What To Do To Give Referrals: Get A Sub

The purpose of the PowerCore attendance policy is to have a consistent number of people at the meeting.

Where in your business does consistency matter?

  • Is this something people have to prove before you will work with them?
  • How does inconsistency affect their results?

Do you have a policy to require consistency?

Craig Cushingham

Response from Craig Cushingham

from the Downtown Woodstock Team

Consistancy to keep my clients Health Insurance policy Active matters most to my clients, so that they do not lose their coverage when they need it most.

I review monthly reports that show if they have not paid their Health Insurance premiums. If they are behind, then their policy could lapse, and if they went to the hospital it would not pay. Peace of mind is achieved by their policy being in force consistantly. We both do not like surprises when it come to health coverage.

Charles switched banks and forgot to notify his Insurance Company and change his Automatic Payment for his health insurance. I noticed he was behind in his payments and called to see if I could help. He realized immediately what the problem was, called the Insurace Company, made a payment over the phone, and kept his policy from being Terminated.

I offer peace of mind, and go the extra mile to ensure my clients keep it.

Christopher Eells

Response from Christopher Eells

from the Downtown Woodstock Team

In my business consistency is key, we consistency review policy every year for what new exposers have hit the market we also make sure we treat all clients like they are big clients regardless of size.

Wendy Kinney

Response from Wendy Kinney

from the PowerCore Team

InfoMinute consistency is crucial for referral credibility.

  • Focus on one topic six weeks in a row.

When I look at the difference between We Did Business slip data for Members in the same classification who create an editorial calendar and stick to it, versus Members who think about what they're going to say the night before, or on their way to the meeting, or based on what's triggered by the person before them, the results are astounding.  It's the difference between a few Members doing business with them, coded On Base, and referrals to prospects that get coded Grand Slam. It's the difference between random referrals and a steady, predictable stream that often totals more than 20% (some Members report more than 60%) of their new clients every year.

That's the reason to do Fill the Filing Cabinet Workshop, and the reason I believe it is as important as InfoMinute Seminar.

Robert Smith

Response from Robert Smith

Consistency is showing my personal tax clients a seamless and timely method to complete the tax preparation process. During tax preparation periods I send clients a tax organizer. This helps in gathering required documents for timely tax submission. I time this for late January for personal tax clients. This timing is around the time they are receiving tax documents. I tailor client submission and finalization that's user friendly for the individual client. Whether it's meeting face to face or a completely online process, i have a system for them. 

Jason Wilson

Response from Jason Wilson

from the Downtown Woodstock Team

We use follow up procdures for all our contracts to create consistencey for our clients. Weekly calls when they are under contract to talk about next steps and cover questions that pop up.

El was granted power to sell her father's house and needed final court permission. This can take a while to get. We followed up on the process and updated on changing conditions of market while we waited. As soon as we got it we placed house on the market.

Robert Mitchell

Response from Robert Mitchell

from the Downtown Woodstock Team

We often say we can print what ever size the customer needs.  However, when the customer's artwork falls into standard sizes, it helps both the customer and us.  When print work falls into standard sizes, we most likely already have both printing and finishing templates around those sizes to maximize efficiency.  This allows us to bring the customer the best possible pricing, which is especially true when the paper supply chain is in the dire straights that is is currently in.  When print work falls outside of consistent standards, we can still get the work done for the customer.  However, before we move forward with the order, we will have a conversation to advise the customer of all their options.  Sometimes a change of a quater inch can have significant impact to how the item lays out for production.

Chris Coulter

Response from Chris Coulter

from the Downtown Woodstock Team

Consistency matters in many areas of my business.  One important area is lead generation.  I practice at least 1 hour per day of new client lead generation between 9 and 10am.  This allows my pipeline to remain consistent.  If this lead generation falters then my closings in a given month will be up one month and down the next.  

Dr. Kenneth Strack

Response from Dr. Kenneth Strack

from the Downtown Woodstock Team

I have one week throughout the year that I don't work at least three days. I love working and that kind of consistency helps my patients have the confidence that I will be there when they need me. Another important thing that I bring consistently is timely appointments. I always try my best to make sure patients are sitting in a doctor's lobby for extended periods of time after their scheduled appointment time. 

On the other hand, I only have room for patients that are serious about care. We have cancellation and tardy appointment penalties that help with creating consistent patients. If a patient cancels without a valid excuse the day of, they will be charged. If a patient is more than 15 minutes late, they will be charged a missed appointment fee and will have to reschedule. 

These policies and patterns help insure that patients get better and meet the goals that we set in place on the first week of care. 

Barbara Sobel

Response from Barbara Sobel

Waterproofing and foundation repair requires consistency throughout every step to create customer satisfaction. Proposals and estimates need to be concise with all costs to the customer clearly outlined so the customer can understand what is included and not included in their project. In addition, estimates need to have detailed scope for the technicians to meet the expectations of the customer. In my business consistency from start to finish creates protection and longevity for a residential or commercial foundation.

Brian Larson

Response from Brian Larson

from the Downtown Woodstock Team

Consistency is extremely important in all facets of my business. Especially being in roofing where others have picked up a bad reputation for tardiness. From the initial inspection I set expectations on the process. Wether insurance or retail. And I'm consistent throughout the process in what I promised initially. 
it's definitely something my customers need to prove to me before I will work with them. As the insurance process can require some help from the client. Otherwise all the effort on my end is in vein. But I'm able to asses this with my onboarding process. 

