What To Do To Get Referrals: Etiquette is What We Do and Say - for business

Realtors often choose to meet at the kitchen table, where work gets done, rather than in the living room, where people are used to being entertained.

  • Share an example of a situation where the right place makes all the difference in your business.
  • Tell how place makes a difference for your client.  
Linda Carroll CPP

Response from Linda Carroll CPP

from the Cumberland Team

The right place to meet my clients is my studio. When I am designing a session with a client or sharing their images, I am able to show them various options for their wall art for their home. Recently, I had a mom come in to design her session for her family. She was able to see the various backgrounds available and the wall art in various mediums. After her session, we were in the sales room where she was getting emotional as she saw her images for the first time saying, "I'm not going to cry." She selected the images she wanted and then we walked through the studio talking about size. The studio has various sizes from small 5x7 to 30x40 canvas. Various print options such as canvas, metal and framed printed portraits are on display. When we came to the 30 x 40, she said "I want that one! I want to make a statement." Not only did they order the large 30x40, they ordered 8 16x20 to make a beautiful collection for their home. Being able to see the wall art, they can visualize their portraits on the walls in their homes. 

Yvette D. Best

Response from Yvette D. Best

from the North Fayetteville Team

Taxes and the IRS are feared by most people. By making my office a comfortable place to meet, I have changed that narrative. The majority of my meetings are with clients in a 1600-square-foot space. The room is large enough for social distance if necessary, and children can watch television and eat snacks while adults discuss tax matters. This level of privacy is greatly appreciated by my clients, and I am happy to provide them with it. This level of privacy is also provided to my virtual clients by securing Zoom sessions by admittance only.

Annie DeRose-Broeckert

Response from Annie DeRose-Broeckert

from the North Fayetteville Team

Being a REALTOR, Location is always important!  However, I  feel as though the kitchen table is more practical during a listing presentation because papers will be signed. Most recently, I have found that meeting in a neutral place - restaurant or coffee shop is the new go-to meeting location. However, "place" now is often online as far as signatures are concerned as well as first meetings and showings for out of town clients.   I go where my clients are most comfortable and, additionally, it is paramount to find out their preferred "place" to communicate- text, phone call, email, face to face to avoid being ineffective and/or frustrating.

Lisa Landry

Response from Lisa Landry

from the North Fayetteville Team

My clients are small business owners/entrepreneurs who are frequently on the go. At a time when I need them to have access to a device that will allow them to read a PDF of the health insurance quotes and be able to click on the embedded link it never fails I catch them while in their vehicle. Not only do they want to see the numbers I want them to see the details so that they know how the plans work. This empowers them to make the best choice for a plan.  When my clients are in an environment that doesn't lend itself to accessing a PDF the next best option is Zoom.  Zooming & driving is problematic. So we reschedule to a time when they are able to give their undivided attention to review the Health Coverage Summary (quote) or when I can share it via Zoom. It’s a best business practice to never sell a policy without stepping my client through the health Coverage Summary. 

John Kimbell

Response from John Kimbell

from the North Fayetteville Team

The common perception about attorneys and law offices is that they are stuffy, formal people and places. As a transaction practitioner in real estate, estate planning and business, I purposefully designed my office just the opposite. While it is formal enough to make it clear that we deal in essential life matters, we made it welcoming, inviting and comfortable.

The matters we handle have enough pressure on their own. A big part of my job is to put people at ease. I do that so that they will be comfortable with asking any questions they may have and so that I can educate them as we address and attend to the matters before us. 

Tim Monihan

Response from Tim Monihan

from the North Fayetteville Team

The right place for my agency – is wherever our client is going to be feel most comfortable.  I work with some customers that like to meet in person. I decorate my office walls with my children’s artwork.  These abstract pieces of art are great conversations pieces and create a comfortable safe atmosphere.  This atmosphere lets people know I am a family man and puts new potential customers minds at ease that they are dealing with someone with integrity.

Saurel Quettan

Response from Saurel Quettan

from the Candler Park Team

Confidentiality is by far the most important thing to my clients.  So we meet in a private conference room with the door closed and acoustics to ensure that the sound of our voices can’t travel far. I create that environment every time so that my clients are free to explore and share what is really important to them, and what is NOT working as well as they’d like it to.

Jordan Guest-Johnson

Response from Jordan Guest-Johnson

from the North Fayetteville Team

At Muldrow Marketing, it's very helpful in my client meetings to be in a place with internet and a TV that I can cast or connect to. It's not required, but it really helps the client fully experience their website or graphic design project. This is why I schedule most client meetings at my office, since there's a conference room.

Barbara Berkowitz

Response from Barbara Berkowitz

The right place that makes all the difference in my business is the studio where I record sessions with my clients. The studio enables me to control the lighting so that I get the best raw footage possible. I can also set up the microphone in the best location to reduce background noise and record into my computer so that I can sweeten the audio in the post production stage. The studio also makes a difference for my client's experience because all they need to bring is themselves and a change of clothes (if they wish). Everything is set up when they walk in, scripts preloaded into the teleprompter, and we can begin promptly with less time for them to be anxious. There is no scrambling for outlets or bringing in lights and equipment and waiting for us to get ready for them.

Donna Chapman

Response from Donna Chapman

from the North Fayetteville Team

The right place is usually  in the comfort of their schedule using their preferred channel of communication. Sometimes, it may be on a lunch break or even on the  drive home. Answers should be provided as quick as possible so that important decisions can be made.. I usually like to ask if my clients prefer a phone call, text, or email. Some prefer to sign electronically while other prefer in person with wet ink. Quick is key when timing is important. Getting things done is the goal as deadlines must be met and closing can happen on time.  

