What To Do To Give Referrals: Get A Sub

Every business needs width, for stability, and depth for competitive advantage.

  • Tell us where your business is wide – where do you serve a wide variety of clients?

Then tell us where your niche is, where you go deep with value because you know this type of client very well.

David Wise

Response from David Wise

Minijobs specializes in small home repair jobs, for we fix walls , doors ceilimgs and floors.

Once we get into a job most people add "can you do this also?"and we try to do it on the spot... or set another time after it is estimated.

We are particullarly fond of doing jobs that require a creative answer; as, curbless shower, so G'ma will not have to hop over the tub side, or a linear drain to control the water flow.

Depth: is solving a water intrusion problem. We cannot see where it starts and we need to find this source... so we spray the area with a hose. Once the leak starts ... we can then pinpoint it and make the appropriate repair


David Wise



David Arnold

Response from David Arnold

from the Cumberland Team

My residential real estate business is wide in regards to the price range and area around Atlanta that I do business.  I work in all price ranges and areas with both buyers and sellers.  I provide top service and advice for all clients but the niche that I really excel in is during a sell and buy transaction.  After an event happens in people's lives many times they have to sell one home and buy a replacement home.   Double transactions take additional care and planning whether it is up sizing or down sizing their home, detailed coordination is essential to keep the stress levels in check.

David Arnold -REMAX Around Atlanta




Jim Duelmer

Response from Jim Duelmer

from the Cumberland Team

Vinings Mortgage is both a lender and a broker which provides our referral partners and customers the confidence and assurance that they have access to great rates and the best mortgage programs available in the market. Our niche is that we have complete control of the customer experience by processing, originating, underwriting and closing conforming, jumbo, FHA , VA and USDA loans locally which insures a smooth and stress-free mortgage closing. We offer all big bank products and more while delivering friendly neighborhood customer service.

Linda Carroll CPP

Response from Linda Carroll CPP

from the Cumberland Team

As a photographer, over the years, I have been narrowing down my niche. I have done corporate events, birthday parties, baptism, and other special events. These all dealt with families in some form or fashion. In the last several years, I have narrowed down my niche to focus on women, branding/headshots, and seasonaly my Visits with Santa. 

Women have a story to tell - about themselves and their lives. What I love to do is to capture her in a way that she doesn't see herself; capturing her beauty and essence that can be seen in a photograph. The photograph tells her story almost without words, and can feel the emotion that comes from the image. In the last year, I worked on a 40 over 40 campaign where I photographed women over 40. What an awesome project (which I will do again!). The women I met were compelling with their stories and they were captured in photographs. From the woman who lost her feet due to a massive heart attack. The woman who is a five year cancer warrior. The woman who survived a massive brain injury from a car accident who went thru a divorce after the accident. The woman who owns her construction company. The woman who was in corporate American and on a dare, took the LSAT for law school and now owns her own law firm. There is so much more. These women are each warriors in their own way. And I resonate with them. 

Jon Ongtingco

Response from Jon Ongtingco

from the Cumberland Team

Most IT companies want a minimal monthly charge before you become a customer. I support a wide variety of customers of all sizes and do my best to support those clients within the budgetary constraints they set. The Small Office and Home Office customer is served well because we watch the bottom line and provide the best outcome. 


Jonathan Ongtingco

SOHO Data and Voice, Inc.



Lou Beltrami

Response from Lou Beltrami

from the Cumberland Team

My business goes wide in terms of the real estate services we provide.  We handle residential and commercial closings, preparation of deeds, drafting of loan documents and mortgages when the transaction does not involve a bank, drafting real estate contracts, drafting easements, fixing title issues that a property may have, and we review and give advice on all types of real estate documents.  We go deep with value with customer service.  We try to anticipate all issues that could come up in a particular closing, and then do everything we can do address those issues in advance so that the closing starts and ends on time, and is a smooth transaction.

Mark Chase Jr., CPA, CGMA

Response from Mark Chase Jr., CPA, CGMA

from the Cumberland Team

We serve a wide variety of entreprenours and small to medium size business owners in numerous industries.  

