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Give us a few of your price points. Tell us why you choose to be at the Bic, Schaefer, or Mont Blanc point in the price spectrum. If your prices are competitive, tell us what customers aren’t paying for – Costco and Ikea don’t provide bags. If your value is high, share what your customers get—an oil change at the Lexus dealer includes a new battery in the key fob.
Linda Loud

Response from Linda Loud

from the North Point Team

I tell my clients that Mary Kay is at the top in terms of quality and about in the middle in terms of price. Our products are not as pricey as comparable prestige brands in the glass counters at the mall, and they are not as inexpensive as what is found in the drugstore or grocery store aisle. Although you can spend a lot in those places too! Products in both of our anti-aging skin care lines have earned the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval and many more of our products have won awards and honors from popular magazines and Beauty Editors. On my website,, these awards and honors can be seen in the MK Mentions link under the Tips & Trends tab. While our value is high and our prices are reasonable, clients have the value-added aspect of my excellent customer service. I am not an order taker or a sales clerk. As their Consultant I help them identify and meet their skin care and cosmetic needs using our fabulous products!
Venis Sims

Response from Venis Sims

Our pricing is in line with industry pricing. Services not included in the base pricing can be added on a fee basis. An example of this would be an insurance claim. Meeting with an adjuster is not included in our property management fee. However, if the homeowner would like us to meet the adjuster on their behalf we would do so, but there would be a charge in addition to their monthly management fee. This structure allows us to have BIC pricing while giving the client the option of Monte Blanc service should they so choose.
Yvette D. Best

Response from Yvette D. Best

from the North Fayetteville Team

Mont Blanc is a perfect example of a company that prices are set higher than normal because lower prices will actually hurt sales. Best Services Unlimited LLC's services are more expensive than average compared to other accountants. The extra services we provide free of charge play a role in this. With articles and a monthly newsletter with tax-related news and updates, my firm touches our clients constantly. We evaluate your tax liability mid-year in order to proactively plan for year-end. Finally, we educate our clients on effective ways to save and plan for tax time in order to prevent unpleasant surprises.
Dr. Gillian Crane

Response from Dr. Gillian Crane

from the North Fayetteville Team

We are NOT the cheapest chiropractors in town. In actual fact we are unapologetically, likely the MOST expensive chiropractors in town. This is because we are not JUST Chiropractors. Applied Kinesiology allows us to treat so much more than back pain, and we required a huge amount of extra training in order to do so. Muscle testing, and the patterns that emerge through it, are indicative of deeper health concerns including: Infertility, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Irritable Bowel Disorder (just to demonstrate the scope of diagnostic patterns). I had a 33 yo new patient a week ago who had a pretty standard physical complaint of low back pain. It resolved after the first treatment. What he couldn't stop talking about, however, was the fact that his acid reflux (which he hadn't mentioned) had completely disappeared. He'd been living with it since the age of 20.
Annie DeRose-Broeckert

Response from Annie DeRose-Broeckert

from the North Fayetteville Team

Selling commission paid to me is the industry standard with concessions given in situations to assist either the buyer or the seller on a case by case basis. I don't give it up easily -- particularly when it is demanded of me -- in the listing phase, because it sets a tone for the relationship and ties my hands if negotiations are tight later in the transaction. Buyers who work with me aren't responsible for the commission I earn -- that is determined by the seller and their agent. If a seller is looking for someone who puts a sign in the yard, enters the info into to the MLS systems and never hear from them again -- they should not choose me. I am looking for relationship, not just a transaction. My service is before, during and after the sale. The SuperSonicPitBullREALTOR® is willing and able to assist all buyers and sellers with Mont Blanc integrity and service. I am certain my clients would confirm that.
Lisa Landry

Response from Lisa Landry

from the North Fayetteville Team

When it comes to health insurance when a company plan is not an option people can turn to the public market known as the ACA Marketplace or Obamacare. These plans are ideal for people who need a subsidy or who will have high medical cost through the year. Because these place cover all pre-existing conditions, the premiums can be expensive in addition to high annual deductibles. An excellent alternative is a private plan. These plans target healthy people as well as people who would be paying full premium pricing on the public market. Private plans are very competitively priced. Those who would be paying full price on the public market would have a premium on the private market that is approximately half the price. The premiums are lower because private plans don't cover pregnancy, or pre-existing conditions such as cancer, stroke, heart attack, and diabetes. People with these conditions would not qualify for a private plan. Private plans have high value in other ways too. For instance, my clients have a dedicated health insurance agent for the life of the policy. They get my personal phone number and are able to reach me Monday through Sunday 8 am to 10 pm EST. I'm available to advocate on their behalf with the insurance company and clarify confusing aspects of the plan. Another great value is the policies are nationwide PPO plans that allow the client to utilize any doctor or hospital in the United State. Additionally, the plans follow the client wherever they go whether to a new company or a new city. I understand the best way to determine whether a prospect is a Bic, Schaefer, or Mont Blanc client is to have a conversation. When we talk I gather information to research options and make recommendations that fit the client's needs and budget. Lisa Landry, US Health Advisor, Senior Agent
John Kimbell

