Steve Perry, EA

Steve Perry, EA



I am a husband, father and grandfather. I am an Eagle Scout with a double legacy. I am a veteran. I love the outdoors and woodworking. I have been in 42 states. I am great at explaing complicated subjects. I am a great listener with broad shoulders.


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Megan Knox


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Books, Taxes and More, LLC

Books, Taxes and More, LLC


5114 Carole Place
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My best client recognizes the need for help. They open their books and work with me to solve their problem. They listen to my advice and make informed decisions. My clients want to have obstacles gone. They want clear communication and offer the same.


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I always have a notebook with me.  I have never trusted my memory alone.  I have always been a note taker.  That keeps the information I collect more accurate.  When I return to my office, I will create a Memo to myself of the event to refer to when I am looking for information on someone who can help one of my clients or myself.

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