We differentiate from the traditional tax only preparer CPA, in that we work with our client through-out the year and help them use their financials not only for taxes, but to actually run their business "on the numbers" to make better decisions.  This leads to better tax numbers because the business owner is equiped to better understand how their decisions throughout the year will generate or resolve taxation.  This also lets us have much more indepth knowledge of our client's situation, which in turn, allows us to provide better and more timely advice.

Mark Chase, CPA


Kelly Vandever

Response from Kelly Vandever

from the North Point Team

As far as width goes, I do serve a wide variety of clients and locations. 

44% have been people over 50 selling a home.  All but two of those clients owned their home 16 year or more before they sold the house.

32% have been first time homebuyers. 

24% are families with children home buying and selling their 2nd, 3rd or 4th home.

Where I go deep with value is the homeowner who wants to sell and who has been living in their house between 16 and 30 years.  From my own experience with my dad.  From earning my senior real estate special designation. From working with my senior clients, I know the overwhelm that comes from preparing to sell and I have resources and expertise to help those clients get through the process with dignity, grace, and a lot of emotional support. 


Kelly Vandever


Keller Williams North Atlanta

License # 391485



Seniors Real Estate Specialist® (SRES®) 

Real Estate Negotiation Expert® (RENE®) 



Wendy Kinney

Response from Wendy Kinney

from the PowerCore Team

Every Team has a Realtor, mortgage lender, P&C insurance agent, and financial advisor.

More than half of all Teams have a chiropractor, CPA, roofing contractor, and health insurance agent

- and then it goes wide:

  • There are 104 other classifications represented,
  • and 46 classifications with only one Member 

Check out

Jennifer Kwon  https://powercore.net/members/jennifer-kwon

Jinnie Schmid  https://powercore.net/members/jinnie-lee-schmid

Mary Norman https://powercore.net/members/mary-norman-11523

Matt Hirsch https://powercore.net/members/matt-hirsch

Monica Hyder https://powercore.net/members/monica-hyder

Virginia Collins  https://powercore.net/members/virginia--collins



Jessica Walker

Response from Jessica Walker

from the Peachtree City Team

I serve a large variety of clients with my e-books, newsletters, and with my dragon boat paddling coaching.  My niche is with my 1:1 Nutrition Coaching clients.  These are folks who are seeing the results of unwise lifestyle decisions now turing up in their 40s and up.  Using a combination of a propriatary software app and twice-monthly in-person coaching, I customize a program that meets each client's individual needs in their 5-pillars of health:  Food, Movement, Sleep, Stress, and Mindset.

Jessica S. Walker

* Certified Health Coach

* Dragon Boat Coach/Race Official

Momentum Transformations, LLC

Achieve a Body That's FUN to Live In Again! 


Chris Garber

Response from Chris Garber

from the Cumberland Team

At City National Bank an RBC Company the targeted business revenue sizes are 1MM-100MM.  Depending on the revenue size I'll get various business partners invloved from the begining of the conversations.  The target focus being businesses with 2-3yrs in business with an additional focus target on owners with 5+yrs of experience in the same industry.  Our niche at City National Bank is driven by our relationship focus.  City National Bank is estimated at 100 billion in assets with the backing of RBC estimated at 1.4 trillion in assests.  I'm able to maintain the relationship and private banking atmosphere throughout the prospecting, onboarding, and existing client processes.  Having a focus on those specific enables me to bring on the necessary business partners to offer the array of products not available at other banking institutions.

Chris Garber

City National Bank an RBC Company




Dr. Annie Banks

Response from Dr. Annie Banks

from the Cumberland Team

My treatment services are wide, where as I serve a wide variety of patients.  I treat low back pain, neck, radicular pain or paresthesias from neck or back, ankle pain, knee pain, elbow pain, wrist pain, breech pregnancy and a variety of childrens issues.  My deep niche of value is where is spend more time the patient.  Patients repeatedly tell me that I focus on listening fully to their history and getting them on the road to recovery as quickly as possible.  


Tom Wallace

Response from Tom Wallace

from the Peachtree City Team

I am able to guide a wide variety of client both single and married developing a budget, savings and debt elimination plan etc.  I also provide workshops for businesses and other organizations on budgeting, debt, and couples relating with money.

