PowerReaders on St. Pammy's Day

Happy Birthday to Pamela Dabrowa!

Conversation Captain: Wendy Kinney
Book: Invisitlbe Influence by Jonah Berger  (Last month's book, Contagious, was by Jonah Berger, too. His most recent book, published this month, is Magic Words - which, I think, is going to influence InfoMinutes.)

Single Best Things:

1: We release logical thinking for emotional comfort.
2: "I see you. I see you." (Golden Card for her Best Clients)

Be your own person, don't be, don't be afraid to think your opinions, you don't need permission. Theoretically an opinion is a normative statement. It's not true or false, it's based on beliefs. So be confident with who you are and speaking information.

Differentiation helps us, establish an identity.


Mine had to do with the BMWs and the Toyotas. The higher income affluent people were looking to differentiate themselves from their neighbors, with their blue BMW. Whereas the blue collar Firefighters wanted to have more of a family neighborhood. We're all in this. We're all a team. And so, we're going to start a car club.


From marketing perspective, knowing that is important. People want to fit in sometimes and they want to be different sometimes.
How do you check into that?


From this discussion because of the book, how to take this influence within our PowerCore Team. How that we can, individually, influenced and also as a Team influence each other. And how our Team is progressing and growing, which is therefore how we are progressing and growing in our own businesses.



I love analyzing something that you don't think about that. This is invisible. And then you start seeing it, right? So then you can Implemented or see how you're reacting, or how you can help somebody else react toward you. My overlay is the difference between PowerCore Teams and the norms that create culture, and how invisible those norms are. As invisible as what is appropriate to wear to the meeting. What a big impact those norms have. I can go back now and look at numbers. And and correlate numbers to norms and i think that's amazing.



That i can influence my entire Team. I can choose what to say to do that. To create a better community. Or the other way, right? And I don't even know I'm doing it. So, that's a lot to think about. And in a good way. It's a pretty big responsibility once we know it, isn't it? If you don't know it, then it's not really irresponsibility. But if you know what it's pretty big responsibility. Yeah. But the power in that and what that can do for not only my own business but everybody else's business, right?