Quentin Kelly Adds Two Pins

The Newnan Team celebrated with Quentin Kelly as he received his 5-Year Pin.

Quentin started the Team after I told him he'd never get a seat. Starting a Team is work. So I asked if, with the last five years in the rear-view mirror, it had been worth it.

  • Quentin's response: "I would say PowerCore has allowed me to go through more doors than I would have been able to on my own, and I've created more friendships than I probably would have seen otherwise.
    • So PowerCore's been great for my business, but also great for me."

Quentin also received a Hand Pin - which means he's held all five Officer roles.

  • Quentin says his favorite role is TeamCoOrdinator, because he likes to see all five Officers working together, using their creativity, making the Team grow and blossom.