What To Do To Give Referrals: Invitations Create Referrals

What indicators flag you to think about extending an invitation to visit our meeting?

**don’t repeat something already listed!

Tell us

  • their observable characteristic,
  • why that’s the flag,
  • and the words you use to see if they’re interested.
Scott Tufford

Response from Scott Tufford

from the Marietta Square Team

I look for a small to medium size business owner, or a professional "go-getter" business person. Characteristics that catch my attention include:

- Great customer service

- If they thank me for a referral. That tells me that at some level they recognize the value of a referral based client.

I then pursue a conversation in which I ask if they are still wanting to grow their business. If the answer is "yes", I extend an invitation to visit our team.

Philip Ladin

Response from Philip Ladin

from the Marietta Square Team

The first thing that I look at is whether the person I am talking with fits into an open classification on the Marietta Square PowerCore Team. If there would be a conflict, I still mention to them about PowerCore and the benefits of PowerCore, but then suggest that they visit a team with an opening in their classification. As it relates to their observable characteristic, I look for professionalism and accountability. The most important thing that I have learned is that there is no classification that does not offer benefit to the team and therefore, there is no classification that PowerCore would not offer a benefit to them.

Keith Early

Response from Keith Early

from the Marietta Square Team

I always keep an eye out for business owners and marketing professionals who are interested in building their list of contacts.  I look for someone who is:

  •          outgoing and a go-getter, and
  •          has a routine or business plan that they follow.

I tell them about the results I have had withth Marietta Square PowerCore Team and ask If they would like to meet with 15 – 20 Business professionals each week.

Raymond Jackson

Response from Raymond Jackson

from the Marietta Square Team

About 2 months ago, I started a different personal approach to attract visitors. After my PowerCore meeting on Thursdays I would continue to wear my team's member badge everywhere I went throughout the day.  Once I got that second curious glance, the squinting of the eyes or that question "What is that for?" I would ask if they had a business. And ask if their business could use a little growth? And then I would take the opportunity to introduce PowerCore to them. 

Dr. Branden Evans

Response from Dr. Branden Evans

from the Marietta Square Team

I invite someone who is openly communicating about their business and the type of work they do. It's usually early in the conversation that the prospective visitor will say something that will indicate they're looking to grow their business in a manner that would benefit from an organization like Powercore. Once I hear that interest, I share the benefits of visiting a meeting like ours and how it may be a good fit for them to grow and be connected to a group of like minded people to help them. 

If they're still expressing interest after I share the details about the meeting time and location I'll invite them.  My follow up is a text link to our team page for them to review and an introduction to the VCO.

Jim McKinney

Response from Jim McKinney

from the Marietta Square Team

  • I look for someone who is just starting out in their business and/or in their Professional  Field and is looking to grow their Busienss through referral marketing.   I've recently invited an electrician who just started his own business after previously working for a larger corporate company.  I think PowerCore is a great way to grow yoru business organically through referrals and gate-openers. 
  • I also am looking for a small business owner who if they ask for reviews for services rendered then typically They might  want to also consider another means of marketing their services.  Normally, when or if the Business asks for a review then thats my key to invite them to Power Core as long as there is no conflict for that classification.
  • the words I use to gage ithere nterest are: " Another means to market your Business' and'"using the power of referral based marketing from Power Core team members."
Wendy Kinney

Response from Wendy Kinney

from the PowerCore Team

When I see someone taking notes, I invite them, because

It means they are detailed, interested in follow through, and will fit the structure.

I ask, "Is your business in growth mode?"

Jon LaMonte

Response from Jon LaMonte

from the Marietta Square Team

When I meet someone that is anxious to talk about their business, it is usually an indicator that they are looking to make it grow.  For me, unprompted excitement in explaining what a person does is a flag that they are usually newer to the business and still very enthusiastic about it.  If it is a classification that would be a good fit for our team, I ask them "Are you looking to grow your business?"

Eric Sapoznik

Response from Eric Sapoznik

from the Milton Team

One of the better ways I've been able to get visitors to come and visit our team is by going to Business Expo events or any event where people have a table or booth set up. As soon as anyone stops me at their booth/table, follows me as I'm walking, or for that person who has the longest lines I always make sure to turn that into an invitation. This also goes for the people who have a mall kiosk. These people are obviously trying to grow their business (maybe using sales tactics instead of referrals, but they can learn the referral way). I ask them if they'd like to find an easier way to gain more clients and connections that can help them to grow their business. I've gotten a lot of positive responses with this and a few of them did end up joining. 

