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Mo Lima has an email ready when someone asks about headshots. It’s a tool to turn questions into bank deposits, and it makes referring to her simple.

Share a tool you’ve developed to make referring to you easy.

  • How did you get the idea for this?
  • Where do you use it automatically?

Where are you thinking of using it?

Kelly Vandever

Response from Kelly Vandever

from the North Point Team

I wrote up the blurb below that I can share with others who want to refer to me.


I know a great real estate agent named Kelly Vandever.  She’s with Keller Williams, and she’s super detail oriented and easy to work with.  She posts a lot of YouTube videos that explain different aspects of buying and selling a house, https://youtube.com/kellyvandever, and she has other valuable resources on her website, https://kellyvandever.com.  Her phone number is 770-597-1108 and her email is kelly.vandever@kw.com. Hope that helps!


I wrote this paragraph after past PowerCore team member Buddy Fultz asked us to send him blurbs that he could use on Nextdoor if he ran across someone who was looking for our services.


Kelly Vandever


Keller Williams North Atlanta

License # 391485



Seniors Real Estate Specialist® (SRES®) 

Real Estate Negotiation Expert® (RENE®) 




Wendy Kinney

Response from Wendy Kinney

from the PowerCore Team

From time to time I assemble an Idea Team. (You can see the light bulb pin on their badges.)

  • An Idea Team came up with the idea to allow non-members to attend Orienation Essentials and InfoMinute Seminar.

What a good idea this was.

There are people who make decisions fast, and others who need to know about fit. They appreciate the opportunity to check out OE and IMS before making a join decision.

Last month Tammy Mealy invited someone who hasn't even visited yet [!] to be her guest at Orienation Essentials and InfoMinute Seminar.  


When your Visitor would like to check out more, have them register by going to PowerCore.net.
Scroll to the bottom, center.
Click the button to register for Upcoming Events.
They'll receive email confirmation, and a Thursday reminder, with directions.
Tell them you've made arrangement for them to be able to attend - so their reciprocity goes to you!

*Note - this is for OE and IMS only. The extra workshops, and the extra extra workshops, are Member benefits.

Leslie Pierce

Response from Leslie Pierce

from the East Cobb Team

I use an intake data sheet to not only capture the basic data about a client but also to prompt deeper conversations about the client's background, circumstances and financial knowledge.  This often brings up aspects of a client's situation that they otherwise would not have thought relevant or important to their tax situation.  It also can just add some fun facts that helps me get to know them better.   I use this automatically with any new client and frequently as a refresher with an exisiting client who has gone through life changes.

Dr. Jason Regis

Response from Dr. Jason Regis

from the East Cobb Team

One specific tool that I use is a complimentary evaluation.  I always say "I can show you better than I can tell you."  It allows the referral to come meet me with no cost or obligation.  Usually by the time they come in, they have already seen the great reviews and testimonials online.  They see how I have given proven results for everyone from NFL players to weekend warriors.  When they come in for their evaluation, they hear me explain and show them my approach in a way they have usually not experienced.  I got this idea from a business coaching service I employed when I first graduated from Chiropractic school and I have also used this to book Lunch and Learn events at corporations.  I relied on this to build my business before PowerCore, now PowerCore has helped me to make these events more effective by fine tuning my information with the strategies in Infominutes and 7 minute Presentations.

Scott Virani

Response from Scott Virani

from the East Cobb Team

In today's fast paced housing environment when buying or selling a house you have to be agile and be informed. After speaking to my 5 best clients of 2021, I asked them now that they have gone through the process of closing on their home what was their big take away. The consensus was the constant communication between Client and Realtor to understand how to be successful in this fast paced market. I then decided to document the process and created a home buying/selling guide. This 5 page document is something that I will share with my potential clients before our first consultation may, that be in person or virtual so that they are upto speed. 


