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Ted Brown


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Comcast Business


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Fill the Filing Cabinet Workshop 08/16/2021
GateOpener Workshop 07/19/2021
7-Minute Presentation Workshop 05/17/2021
InfoMinute Seminar 02/17/2020
Orientation Essentials 02/17/2020


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A midway point for me would be when we are nearing the end of a discovery. My line of questioning can differ based on each case scenario. However, it is generally centered around the verification that not only my recommended solutions resolves their present pain, but creates margins for growth for the foreseeable future based on how the business will grow. This could include me simply repeating the reason for our meeting, restating the value of the package, and acknowledging my understanding of their pain along with their understanding of the solution. The questions could begin with "To be sure I understand.....", or "...in closing, you would like to be able to....". This eliminates misunderstandings and provides a great experience.

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