Graham Kuhn

Response from Graham Kuhn

from the Downtown Woodstock Team

The process I use from first contact to delivery of a final video asset is very consistent. Every person is interested in working with me must first fill out a questionnaire on my website. From there I will send them a video message to set up a meeting or a call. After that meeting, if we are going to work together, we start collaborating on the project. I will do a Deep Dive with the client to insure I know everything I can possibly know about their business and what I need to do to get them results. I almost always shoot videos in an interview style as opposed to a scripted teleprompter because it is much more authentic and real and helps build trust. 

Consistency is key not only for my own sanity of keeping track of client projects, but also gives the client confidence that they are getting the same level of service that everyone gets. If I am not consistent a client may feel slighted or that I didn't put the same amount of effort into their project or that I don't truly care about their results. Consistency drives results.

Bryan Edwards

Response from Bryan Edwards

from the Downtown Woodstock Team

Consistency in my business is paramount! The moment a client calls our office I handle the project from cradle to grave. Due to the fierce competition in my industry if I am not consistent with my communication I will lose the business. Being consistent with my follow ups and my commication with the client is what sets me apart from my competition. I send detailed proposals and I set the expectations up front to be consistent with what my crew does when they show up site to perform the job. My clients do not like suprises. I deliver a folder with my insurance and workers compensation documents and I provide a detailed process of what to expect if we do business. This gives my clients peace of mind knowing what to expect and how to hold us accountable during the entire job process. Consistency is what breeds future business and referals for me. If I lack in that area my pipeline suffers and so does my companies bottom line!

Tom Wallace

Response from Tom Wallace

from the Peachtree City Team

One of the ways I have consistency with my clients is the pace of our meetings.

The first meeting with a new client is set for 2 hours.  This give us time to set expectations and ground rules before we dive into their numbers.  After that first meeting, I always have an hour long follow-up meeting one week later.  This ensures that my clients can get questions answered and do a little homework to ensure they are making progress and we can build on that momentum.  After that, we will meet every two weeks for the remainder of the initial three month coaching agreement

This timing insures they don't have to wait too long between meetings to get questions answered so they don't get stuck on an issue and also so we can continue to infuse more and more tools to build confidence and progress.

Sarah Newton

Response from Sarah Newton

from the Downtown Woodstock Team

In 24/7 disaster recovery, you never know what you are going to get, where it will happen nor when! Therefore, All Dry Services of Atlanta must have consistency in our customer service and be quick in our response time.  Our customers are already dealing with a lot if they need our services so we like to take the "what next" and "worry" out of the unexpected disaster in their home or business.  "We Expect The Unexpected" and treat our customers like family so they know we care.  Arriving quickly, assessing the damages and providing an estimate for remediation on the spot or within  24 hours after we arrived depending on the size of the project.  We do regular calls and check in's and if Insurance claim is needed we can help take the lead and work on their behalf.  By consistently communicating, following up and providing several payment options, our customers can feel at ease knowing that All Dry Services of Atlanta is there for them.    

Nicholas Garrison

Response from Nicholas Garrison

from the Peachtree City Team

As a Certified Professional Dog Trainier, who provides in-home private lessons. It is important that I am consistent with my training methods. I need to use the same patient approach no matter the personality of the client or the dog. It is also important for the client to be consistent with following my instructions and practicing in between sessions. Consistency wins. It is also important that everyone that is working with the dog is consistent with the behaviors they are wanting their dogs to perform. For example:  Jumping on people, all family members must be consistent and everyone must not allow the dog to jump on them if that is what they want. 

Jasmine Howell

Response from Jasmine Howell

Making the decision to hire a Virtual Assistant means you are ready to make the commitment to delegate. My Virtual Assistants are contractors who are highly vetted, high caliber, and high capacity-- but they are not mind readers

I recommend that, especially early in the engagement, the client and the Virtual Assistant establish a weekly meeting cadence. This will give the Assistant the opportunity to ask their client questions and the client the opportunity to discuss any upcoming projects/needs. 

Consistency is KEY! Idenitifying the meeting time and sticking with it will ensure a quicker and more effective implementation. 

I ensure these meetings are consistent by pairing each engagement with an Account Manager. The Account Manager acts as the liason between the VA and the client- they share best practices to make sure the client's goals are met. 

Jinnie Schmid

Response from Jinnie Schmid

As with last week's response, I think that the area in my business where consistency benefits both me and the clients, is in scheduling and attendance. While most coaches only offer 2 sessions per month, I like to meet with my clients every week, because I think it's important to "stay in the work" to get the best healing from grief. I provide my clients with maximum flexibility to schedule our sessions at times that are conveinent to them, and of course we work around holidays, vacations and emergencies. But as a rule, I request that they not go longer than 2 weeks between sessions...and further, I recommend that they schedule in a "same day, same time" routine every week, as I believe that consistency helps both of us best plan and manage our schedules and the work we need to get done between sessions. 

Laura Lahr

Response from Laura Lahr

Consistency matters most in the very beginning of the process. Collecting the customers information. Such as name,address, email, location and age of equipment and issue. They must be a homeowner or owner of property. We better service our customer with this information. There is a questionnaire the office must ask. 

Robert Buczek

Response from Robert Buczek

from the Downtown Woodstock Team

My business has a consitent model - I am required to follow a specific set of steps in order to get to know a client and prospective client prior to offering any advisory products or solutions. However, once those steps are satisfied, the nature of my business model shifts to a customized solution per client. 

Results will vary per client, and that is because each clients' situation is independent to them in terms of investable assets, time horizon on investing, background information, etc.