What To Say To Get Referrals: Personal Profile Page

One purpose for sharing a Single Best Thing from a coffee conversation during the referrals section of the meeting is to create referrals – to give.

Share your system for capturing a Single Best Thing at coffee, or from a 7-Minute, and tell how you flag yourself to remember to share it during the meeting.  

Give an example.

Joyce Ray

Response from Joyce Ray

from the South Gwinnett Team

I have a Power Core journal that I take with me to meetings and to coffee appointments with members.  When members present a 7 minute I take notes in it and also jot down personal questions that I want to remember to ask at the coffee meeting.  It is important to try to find something that we have in common to keep the conversation fresh and friendly and so they don't feel as if they are being grilled or answering the same who, what, when, and where questions over an over. 

Example: when Michael Kindle, our team ADT professional, stated that the number one characteristic he needs to display in his profession is integrity, he also mentioned that he had been influenced in that character development by leaders and co-workers who did NOT display integrity .  I jotted down a note to ask him about that in our next coffee.  His answer was that most people can sense when they are being manipulated and the number one priority for him is to consistently treat people they way you would want to be treated regardless of the payoff.  Michael definitely displays this and it provides a great introduction to gateopeners, clients and for seven minute presentations.

Dr. Dana Kind

Response from Dr. Dana Kind

from the South Gwinnett Team

During infominutes, I always listen to the examples that people use to describe a situation and how they go to address that issue for their customers.  If it a unique issue, I will make a note to allow me to reference when I have clients that have similar issues and are looking for help. 

If the information is during a 7 minute and the presenter gives out a hand-out, I try and keep them in my office for reference and use it to help my customers if they have a similar issue.  Having something to give to them makes the referral easy and smooth plus telling them I know the provider very well gives them the confidence to work with team members.

Wendy Kinney

Response from Wendy Kinney

from the PowerCore Team

  • At coffee I have a notebook, and I write it in there. Then, I try to remember to get a selfie and post it in News, along with my SBT!
  • For 7-Minutes I write it on the FeedForward card the instant it comes to me. (That's why I like it when we each get our own FeedForward card!)

When I'm attending a meeting I know I'll need something to give during the third part. First I check to see if there is an Endorsment Letter I could write. Then I look at my coffee notes to see if there's a SBT I can share from a Member of this Team. I have a little card I write it on, so it's with me, ready.

Marco Bowen

Response from Marco Bowen

from the South Gwinnett Team

Whenever  I have a printed agenda, i go to the back of it that lists all the members with their classifications. As they say their infominute I wirte down the bullet points of what i learn in their infominutes. 

Greg Williams

Response from Greg Williams

from the South Gwinnett Team

I take notes during the conversation and try to recall what the most interesting item I learned before reviewing the notes.

Thele Moore

Response from Thele Moore

from the South Gwinnett Team

Infominutes are an excellent opportunity to hear examples of how other members take care of their customers.   The 7 minute presentations offer mini masterclasses in various area of their business.   Then, coffee meetups are a superb opportunity to have intimate conversations with members and ask in-depth questions.   I like to note what I learn in all these instances, so that I’m prepared to share information about their businesses with my network. 

I love to share the knowledge that I gain through PowerCore with my network of customers, peers, business associates, family, and friends.  This knowledge lead to referrals.

Ray Payne

Response from Ray Payne

I seek to listen acutely for something interesting that I didn't know before that I can share with others. I then immediately write it down so that I can refer to it later.

Mike Owens

Response from Mike Owens

When I have an aha moment at a coffee, I will write it down and ask follow-up questions so that I understand. If the aha moment comes during a 7-minute, I will ask questions when we have coffee.

Clint Monroe

Response from Clint Monroe

from the South Gwinnett Team

I make a mental, or better yet a written note of a unique point of connection with the Powercore source  (7 Minute presentation, coffee meeting, etc.) to a referral.  I know what the Powercore member has to offer that will interest the referral.  The key is to actively listen for the single best thing. God gave us two ears and only one mouth for a reason.  So listening twice as much as we speak is a good ratio. Targeted connections are always better than one size fits all.

Clint Monroe
Senior Financial Analyst

Kyler Post

Response from Kyler Post

I'm having similar conversations with clients and prospects all the time, so my mental memory has gotten pretty good. But I do sometimes take notes. Then, in the meeting, I'm able to remember the single best thing I learned simply by seeing the face of the person I met with.

Coincidentally, if someone I encounter mentions something that triggers something I've learned from a PowerCore colleague, their face immediately comes to mind.

Tom Wallace

Response from Tom Wallace

from the Peachtree City Team

I approach every coffee meeting with curiosity.  I like to learn something new, whether it's personal or in their business.  I always bring a small notebook with me to jot notes down after the meeting so it helps me remember what I want to share the Single Best Thing I learned.

I then put it on a Post-It note in my portfolio so I remember to share it during the meeting.

Garland Higgins

Response from Garland Higgins

I always take notes during a 7 minute presentation or when I'm having coffee with someone.  It helps me to remember their single best thing so I can remember to ask questions about it at a later time.  This also helps to find commonalities with them. 


Nicholas Garrison

Response from Nicholas Garrison

from the Peachtree City Team

When I have a coffee, I try to find out more about the person I am having coffee with. Why they do what they do and what makes them better than others in their field. The single best thing I normally pick up is something I did not know about the person.  What makes them unique. What drives them and why they do what they do. 

Mr. Bruce Sanders

Response from Mr. Bruce Sanders

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

  When I have coffee with a Power Core Member, I'm paying attention to 3 main things: 1) What is their business; 2) Their ideal client who can bring them the most revenue; and, 3) Something personal that sets them apart.

  The first 2 categories can help me jog my memory of who I know who could use the member's services. I take notes and put it next to the members profile that I have prepared in advance. I have made a personal profile of all of my team members who I have had coffee with in addition to reading what they have put in their own profile on the Power Core website.

  Category 3, helps me identify with that member on a more personal level. It also allows me to share some non-business information with the referral. this helps me to know if the member and the referral are going to hit it off well and be compatible. If they are, there is a greater liklyhood that they will do business together.

Connie Cooke

Response from Connie Cooke

from the South Gwinnett Team

During both the Coffee Meeting and 7- Minute Presentations, I receive in-depth knowledge about the presenter, and their business.  I take "brief" notes that help key points stand out.  

  • I organize my paperwork so that I'm only working with what's current.
  • Coffee Meeting notes are attached to the associated Referral Slips and & shared during the meeting.
  • Notes from the 7 Minute Presentation are jotted down on the back of the current agenda and ready for sharing during the meeting.