Buying or selling a home is what I have done every day for the last decade. For most clients making the home purchase is one of, if not the biggest purchase of their lives. My goal is not just to find them another house, but somewhere they feel they are actually ‘Home’ 

Samir Scott Virani


Keller Williams Atlanta North



Seniors Real Estate Specialist® (SRES®) 

Real Estate Negotiation Expert® (RENE®) 

Lifetime Atlanta Board Member of the Multi-Million Dollar Club



Stephen Dufour, II

Response from Stephen Dufour, II

from the East Cobb Team

As the personal lines insurance agent for my team, it is crucial that I am in lockstep with the realtor and loan officer on my team. What I've done is create and email template that I've shared with them so that when they have a new client buying a home or refinancing they just plug me in directly via email whenever the topic of insurance comes up. I am then able to quickly respond and pick communication up with the client from there. It's quick, seamless, and the client appreciates how convenient it is. The loan officer appreciates it because it takes an important piece of the loan process off their plate.

Donna Wise

Response from Donna Wise

Now, well into my fourth year running this business, I've customized many tools to help me efficiently respond to questions and concerns. Some common questions are, Do you you ship this item or that item? and, Do you ship here or there? Also, Do you use UPS or FedEx or freight trucks or ocean containers? And, How do I sign up? Is there a contract? Is there a fee? Do you provide discounts on insurance? So I've developed an email that briefly summarizes all of my capabilities, benefits and how the process works. Depending upon who it is, I can quickly edit the email template to remove any bullets that would not be relevant, based on what I've already learned.

Most importantly, I have found that one question that often goes unasked, but is always top of mind, is, Can you be trusted with my business or with my referral? For this, I always include a link to my 5 Star Google Reviews and comments. The reviews put their minds at ease. The overview lays the groundwork for a more detailed, personalized conversation later. Not only it is a great tool for anyone interested in working with me or referring my services, it also serves as content that may be copied and pasted into other documents or posts as needed and saved for later use.  

Erik Chambers

Response from Erik Chambers

from the East Cobb Team

As an attorney, my work product is often my greatest tool. Luckily, I can remove the client information from the final Word version of any document I create and use this when someone asks me about a particular type of case. Is someone thinking about a divorce but is curious about what all is included in a Complaint? I can send them a template I have used from another case with similar facts and issues. Is someone considering filing for grandparent visitation or custody? I have a template for that too. It is usually a sure way to build credibility. I got this idea from other attorneys asking if I have a sample pleading for one thing or another, and while I do not use it automatically, it can be a critical tool for the curious perspective client. I also have questionnaires I have created for my potential clients who are going through a divorce or who are looking to get a prenuptial agreement so I am sure to gather all necessary information at our initial consultation. I can also provide this to potential referral sources. 

Jamie Wheeler

Response from Jamie Wheeler

I have streamlined processes for differing insurance needs, preferences, and lifestyles with varying intake methods to capture the information. This then gets analyzed across different established spreadsheets and/or tools learned to provide optimized support. They make a world of difference in pinpointing coverage offering the most value from the countless options available to best serves clients’ unique preferences in both Medicare and under 65 insurance options. Because treating clients individually is vitally important. 

Christyn Southavanh

Response from Christyn Southavanh

I usually either send an email or verbally ask for referral.

I use the 2x2xx touch-up method (2 Days, 2 week, & 2 months) to follow up - depending on the client's financial needs, I will send a thank you email with a note asking for a referral.  Or if I'm closing a loan or opening an account, I will ask my new clients for a referral.  

Francisco Neri

Response from Francisco Neri

from the East Cobb Team

Templates Templates Templates! Generally speaking, my referral partners (primarily realtors) have already considered me as a good option for their clients by the time I hear about it. In order to facilitate the connection a bit more easily, I will often write them a personalized template that they can save & continually use when connecting me with a potential customer. I also have templates that I use in order to refer them to preferred vendors of mine later in the process. 

As busy professionals, it is important that we try to "one-time" some of the tasks that we catch ourselves doing regularly...just not to the point where we lose our personal touch with those who we serve!

