What To Do To Give Referrals: Invitations Create Referrals

Share a place in your business where you’ve created a process to initiate.

  • Do you use a CRM system with follow up reminders?
  • Do you keep client’s birthdays on your calendar?
  • Do you have a standing day and time for coffee?

Describe the system you have, and the benefit you get.

Dr. Michael Axt

Response from Dr. Michael Axt

from the Milton Team

For times we are not in the office we have an online portal through which changes to appointments and new appointments can be reqested. We get to these requests very quickly and are able to respond to them from anywhere no matter if we are in town or far away on vacation. This makes it very easy for appointments to be scheduled when emergencies arise and enables us to service our clients as best as possible. 

We also have automated appt reminders that help everyone remember when they are scheduled, especially in the busy season we are currently in. 

Michelle Como

Response from Michelle Como

While I am actively working with a client, before the end of the meeting, I will set a follow up appointment and keep it on my electronic calendar. I have a folder saved on my computer with all my clients in order to keep in touch from time to time and share tips and info on aromatherapy and essential oils. 

I try to set coffees on a Thursday morning or Friday after our Powercore meeting. I will keep all my coffee invites in the pocket of my powercore roster until they are complete, and follow up on a weekly basis to get at least one coffee set for the week. 

Persephone Galambos

Response from Persephone Galambos

from the Milton Team

I have a fairly robust CRM system that allows me to easily and effectively track when I contact a client. It also has some automated emails that can be sent depending on the type of contact and holidays (have they already purchased a home, are they going to be purchasing/selling a home soon, home anniversaries, birthdays, etc.)  I also will use time blocking to ensure I have time on my calendar for coffees, appointments, etc. All appoinments, coffees, etc go onto my digital calendar. I receive reminders on my phone. 

Jim Miskell

Response from Jim Miskell

from the Milton Team

I use a client workshop.  I do virtual and in person live workshops and also have a recorded version which can be watched anytime.  The content familiarizes clients with common estate planning issues and options.  This is is preparation for substantive meetings and initiates clients into my education focused process.  

But it also lets prospects know what to expect working with me - Folks who register receive immediate confirmation of the registration.  With a live event, prospects receive reminders prior to the day of the event.  After the workshop, attendees receive a thank you and a reminder of next steps.  This confirmation and follow up sequence of contact initiates clients into what to expect, becuase it is repeated throughout my process.

DeWitte Thompson III

Response from DeWitte Thompson III

from the Milton Team

The type of process I use depends on the type of client. With any new prospect, I have a standard email and text I will send to schedule an initial phone call and then a consultation. If that person becomes an in-person client, I like to keep track of things manually rather than use a CRM system. I think this allows me to add a more personal touch especially as I already spend so much one-on-one time with my in-person clients. One of the things I have found to really make a difference is keeping birthdays on my calendar. Clients are always pleasantly surprised to receive a phone call (not a text) on their birthday and I have found it really makes a difference. With my online clients, my system is a little more automated, but I still keep track of follow ups like phone call check-ins, video sessions, and birthdays manually on my calendar.

Eric Sapoznik

Response from Eric Sapoznik

from the Milton Team

For me personally I don't use a CRM because in the commercial real estate world, transactions and working with clients can move forwards, backwards, sideways and slantways throughout the process. In the past I have tried a few CRMs, but because of the process being able to change so quickly they didn't work out for what I needed them for. What I do use are folders on my computer where I separate active clients, closed deals, potential future clients, and the ones in limbo. For the ones that aren't active at the moment, I reach out to them bi-weekly just to check in and see if they need help understanding a report or if their criteria or time line has changed. A lot of my follow up is done by memory and checking to see when the last time was that I had called, texted or emailed with them. I'm getting better at including all of the important dates for their lease as well as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Recently, we purchased a SendOut Cards subscription with Mark Weiss and will be using this going forward to better keep up with and keep track of clients, vendors and contacts. 

I am always open to having a coffee meeting. The location for it depends on if I am working from home or the office that day. Since I moved out to Mableton I try to schedule my coffee appointments based on where I am those days. Tuesdays and Fridays I am always in the North Fulton area, so those are the days I focus on scheduling coffees with my teams and the teams in that area. If I have a meeting on another side of town or in a different area from normal and I've got clients, past clients, or PowerCore connections in that area I will reach out and try to schedule something while I am there. Also, I've been having Zoom meetings with a lot of people when we are just too far to make an in-person meeting work out. Zoom has been a great tool for keeping in touch with people, and it saves us both time from having to travel to a midway point. 

Katie Moore

Response from Katie Moore

from the Milton Team

The relationships I build in my practice are really important to me. I want my clients to know that I am available to them and that I am interested in their business and its success. While we're actively working together, I check in with my clients on a regular basis and once we complete the project, I calendar a reminder to reach out a few months later. I use this as an opportunity to see how things are going and to answer any questions that the client may have.

