What We Have in Common: reMarkable 2

Donna emailed with the great news that she'd just gotten her reMarkable 2. My response suggested lunch with other Members who are using it. Donna replied immediately with

  1. a date, time, and central location
  2. the offer to manage the reservation
  3. an email script for me to use!  (Wow. Just wow. No one has ever done this for me before. It's wonderful.)

Seven Members have the tool, four of us were able to share. Here are our SBTs from each other:

Donna: The ability to email a .pdf to four different CRMs, or to the client. Next up she's going to learn how to make a .pdf clickable.

Erin: the share connection when working with clients.

Mark: had already moved from paper planner to rM2, is going to take a second look at the My Deep Guide planner now that he sees the interactive ability.

Wendy: Erin showed how she downloads recipies, then marks up changes. I can see using this when people send me InfoMinutes. Easy to mark up and email back to them. The real benefit of this, though, is the spectacular ability to print to my rM2. I've been sending notes out - I did not realize how simple it could be to print documents in.

My BIG takeaway: When someone suggests a conversation topic, make it happen. You'll get benefit. So will they.