Tom Wallace

Response from Tom Wallace

from the Peachtree City Team

I have a simple "Financial Snapshot" form that prospects fill out online.  It's automatically available with my confirmation to their scheduled consultation.  This form gives a quick overview of their financial situation and guides our discussion about their situation.

This form saves a lot of time as I can get a good picture of where they are at and we can quickly get into a deeper discussion on their situation and what they are trying to accomplish.

Nicholas Garrison

Response from Nicholas Garrison

from the Peachtree City Team

I have a link on my website that allows prospects to schedule a Free 15-minute consultation. It helps to avoid phone tag with people interested in my training. I also have a form that my answering service uses to accumulate information for prospects. I have always believed that the easier it is for clients and prospects to set appointments the easier. I also will send out a link for a client to schedule training in the event they have to talk to a spouse or significant other to check their schedule. 

Pamela Dabrowa

Response from Pamela Dabrowa

from the East Cobb Team

After I have photographed an event I create a custom Photo Gallery for my client and grant a certain amount of control. Because I shoot medium and large corporate events, the marketing or communications manager who hired me can decided to hide any of the images they choose before sharing the gallery with their employees or clients. Access to the gallery is a benefit and keepsake for the employee and client and elicits a sense of gratitude to the event host. My client can choose if they would like to grant visitors the option to download a high resolution, social sized image or to purchase images. The cost is rolled into the project fees billed to the client. All gallery visitors are exposure, and potential referrals, to me and I am able to track every visitor, what images they like and downloaded. 

Jessica  Love

Response from Jessica Love

from the East Cobb Team

I have a go to email that covers the main aspects about Corporate Payroll Services and what we offer to businesses. I originally got this idea while cold calling and I kept getting the famous “Can you send me an email with some information?”  This opens up the conversation and the potential opportunity to meet face to face. I am then able to discuss in further details about their payroll needs and how we are able to simplify that process for them.  This email will automatically be sent to anyone who seems interested, but is still hesitant on whether or not they think they need a payroll service.  

Herve Dor

Response from Herve Dor

from the East Cobb Team

I like to create quote intake templates for businesses and industies that are highly congruent to my own and send blank templates out to referral partners. That allows the refferal partner to collect enough information so when I follow up me and the client are already diving deep into providing solutions  

Ms Adrienne Thatcher

Response from Ms Adrienne Thatcher

The work that I do is very personalable and is a practice that comes with a host of questions prior to working one-on-one.  I have a link on my site offering a 30 minute complimentary Feng Shui consulation. This allows me to explain the process, answer any questions, debunk some common myths about Feng Shui, and also for me to get to know my clients goals. I also offer a few Feng Shui tips that can be implemented in their home that day. 

Once the decison is made to work with me, 4 short and informative Feng Shui videos (personally made by me) are sent automatically to their email. I came up with this idea becasue there are a lot of layers with Feng Shui and for my client to have the best journey through this majical and life-changing process, I started including these "little extras" with my services. I am notified once the client has watched all the videos and then a persoanl home report questionairre is sent for them to fill out and to send back to me. Once I receive their home report questionairee back I am able to generate their persoanlized Feng Shui home anyalsis which is  the information about their home, themselves, and anyone living in the home. 

Chase Waldroup

Response from Chase Waldroup

from the East Cobb Team

My drone is one refferal tool.

It is a simple yet advanced solution to bring top quality imaging to my clients while amazing them with something they maybe have yet to see.. this tool amazes everybody from the youngest toddler to the eldest grandparent all while keeping everyone safe.

The idea was thought of while climbing very steep and dangerous roof only getting a fraction of the pictures needed to show the full scope of what actually is going on with the roof. The automatic use of this tool will range from a simple repair to a full roof replacement whatever the size of the project may be this tool allow everyone to see what really is needed to be done. An email is sent out with as many photos needed always earning the reginition of professionality in what I set out to do.