John Trybalski

Response from John Trybalski

from the Marietta Square Team

I think good indicators for a potential invitee are...

1) Their passion shows they have an interest in growing their business.

2) They are a small business or independent contractor that would be interested in referral marketing as a low cost means of building their business.

The word track would be to tell them about networking and ask if they would be interested in a low cost/high impact growth method. 

Debbie Waldrep

Response from Debbie Waldrep

from the Marietta Square Team

As an insurance agent, when quoting a new client, one of the underwriting questions from the companies is "occupation".  This question generates a whole new conversation!  Learning what people do  opens the door to discussing their business:  what they do, how they do it and are they interested in growing their business!

Erik Thompson

Response from Erik Thompson

from the Marietta Square Team

I want to see someone that is paying attention to our conversation and at the same time talking about wanting their business to grow.  It's a flag for me because I want them to be aware of what it takes to start and grow a business.  That is a single minded obsession with getting your business up and running but also knowing you can't do it alone.  The words I look for are words indicating they've either changed a career, or just started a business.

Tom Wallace

Response from Tom Wallace

from the Peachtree City Team

I keep an eye/ear out for someone starting a new business or looking to grow their small business.

I ask how they are getting their prospective customers now.  This can lead to a conversation about PowerCore and the process of referral marketing.  If they seem interested, I will then present the invitation to visit.

Nicholas Garrison

Response from Nicholas Garrison

from the Peachtree City Team

Sometimes people starting a business will tape a business card on my mailbox. They are obviously looking for more business and maybel do not have a lot of funds for traditional marketing methods. 

Evan Strader

Response from Evan Strader

Small businesses looking to grow organically.

  • Customer serviced based. 
  • constantly asking if I "know anyone" who would be interested in xyz service.

Once I hear them ask for referrals constantly, I pursue conversation with them about how they want to grow their business. Most say organically through client referrals. This triggers PowerCore in my head which allows me to give them more information and help them find a group close to them.

Peter Lopez

Response from Peter Lopez

from the Marietta Square Team

I think my team deserves a new member who is communicative, punctual, and has a great enthusiasm to grow. I would ask the prospect  how eager are you to grow and how willing are you to put forth the effort to make those connections! Even if it is apparent that the prospect is in a classification already taken in my team, I would certainly refer them to PowerCore and how to find an available team.

Tanner Takekawa

Response from Tanner Takekawa

from the Marietta Square Team

When looking for someone new to visit the group, I would start by having a personal conversation that may lead to a conversation about what they do. The most important thing that would catch my eye on whether or not they would be good for our group is if they are intentional, genuine, encouraging, and ready to grow. These characteristics show that a person cares about others and they are willing to take the action to grow in their own life. A few words I may use to see if someone is interested are "How has your business been", "How is your network", and "Have you heard of PowerCore"?

Connie Cooke

Response from Connie Cooke

from the South Gwinnett Team

The individual I'm contemplating would be someone that I've observed on multiple occasions, or if on one occasion, I would need to have a mini conversation to see if they'd be a good fit.  Not all business owners are comfortable / disciplined with time management / organization / giving presentations: some are eager for the opportunity, and others (for various reasons) cannot make the commitment.

This would be a flag becuase our meetings are also a training ground for "excellence", and these are key factors to keep in mind - especially since when we give a referral, we are insuring our client that the person we're referring them too is a true professional.

Words I use to peek their interest are actually open ended questions that allow me to answer more specifically to their needs:

  • Do you currently have any business challenges?
  • Are you comfortable with your business as it is now?
  • Would you be interested in meeting other business owners, like yourself, who can assist you in reaching your goals?
Titus Nichols

Response from Titus Nichols

from the Marietta Square Team

I'm new, so I'm sure my answer will change and develop as I spend more time with the group.


- If they are a business owner that depends on word-of-mouth referrals. 

- Those types of business owners rely on recommendations from other people rather than mass marketting. 

- "You should come meet a group of business owners like yourself that focus on referring business to one another"

Michele Riggs

Response from Michele Riggs

I haven't done a referral trigger yet. I look forward to doing that in the future!