I'm also someone who likes to write cards, so I take every opportunity to write a handwritten card to clients and GateOpeners. 

Lisa McGuire

Response from Lisa McGuire

I have a CRM system that also allows me to track sales, segment tags, distribute emails, establish sales pages and create automated emails depending on how I want to schedule them. Hosting a weekly podcast provides me content to send out on a regular basis with valuable tips and inspiring ideas that demonstrate value, give listeners an idea of what it would be like to work with me, and keep my services top of mind. I also feature other business owners with stories to encourage my clients to see what is possible. 

My non-traditional workweek of Saturday - Wednesday gives me some additional options for coffee meetings and other networking. Along with the weekly "Your Passion, Purpose and Personal Brand podcast I also host regular challenges and workshops - Take Back Your Life. 

Madeline Chryst

Response from Madeline Chryst

from the Milton Team

Two weeks after we finish with a customer and are paid in full we send a thank you gift. This gift is a nice cutting board, an ice cream scoop that says GO Roofing Atlanta, and some brownie mix. This way any time they pull out the cutting board or ice cream scoop at home or when having guests over they are reminded of their experience with us and hopefully it becomes a conversation starter with others. 

Stacey Brustein

Response from Stacey Brustein

from the Milton Team

I do have a portal where potential leads and clients can schedule appointments. When I have a referral or company lead schedule a time to talk, I start out with a reminder text or email about our appointment and let them know the number I will be calling from.  I like to start my calls with clients the same way I do with PowerCore coffee's; by building some rapport and learning about whom I am talking with. From there we talk shop and I make sure before the call ends that I answer any questions they have and that we are on the same page for next steps. I set reminders for when I need to follow up and if I am working on getting them pre approved I let them know when I will be back in touch (almost always the same day). 

I do put client birthday's in my calendar, so I send them a card or give them a call.  I think people really appreciate being thought of and remembered on their special days so I make a big effort to do just that.

I like to try and be flexible for coffee's, so I do not have specific days and or times I meet.  If I have availability I am happy to meet.  Especially since I do not get to sub, I feel to get the most of being in PowerCore, I like to have a few meetings scheduled per week between team members, subs and visitors. Thank you!

Susan Pulse

Response from Susan Pulse

I have a CRM system where I set a task for everything - that way it keeps me on track for reaching out, following up with clients/carriers, and getting specific tasks completed.  Much of what I do with initiating contact with prospects or clients, does have to do with birthdays and anniversaries, but it also has to do with conducting account reviews, whether they be quarterly or yearly, making sure the carrier processed the paperwork and instructions sent in, etc.  Having the CRM is extremeley helpful as many times, there is a lot to do with one client's account, with multiple steps.  Any contact with a client is logged in the CRM, to stay in compliance as well as keep a running record of how the relationship is progressing. 

Le'Moine Washington

Response from Le'Moine Washington

from the Peachtree Team

I use a calendar link from Salesloft that allows my clients to book their appointments at time more convenient for them. An email is sent offering gratitude for choosing me and we confirm any last minute thoughts such as where we will meet or if a virtual meeting is preferred. My client's birthdays are kept on my TEAMS calendar while others may be saved on Google. Either way I am aware of their special day. There is no standing time or day for coffees as I push to be a flexible as possible. This includes late evenings and weekends.

This works for all parties involved as it provides the most convenient times for our referrals though there are one offs due to events beyond our control. Howver, even at that moment we are able to reschedule.

Jennifer Kwon

Response from Jennifer Kwon

from the Milton Team

Every independent wine consultant at Scout & Cellar has access to an app called Penny. Penny is an extremely useful tool that can suggest/assign tasks; provide reminders; sort customers; keep track of communication; and organize customers by wine brand or varietal. This is just a partial list of what Penny can do. 
After the consultant imports his or her clients, each customer has a profile contact page on Penny which includes his or her birthday. You can use the customer profiles to add their birthdays to a calendar.

I currently do not have a set day of the week or time for coffees. I probably should. I usually look at my calendar when filling out a referral coffee request and pick several days that are free from other appointments. And then let the person that I am inviting choose which one is the best for them

Tom Wallace

Response from Tom Wallace

from the Peachtree City Team

For current clients, as part of my process as we summarize our session before ending, we set our next session and I send a confirmation right away so that it's in their inbox.  My scheduling software automatically sends periodic reminders as well.

For prospects after I have made an initial contact, I set reminders in my CRM for call, text, and email frequency.  I also put them in a drip campaign to periodically send information.  I never give up on a prospect unless they tell me to stop contacting them.

As far as coffee appointments, my normal days to schedule a meeting are Monday and Tuesday.

Sue McQueen

Response from Sue McQueen

from the Peachtree Team

I incorporate several systems for building client relationships.  We have a CRM system that I use for keeping in touch with clients through a number of email campaigns.  I also send handwritten birthday cards, holiday cards and thank you cards to keep in touch.  I set reminders on my calendar for specific follow-up tasks and follow throughs.  The benefits of having these systems in place is that it keeps me on top of things and it allows me to consistently be in contact with clients and lets clients know they are important to me. 