My ideal client are couples in their late 30's to early 40's with two kids, both professionals and are struggling with thier finances.  I can relate very well with them because this describes myself and my wife during our financial struggles and I can understand all they are going through and show them a path to success.

Debbie Moss

Response from Debbie Moss

from the Cumberland Team

We service the entire state of Georgia, mainly homeowners. Our niche is those who are homeowners of single family dwellings who's had wind/hail storm in their neighborhood. Escex are experts in insurance claims due to our experience working with adjusters and our knowledge with the insurance process.


Zac Gresham

Response from Zac Gresham

Zac Gresham State Farm serves a variety of clients with their insurane and financial services needs through the many products that we available - Car, Motorcycle, Home, Renters, Life, Health, Liability, Personal Articles, Recreational Vehicle, or Pet Insurance.  Where we differ from other agents is our system.  We have a conversation with the customer to understand their current situation.  We like to gain a clear understanding of what assets and income they need to protect from the unexpected of every day life to allow them to continue achieving their financial goals with the peace of mind knowing they are covered.  We really excel with those friends or family members making big changes in life such as getting engaged/ married, buying a home, or having a baby.  Anytime someone is making that change in life, we provide solid ground for them to stand on.

Nicholas Garrison

Response from Nicholas Garrison

from the Fayette Team

My business is wide in Basic Obedience and Puppy training. My clients can be anyone that purchases a purebred or adopts a dog. Most of my clients live within a 30 minute commute of my house. They are home owners and range in age from 35-75 years old most fall in the 35-55 range. Some with small children still and some with grandchildren. My niche is private in-home training. Training dogs in their home environment where they are most comfortable and there is no interference from other people, places and things. 

Pamela Dabrowa

Response from Pamela Dabrowa

from the East Cobb Team

My photography business is wide in that I can shoot a wide variety of subjects but I specialize in people; with a niche in storytelling corporate images. I know how to add value to the assignment because I go deep in capturing the emotion of the employees at an event or meeting. My client may be the corporate marketing and communication manager, employee relations manager, or event manager and they rely on me to make them look good, to show that their organization cares about its employees and wants to make a difference in the world around them. I shoot the setting and mood, details, grip and grins, I also watch and search for the emotions behind the eyes of those in attendance so that the viewer feels what the event was meant for, feels as if they too were there, feels the organization caring about it's employees, cares about the world and makes a difference. 

Jinnie Schmid

Response from Jinnie Schmid

My business is "wide" because as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC, per International Coach Federation) I am trained to listen deeply and ask deep questions, which allows me to support anyone who could use help to think through any problem. I created a funny saying that describes what it means to be a Coach to my clients:  "I don't have to know any of the answer, and you have to do all the work!" It sounds counterintuitive, but it accurately describes the coach role of being a "guide on the side" and NOT a "sage on the stage." 

My business is "deep" because my favorite place to apply my coaching skills is to support women leaders who are struggling with change, loss or grief...and realize that they have too much at stake to stay stuck. I know this client well because I was one myself about 10 years ago! I was lucky enough to discover The Grief Recovery Method and it made such a positive impact on my life - including healing of my broken heart, but also way beyond that - that I got excited about bringing it to others through my coaching practice. 

Leida Montanez

Response from Leida Montanez

from the Cumberland Team

CLASS-LLC is wide in that cybersecurity and data privacy are applicable to every industry and business size. We go deep when working with government agencies or private organizations that must comply with federal regulatory guidelines. We apply decades of experience to develop solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual customer. And, our services address everyone in the organization, from the executive or board member to the technology team, to the new hire that started just last week.  


Leida Hardmon - CLASS-LLC





Jay Frazier

Response from Jay Frazier

from the Cumberland Team

At Staff Source Employment we work with any small to midsize business in all 50 states. With clients spanning from Georgia to Californica we are literally coast to coast. What sets us apart is our willingness to listen attentively to each of our clients pain points and to figure out a solution. We excel within the medical space with most offices being between 5-20 employees. We can offer large group benefits(payroll, medical, dental/vision, long term disability, short term disability, 401K, and Aflac) for these smaller companies to help keep company moral high and retain quality employees in greater numbers than the industry average. 


Jay Frazier -Staff Source Employment