Protégé: Process

What To Do To Get Referrals: Protégé: Process

What system do you have to follow through with past clients – what result do you get because of this procecedure?
Danny Nungesser

Response from Danny Nungesser

from the Newnan Team

On clients that I don't see regularly, I have reminders set in my CRM to notify me of birthdays and annual reviews. I try to find subtle ways to maintain a touch point and stay on top of mind. Social media is great as a way to "see" them as reminders too. During the recent storms that came through Newnan, I called all of my clients to check on them. I simply asked "how are are you doing and is your family OK?" In the business where referrals are like gold, these touch points keep me relevant!
Dr. Philip Crane

Response from Dr. Philip Crane

from the Newnan Team

Most patients need monthly visits once they reach the maintenance phase of their care. We send a monthly newsletter which offers health tips and guidance and serves as a reminder to schedule their next appointment.

Quentin Kelley

Response from Quentin Kelley

from the Newnan Team

My follow up system is simple. The Customer Relationship Manager reminds of insurance renewals and anniversaries. This is the time I reach out and go over the policy. I also send out a monthly newsletter that includes recipes, Coupons for groceries, ways to protect the home, etc. I find filling my newsletter with things people can use instead of boring insurance propaganda, has been a great hit. Lastly, I keep an eye on Facebook and look for my clients. If they have an event, such as an Anniversary, I send a Starbucks gift card with a personal note of congratulations. Thanks for letting me share😁
Jackie Campbell

Response from Jackie Campbell

from the Newnan Team

I send out a reminder to buyers who have purchased homes throughout the year. I remind them to file for their homestead exemption status with the county. A reminder to file so they can save money on their property taxes has generated questions about other tax issues, which I am always happy to send to our phenomenal tax expert....Clarence Bolden at The Tax Axe!

Nathan Mejia

Response from Nathan Mejia

from the Newnan Team

I use an app called rehash for my follow ups, especially when I do not close a sale on the spot. This app will automatically follow up with a customer through email and give me the opportunity to send out any new promotions we may be running at the time. There are also a ton of resources my customers can access to help educate them farther in the project they are wanting to do. The results I see are great, anything that is automated and keeps my name and products in front of a customer is great, especially for the planners and preparers. It gives the customer some reassurance that I am on board to help anyway I can.

Emily Webb

Response from Emily Webb

from the Newnan Team

I don't generally need to follow up with past clients after a closing transaction has been completed. We keep in touch with lenders and agents through emails and phone calls to keep a close relationship so that if anything is needed after a closing, the parties know to reach out to our office. We do send both the lender and the buyer original deeds and title policies after recording has returned from the county. Otherwise, individuals purchasing and selling houses are no longer in need of our services as a closing attorney.

Joel Haskell

Response from Joel Haskell

from the Newnan Team

My follow up is usually a 3 part process. One is when I have sent out a quote to ensure they got it and if they might have any questions. The 2nd is a week follow up to see if they have made any considerations. And the 3rd being another week to see if I am still in the running. This process has helped because I want people to know that I will follow up and also put the same energy into completing their project.

Clarence Bolden

Response from Clarence Bolden

from the Newnan Team

I see my clients every year around tax time. During September I send a "the end of the year is coming" letter to all clients to remind them to give to their charities and get receipts for donations and to get their businesses ready for the tax season. When I complete a client's tax return, I send a note with the confirmation that the return has been filed with the IRS asking them to contact me with any questions during the year. I send a special note to all new clients and welcome them into The Tax Axe family.

Claudia LaFleur

Response from Claudia LaFleur

Every year for the Holidays, I gather all past clients email addresses and send two e-campaigns: one near Thanksgiving to thank them for supporting my business and a second one towards the end of the year wishing them a happy holiday season and the very best in the new year. I always add a small token of our appreciation and if they read through the entire message I typically get a referral right away (there's a discount embedded in the body of the message that triggers a referral). End of school year is another chance for me to contact past clients inviting them to celebrate pool parties and backyard BBQ with my photo booth. Come check it out!

Nate Sampson

Response from Nate Sampson

As a home inspector, I make a point to follow-up with my clients via Email within a few weeks of completing their home inspection for two reasons: 1. To discuss how their home buying or selling process was or is going and 2. To ask for an evaluation of my service in the form of an online review. As a sole proprietor inspector, it is of paramount importance to me that I have exceeded my client's expectations of my service and also gained the respect of their referring real estate agents through my thoughtful consideration of and communication with their best asset, the client. Nate Sampson CPI® Certified Inspector \| ASHI® Member Checklist Home Inspection, LLC [][1]{: rel="nofollow"} [1]:
Cherrise Clarke

Response from Cherrise Clarke

from the Newnan Team

I send my clients, past or present, an analysis of how their site is doing. It will let them know if they need any updates or maintenance and a current SEO tip. If I built their site, I will offer a free update service. It lets me continue to help them and ask them if they would like any changes or additions.

Steven Rigo

Response from Steven Rigo

from the Newnan Team

Referrals and follow up are key to my business, as it is in most businesses, but especially for building a network. Through my CRM, weekly posts set as a blogstyle read and positive social media engagement I hope to keep top of mind with not only my clients, but their friends and family as well. A thank you gift basket is a standard for me at closings as well as a heart felt note in a card.
Ginny Heugle

Response from Ginny Heugle

I call people whose policies have lapsed. That is how I got my best client. Her husband's job situation had changed and she was so happy I reached out.
Tricia Bethel-Sookhoo

Response from Tricia Bethel-Sookhoo

from the Newnan Team

Follow up is key as past clients may have referrals! My system is every two months I drop an email or follow up call to let clients know they are on my mind and that I care for them as they continue toward optimal health.