Remembering Rusty -

From Wendy:  

On Friday I had a phone conversation with Rusty Carter. Tuesday morning I learned it would be my last. 

I shared with Rusty that I use his name every meeting when I tell the story of how PowerCore name badges came to have pins. He gave a little verbal grin and said, "People like pins."

Rusty was a brilliant marketer. And he used PowerCore brilliantly. He joined the Jonesboro Team strategically (he lived in Roswell) July 25, 1996, and there were many weeks it seemed I saw him at a Team every morning. He was an Angel Officer for the Gainesville Team, and my favorite story is the technique he used to invite Elwood Hemming to visit. When I see you I'll ask for your favorite memory; his would have been this picture.

From David Machost, North Point TeamCoOrdinator:

Rusty was one of the founding Team Members of not only PowerCore, but our NorthPoint Team.  Rusty was just shy of getting his 25 year pin and thoroughly loved being at the PowerCore meetings and getting to meet such great individuals; current and past Members along with the Visitors and Subs over the years.

If you knew Rusty he had a love for his work, collecting all kinds of items (pocketknives, derringer pistols, match cars, jewelry and coins) and we will miss his insightful views on all things. 

One of Rusty’s trademarks was the color green from his vehicle to his shirts. Please wear a green shirt in honor of Rusty to tomorrow's meeting, we will have a Team picture taken in his honor.

God bless and rest peacefully my friend,