What To Do To Give Referrals: Invitations Create Referrals

Describe a process in your business where you confirm with clients.  Do you

  • Call the day before an appointment, like the dentist does?
  • Send a new contract two months before, the way a landlord does?

Call after, to make sure everything is okay, the way the Vet does?

Linda Carroll CPP

Response from Linda Carroll CPP

from the Cumberland Team

To make it easier for my clients, I have created automated workflows that send reminder emails at periodic times prior to their session with me. For instance, for a headshot or branding session, I will send an email with a "What to Wear guide". Another email will go a few days prior to our session. I also send a thank you email a few days after their session. Three months later, they receive another email to touch base. 

Jessica Walker

Response from Jessica Walker

from the Peachtree City Team

My clients use my online scheduler to set their own appointments with me.  They recieve an immediate confirmation email with a link to an online Pre-Meeting Strategy form.  This allows my clients to let me know what they would most like to discuss so that we can use our time most effectively during our meeting.  

My clients then receive a reminder email both 24 hours and 1 hour before our scheduled meeting via the automated workflow that I've set up in my coaching software.   I've had many clients say how appreciative they were to be reminded like this since they tend to get caught up in their busy days.

An hour after our meeting, my workflow sends them a Post-Meeting Follow-Up email.  I include another online form for them to share with me their biggest "a-ha moment" from our meeting, and also to capture any questions from our discussion that they may need further clarification on.

The responses that my clients give on these Pre/Post Meeting forms are captured in their password-protected Private Client Portal on my website so that we can each go back and review, if needed, in preparation for our next scheduled meeting.

Danny Nungesser

Response from Danny Nungesser

Texts are a great way to confirm appointments. We use these soft touches as well as email if thats the preferred method of communication. Since time is money, I want to gurantee that no time is wasted because someone forgot about a meeting. 

I do call after meetings or business has been conducted to ask about the process and if anything was still in question. I use this time to get referrals too!


Dr. Philip Crane

Response from Dr. Philip Crane

from the Newnan Team

   I have an online scheduling calender so patients can schedule their own appointments. When they schedule they get a confirmation email or text and they also get a reminder 24 hours before their appointment.

Quentin Kelley

Response from Quentin Kelley

from the Newnan Team

My client are placed into different text and email campaigns.

New prospects will receive text confirmations 1 day and 1 hour before our appointment.

Current clients will receive a text and email 1 month before renewal to set up an appointment for a policy review.  Then a day before the appointment and hour before the appointment. 

Both of these systems allows me to confirm appointments and stay in contact with my current database.

Jackie Campbell

Response from Jackie Campbell

from the Newnan Team

For buyers who are waiting to see a specific property or set of properties,  I let the buyers know when the appointments have been requested with the sellers of those properties and then send the confirmations as they come in.  If there are multiple properties, I send them a link to my scheduling app so that they can see the order and time frame for each address' appointment time.

Nathan Mejia

Response from Nathan Mejia

from the Newnan Team

How do i confirm, at Trinity Air we use an automated system. Then system starts with a report on our side that shows who needs an appointment. From there one of our CSR staff will send out an automated email to reach out to us to schedule. From there if no response is made we send another email to schedule, after that if we start calling to get scheduled. on day of appointment my technicians will put the call in go mode and the customer will get a text or email stating we are on the way. After the call if it was obe of my personal calls I call and see how satisfied the customer is. From there I will usually wait about another week before giving my last follow up call. We are also currently trying to bring back a good ole fashioned phone call from the office. With technology being nonpersonable we do not want to lose the customer as a person. Meaning we want customers to feel appreciated and not just another transaction. 

Joel Haskell

Response from Joel Haskell

from the Newnan Team

I set my appointments for a certain day, and I call them the morning of and make sure appt is still good. I also call with a 3o minute arrival time.

Clarence Bolden

Response from Clarence Bolden

from the Newnan Team

Each year, I send a full letter to each current client informing them of relevant changes from the Internal Revenue Service.  In that letter, I invite clients to call me to set a definite appointment to discuss their tax matters and to prepare their current income tax return.  My clients are also invited to call me or text at any time with their questions.  Prior to our meeting, I text the client reminding them what they should bring or send to me to get their taxes done.

Cherrise Clarke

Response from Cherrise Clarke

from the Newnan Team

I found that what works best for me is confirm the night before a morning appointment and the morning before an afternoon appointment. I simply say that I am lookng forward to meeting them and make sure they still have directions. 

Tricia Bethel-Sookhoo

Response from Tricia Bethel-Sookhoo

from the Newnan Team

I message my clients a half hour before our meeting to ensure they are ready for the call. We also have a set day for weekly follow-up calls to check in on progress and if there are any questions.  

Steve Hamlin

Response from Steve Hamlin

from the Newnan Team

My typical way of confirming appointments for new business applications is to text the person the morning of the appointment to make sure we are still good to meet online at the preset time. Alternatively if I know a person prefers a phone call or email I will use that method to confirm our appointment.

Tom Wallace

Response from Tom Wallace

from the Peachtree City Team

I have my calendar software set to send a confirmation when they initially book and then email them a reminder 7, 3, and 1 day out.  Then they also get a text 24 hrs before, 1 hr and 10 minutes before the appointment.

After the meeting:

- For a consultation, I send an email thanking them for their time and remind them to let me know within 24 hours if they are interested in moving forward.

- For a client meeting, I send an email summarizing our discussion along with action items for the next meeting and a reminder of the date and time of our next meeting.

Les Small

Response from Les Small

from the Newnan Team

There are two ways my new clients reach out to schedule appointments. Most call into the office and schedule a time that is most convenient for them. The other advantage they have to schedule is online. The morning of scheduled appointments i reach out via text to confirm. As I work in the field,I also call new prospective clients to give an estimated time of arrival so they know exactly when to expect me, since there is an two hour window for my arrival!

Nicholas Garrison

Response from Nicholas Garrison

from the Peachtree City Team

My CRM system sends out a confirmation email and text. After each session customer is sent follow up videos and written instructions. I currently do not call customer after each session, But it is not a bad idea. Also my system asks the client to confirm the appointment

Phil Terranova

Response from Phil Terranova

from the Newnan Team

It depends on how far out the appointment was set. My general rule is that if an appointment was set 3 or more days out then I will send a reminder/confirmation text or email the day before or the morning of an afternoon appointment. I have done some testing using Calendly which has workflow rules that you can set to have automated reminders go out and I may implement that in my business for 2023.

Rob Tritt

Response from Rob Tritt

from the Downtown Woodstock Team

The first step in my process is a Business Assessment Meeting.  Most of the time, I can schedule that meeting on the same day that I speak with someone or within a couple of days.  However, in the event that I do need to schedule a meeting to happen at a later date, I will send an email prior to the meeting to remind them that the meeting is set and to also confirm that they are going to be there. 

Jody Gonzales

Response from Jody Gonzales

We have an automated system that will send out an email as well as a text message the day prior and an hour before our appointment. I normally will call to confirm an appointment if I haven't heard back from a customer. 

Ms. Beverly D'Amico RN, MSN, CGRS, CFAF

Response from Ms. Beverly D'Amico RN, MSN, CGRS, CFAF

Call, text, or email. Leave a message, and I will return your call. 

The exact structure for a possible client additional, I schedule a mutual time for a free 15min assessment