Jason Davis

Response from Jason Davis

from the North Fayetteville Team

People tend to be very guarded about their money & their dreams. I want to know about both and fast. Sitting across a desk from strangers the first time I meet them and asking them about their most private matters is not the most effective environment. I set my conference room up more like a living room with two couches at a right angle with each other and a mutual coffee table we can all use while we enjoy conversation and I ask them about their family, work, & play, as anyone would when they are first getting to know someone. When I know who & what are important to them, if they would like me to help them take care of their "who" and get them their "what" then we can come up with a plan to make the most of their time & money.

Tom Wallace

Response from Tom Wallace

from the Peachtree City Team

Finances are a very personal thing.  I want to ensure that wherever I meet with my clients, they feel comfortable that our conversation is private.  I meet most of my clients over Zoom.  This ensures not only privacy but also provides the convenience of not having to travel.  This also allows me to serve clients outside the local area really anywhere we can connect over the internet.  

When my clients are in the local area and they do prefer to meet in person, I ensure the location is convenient to them and a location that can provide some privacy.  A booth is ideal with some background noise as well to ensure our conversation isn't easily overheard. 

Keishin Matos

Response from Keishin Matos

The "right place" in my business is a changing thing because of the nature of what I do. Each family has a different idea of what the "right place" is for them, and my job is to conduct thorough inspections so that clients can make informed decisions about their purchase.  When I meet with clients, I ask them what their "hard points" are with buying the home in question, and they communicate what areas of the house they are concerned about and what areas mean the most to their family. For some, they are concerned about the functionality of their kitchen because they share love through food, for others it is the warmth of the house, etc. I always do my best to ensure that my clients know exactly what they are purchasing, so hopefully EVERY area of their home can be the "right place".

Travis Nichols

Response from Travis Nichols

from the North Fayetteville Team

One place I like to meet my clients is one of two places; with one being their (residence/place where work is needed at) to see what vision they have for their decks and outdoor space project. Or secondly, at a property I've already done or know that is inline with what the client wants. If the client has all the details for everything they want, I will usually meet at their place and bring samples of products we can use. I will meet at at time that works best for them and always try to be right on time if not early. I think showing the customer in person measurements and products, help the client visualize the project better too. I like to be upfront on any possible concerns and deliver a quality deck/space in a timely manner. If the client isn't sure on direction but I already have a good understanding, I will take them to see actual done decks/outdoor spaces to stay on the same page and meet expectations they are wanting. 

Nicholas Garrison

Response from Nicholas Garrison

from the Peachtree City Team

When I first meet with my clients I will meet with them at the kitchen table to let them know how the training will proceed and see what kind of questions they have. We will not introduce the dog into the equation until after we have had our meeting. Once we are done we will bring the dog out and I will discuss what behaviors we will practice during our first session. I try and do all training inside the house so we are not having to deal with distractions. Dogs need to know the behavior well before we introduce distractions. 

Todd Bills

Response from Todd Bills

from the North Fayetteville Team

I have several clients that are builders or developers.  I will often meet them at a job site for many reasons:

1) It is convenient for them - they are already there.

2) They get to show off their work.

3) It is an efficient use of time for them.

4) It demonstrates my interest in their business.

5) I get to better understand any risks I might be insuring.


The right place is the site of their new creation.

Renea Ash

Response from Renea Ash

from the Roswell 400 Team

As a Portrait Photographer, I have found that the best place for the design consultation is in the client’s home.  It’s the client’s opportunity to feel and see product samples in the environment in which they will be enjoyed.  When I’ve conducted these meetings in the studio or coffee house, the client had difficulty envisioning what products worked best in their home, particularly wall art, (images 16x20 and larger).  This caused second guessing and uncertainty of which products to select.  

Ms Adrienne Thatcher

Response from Ms Adrienne Thatcher

By buisness is helping clients raise the energy in their homes so they can tap into thier divine wisdom, flow, abundance, ease and joy. I do this by helping align thier homes for the highest best of them and their familiy's, in all aspects of their lives. I am primiliary an online based buisness however, I also do in-person consulations. 

The first consulation is always met virtually. 

This is helpful because some clients are sensitive to what areas of their lives are unbalanced, which can be reflected in a spefic area in their home. Whether it is an in-person consulation or virtual, before I see their home the first consulation is done virtually. This allows me to learn more about them, their concerns, their home and what they are ready to change to enhance their lives. This also helps elevate any anxiety my clients may have, about inviting me into their home when we are ready to start their Feng Shui journey. 

Nate Sampson

Response from Nate Sampson

One of the challenges of cinematic storytelling is that people are often not used to speaking on camera and may be uncomfortable. Part of my planning process involves creating an environment that allows them to be themselves. This doesn't necessarily pertain to the location of the shoot (although that is a consideration) but more so in the interaction and conversations I have with clients throughout the process so that I can ensure that I am capturing their truly authentic selves. In my world, authentic storytelling sells.

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Jenny  Shouse

Response from Jenny Shouse

The setting for all of our business are personal homes and/or businesses. We go to the customer always. Upon arrival to the location we are respectful. We want the client/customer to feel comfortable with our company being in their space. Coming to a client's location helps them feel safer and in control. Allowing them to feel in such a manner will allow our company to possibly get projects approved, referrals, and future work. There have been many occasions when someone had us look at a project without them present, which caused many questions that could not be answered as quickly as needed. Over time, our company has learned to ensure someone will be available to help us understand their vision better than us assuming. 

Mary Block

Response from Mary Block

from the North Point Team

I have a 3500 sq. ft. showroom, where clients can come see the large variety of mobility equipment, ramps, home health and fall prevention products that we carry, but being able to see their living environment makes all the difference in getting a full picture of their needs. House calls allow us to see the user's entry and exit preferences, movement patterns, physical dexterity and balance in the context of their home.  All of these things play a part in being able to use mobility equipment safely.