Katie Sparks Moore

Katie Sparks Moore

Business Attorney


I am mom to a young daughter, and I know most of the Disney princess movies by heart. I keep a stack of books on my nightstand, and I love getting recommendations for my next read. I think breakfast is perfect for any meal of the day.



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Law Office of Katherine Moore, LLC

Law Office of Katherine Moore, LLC

11030 Jones Bridge Road
Suite 208
Johns Creek, Georgia 30022



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I'm a business attorney and before meeting with a new client I always check their entity's record on the Secretary of State's website.

A quick glance will tell me: the type of entity, when the company was started, who their registered agent is, whether they've been current with their annual filings over the years, if they've done a name change amendment, and more. There have been times, based on this information, where I have to inform the prospective client that their entity is not in good standing or that it has been dissolved and we need to prepare the paperwork to reinstate it.

It's important for me to look at this information so I am prepared for our consultation. It also demonstrates my interest in the client's business even before they make the decision to work with me.

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