Jim Dunnavant

Jim Dunnavant

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I'm a dedicated father and grandfather that really enjoys the world of travel! In my previous career I was a weekly traveler to places around the country and for vacation my wife dragged me across the globe on cruise ships, where I couldn't use my phone!




Cruise Planners / Jimmy D Travel

Cruise Planners / Jimmy D Travel


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My clients love to get out, see the world and make Memories and Moments for their families! Retirees, young couples getting married or multi-generational families enjoy us taking the stress out of travel for them. What's your next M & M?


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What does it cost to go on a seven night cruise these days?  

That question requires a bit more information to give an informed answer. 

One piece is what type of cabin space do you require?  That changes pricing quite a bit.  

Another part is what time of year do you want to travel?  Travel is highly seasonal because lots of folks like to travel when the kids are out of school.

What cruise line are you thinking about?  Each of the lines has it's own niche in the market.  Luxury lines carry a higher price than Carnival for example. 

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