Ron Goodnow

Ron Goodnow


My wife & I have been married 32 years with 5 kids. I like Hiking, shooting sports, and cars. I am former military and police officer for the Dallas TX pd and I teach Shooting skills. The most rewarding thing is helping other business owners succeed.


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Painter1 of Marietta


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My best Client needed to sell their old home, while moving into their new home. I was able to provide crews for the interior and exterior of both homes at the same time, the client was able to sell for high and make the new home theirs quickly.


trim and siding

I am Ron Goodnow owner Of Painter1 I have a carpenter on each crew so repairs can be done at the same time as the painting. This simplifies the process for the customer and allows me to ensure a high quality job at the finish Its as important to me to get the job done right as getting my info-minute right. Mr. McGowan was very concerned about the repairs he needed to the window trim. I had the carpenter on the painting crew do the repairs while everyone else prepped for painting. After the project was finishes Mr. McGowan had a family BBQ to show off the work. when your friend who is a single mom asked who you used to do your exterior trim repair. Ask her "Do you like the color of the house?". She has made a budget for this job to be done once can not afford a do over.


There tends to be a lack of communication and Follow up when there is an issue. I do quality control and also follow up to correct with both the customer and my crews. Some issues do not show up for some time. I will send my paint crews out and fix even if it is months after the project is finished. Many Painters dont do this and most disappear as soon as the job is done and the check clears. I find it important to follow up after the finish of a project, sometimes months later, just to ensure customers know we havent disappeared and we are still here to help.

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