Allison Janssen

Response from Allison Janssen

At Goosehead, we have a wonderful CRM system through Salesforce that tracks everything.  It allows me to follow up with reminders, events/coffee dates, phone calls, and service issues.  I am also able to send out birthday messages, congratulatory emails for closing on new home, and follow up emails on renewals.  Not only is our system wonderful for current clients, but I am able to set a reminder to follow up with any clients at their renewal.  If I wasn't able to improve their coverage and beat their current carriers price, I can send out a reshop for them at their renewal and see if I am able to do it in the future.   

Scot Goldring

Response from Scot Goldring

from the Milton Team

As a CPA helping business clients, I am constantly discussing how positive cash flow is vital to their business. Accounts Receivable is harmful to their business both in potentially needing cash to run the business and having to spend time and effort in collecting.

In my business, my associates and I are constantly working to make sure we manage positive cash flow well and to decrease effort needed for this. To that end, we have customized a system for automatic billing. For example, my client may sign on in November for business income tax return preparation during February, as the return is due in March. We will collect a credit card that they will use to pay our fees. Our system will automatically bill the client and charge the credit card to collect the fees on a date that the client has agreed to, such as February 1. We will then prepare the business tax return and will not have to put any more effort into this payment process. 


Joe Farach

Response from Joe Farach

I utilize a CRM to keep track of my leads.  In the CRM I categorize prospects by the characteristics that require specific services.  Doing so helps me target communication to send them.  I can also see what messaging they respond to helping me adapt how I communicate with them.  My plan for 2023 also includes planning my month with specific days blocked off for specific activities.  For example, Mondays are my days.  I use it to focus on specific projects I am working on.  Friday afternoons are my planning day.  I plan the following week.  I block out specific times for coffee so that it doesn't interfere with my focus work time.

Nicholas Garrison

Response from Nicholas Garrison

from the Fayette Team

My CRM system integrates with my Website and I can also send out newsletters and announcements fro the system. I also have training information saved on the system, which I forward to the clients after each session. 

My CRM system allows prospects to schedule initial consults from my website. All training appointments are sent confirmation texts and emails. I do not track client birthdays at this time. However, It is something I am considering sending a birtday card to to dog for adoption day or birth date for pure bread dogs.  I really do not have a set time for coffee although I don't schedule client appointments on Thursdays or Fridays, so those are my most likely days to schedule them. 

Susana Baltazar

Response from Susana Baltazar

I follow with my customer usually after 2 weeks that we have stopped by to give them a quote. I usually send them an email to follow and see if they will like to move forward. I also follow up with my previous customers with a holiday card or email. We like to follow up with them at least twice a year. It had work for me every well that I have gotten referrals from there family or friends. 

Joseph Massingill

Response from Joseph Massingill

We use the Acuity Scheduling software. It is great for following up with clients, appointment reminders, as well as tracking information and important dates. We also use a e-newsletter software that lets us know who has see. Our emails, who has opened our emails, as well as who yet to engage.

Also, as a general practice, we like to have meetings with potential/interested parties before they work with us so we can create a relationship, and progress towards everyone's desired goals.

Renea Ash

Response from Renea Ash

from the Roswell 400 Team

My CRM’s workflow is programed to onboard leads and clients with ease. With one link, clients receive the booking proposal, scheduler, photo package options, contract, and invoice.  Completing the booking process then triggers email reminders that reference the session logistics.  Clients receive these email notices 7, 3, and 1 day before the scheduled session.  Because I’ve programed the CRM to manage the administrative tasks, I can devote time to activities that enhance the client’s session. 

Nyemade  Henry

Response from Nyemade Henry

from the Emory Team

I have a client management system that is quite intuitive.  I am able to set reminders, run reports, send out special notices and more.  It is an excellent tool to help me manage all of my clients.  It also makes me look good and adds to my credibility when working with customers.  Just like my CRM system, I attempt to make Wednesdays my networking day.  If possible I schedule coffee with team members and substitutes on that day after our meeting.  It works well and seems to be the goal of other members on my team.

Susan Honea

Response from Susan Honea

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

The process I follow typically depends on the type of engagement the client has purchased. For coaching, I follow a strict process that includes a signed Coaching Services Agreement outlining the terms of the engagement, followed by the CliftonStrengths assessment and an intake form that the client completes, and then followed by an email that details the session-scheduling process, typically using Calendly. I use Calendly’s reminder workflow to help clients keep their appointments. I document client birthdays on my calendar, and I send a card via old-fashioned mail. For workshop and retreat clients, the process includes a contract, a project management protocol with steps that are customized to the client’s needs, and a welcome package upon arrival, which typically includes a journal and pen and sometimes a small gift. I prefer to schedule my coffees on Fridays immediately after our team meeting; I intentionally flex from that preference when it makes sense for the person I’m meeting.