she says she is serial exerciser and once made her whole exercise class ride bikes to Alabama on the Silver Comet trail.

You all did pretty well with those!

Let’s welcome our very active, leaf peeping, plant loving, integrity practicing accountant Eve Lemon.