Renee and Lynn bring Rhyme and Rythmn for Halloween

Lynn's Spooky InfoMinute:

  • Bone-jour!  Where do ghosts go shopping? BOOOO tiques.
    Last month a client referred Joan to us. Joan's CPA had died weeks before the tax DEADline. He had no tricks up his sleeve to come back to the living to prepare her return. Before the referral, she talked to another preparer who know JACK-o-lantern about her California taxes. This truly was the season of FEAR.

    At Killingsworth Spence Joan was treated, without tricks, to a staff of experts and support. She had always used a one-man tax preparer, but now knows the SPOOKtacular secret of having a full team. Also, knowing tax coded, Killingsworth Spencer found a way to BOOOOST her refund.

    I am a great referral for business owner Joe. Joe won't be passing out candy tonight, but inside crunching numbers. Ask him if he'd like to walk down Canton Street for a Pumpkin Spice Latte AFTER a not-so-spooky visit with his CPA.

Applause and laughter!
Later, Renee introduced Andrew's Freaky Repair's 7-Minute:

  • A spooky poem I've come to speak, a Halloween intro for Andrew this week.
  • A PowerCore Member since two thousand nine, he boomeranged back, "I'm not leaving this time!"
  • Andrew has three sisters, all younger than he. Next week he celebrates 19 years marriage with Carrie, his queen bee
  • As a leader Andrew's skills shine through the dark night, his hand pin reflecting the brightest of lights.
  • I'd be remiss if I didn't mention his superior work, his handyman skills are exceptional and he's NEVER a jerk.
  • Last week he returned from his yearly Pledge the Pink walk, and an integral Member who also can caulk!
  • So don't be afraid, keep your focus on Andrew, don't wander into the hall, for his seven minute presentation will keep you enthralled!

Congratulations to two creative Members of the North Fulton Team!