Response from John Kimbell

from the North Fayetteville Team

As a law firm specializing in real property, small business, and wills and estates, we price ourselves mid market. The experience that we want our customers to have is one of transparency, communication and respect. Our closing fees are published. We don't charge fees for receipt of funds by wire transfer or to send them out by wire as well. We don't charge a fee for holding funds in escrow either. We strive to give service that is Practical, Professional and Personal.
Mrs Sonya Brown-Hood

Response from Mrs Sonya Brown-Hood

Kynect is an $8 billion debt-free company and exclusive marketer for Stream Energy with electricity and natural gas plans with fixed or variable rates. Kynect/Stream offers affordable plans to fit your lifestyle. Our current rates are competitive to the market price. Plans are for a 12-month contract for $0.40 per therm and a $0.48 per therm for a 24-month contract. We also offer Senior Citizens discounts and deposit waivers, no deposit, a reduced deposit, military discounts, and domestic violence survivor deposit waiver discounts. Our pricing would be of a Schaefer because we beat most natural gas providers in pricing, and remain competitive, and beat contract renewal pricing. I add a special and personal touch that other natural gas providers don't provide. I am your personal utilities provider and I love it.
Tim Monihan

Response from Tim Monihan

from the North Fayetteville Team

As far as price point- Farmers has us competitively priced in the insurance market. Its hard to guarantee we are always the cheapest- since insurance is based on the individual and can vary a good deal from family to family. What sets us apart from the competition? Our insureds not only receive a competitive rate through my agency- they also receive unmatched customer service. They receive the benefit of always speaking with the same 3-4 individuals in my office and they don't have to play russian roulette calling a 1-800 number. We also council our insureds. We never provide them a 1-800 number to figure out a claim on their own. We help them file claims with other companies -- we are there when it matters most- they need insurance advice. We live by the golden rule and we provide peace of mind so our insureds sleep good at night.
Dave Gasser

Response from Dave Gasser

from the North Fayetteville Team

Our pricing at Roofing Done Wright is competitive with other businesses. Anything that is not included in our price can be added on an as needed basis. For example, if they would like an shingle upgrade from three tab shingles to an architectural shingle, this can be added to the final cost.

Jordan Guest

Response from Jordan Guest

from the North Fayetteville Team

Muldrow Marketing wants to be accessible to small businesses but we are not a budget marketing firm. Our design fees for print or digital collateral start at $150 an hour. The costs from the printer are passed on to you. The cost of websites is dependent upon what kind. A 5-page, fully custom, from-scratch site with content developed by us starts at $3,500. Ecommerce sites start at $5,000 with price points from there for whether or not you'll need it managed. Social media management is $800 per month -- that's posting 4 times a week on three social platforms with all content made by us.
Barbara Berkowitz

Response from Barbara Berkowitz

from the North Fayetteville Team

One of our services, podcast production, can be done for $30 for each finished 10 minutes of program for audio only. This includes sweetening the audio, editing the content, adding intros and outros, and output for uploading to podcast streaming services. It does not include recording the audio which saves the client money while still allowing for a professional sounding final product. Clients can do four 30 minutes podcasts per month for $360. Another service is YouTube video production which runs $2500 for a block of 5 videos of 3-10 minutes in length filmed in a single 4 hour session or $4250 for a block of 10 videos filmed in two separate sessions. This includes professional lighting, one or two camera set up with color backdrops, teleprompter loaded with script, audio recorded separately and sweetened for optimal sound, audio and video synced, video edited to final product including intro and outro and titles, and uploaded to the client's YouTube channel. The client can come in once every month or every other month and then walk away, leaving me to take the project from raw footage to finished product.
Donna Chapman

Response from Donna Chapman

from the North Fayetteville Team

In a nutshell, I'd like to say we are more like Ikea, meaning we don't provide the appraisal or give a gift card at closing to the nearest hardware store. Cost are clearly defined. Advisors Mortgage has very competitive pricing. Backed by a team with many years of experience & taking care of it's employees like family so that we can take good care of our clients. I do my best to go just beneath par pricing at no cost to the borrower, which usually means lower rates. Our origination charge is not on a percentage basis, which can give thousands of dollars in savings. We are a direct lender giving me the ability to communicate directly with our underwriters. The main goal is a smooth, very clear process and to meet closing on time.
Nate Sampson

Response from Nate Sampson

My home inspection pricing, while largely dependent on the specific property's size and age, remains within the Shaefer price point. As a sole proprietor owner / operator, my low level of overhead allows me to offer an exceedingly personalized level of service inclusions that one might find at the Mont Blanc price point of larger home inspection firms. My clients and their referring real estate agents can continually expect the Mont Blanc level of Attention & Communication at the Schaefer price point without compromise from my home inspection service. Nate Sampson CPI® Certified Inspector \| ASHI® Member Checklist Home Inspection, LLC

Chiquita Haygood

Response from Chiquita Haygood

At CGood Solutions, LLC we market several state-of-the-art air sanitizers with patented technology which constantly scrubs the air, keeping it safe and clean. All while killing viruses in the air and on surfaces. We are not priced at the BIC level. However, we have Mont Blanc QUALITY with upper mid-range price points. I am comfortable with the price points because we have the scientific data and FDA compliant lab tests that clearly prove and validate the efficacy of our air sanitizers. Here are a few of our price points:   The Active Pure Air & Surface Pro Air Sanitizer which covers 3,000 square feet, weighs about 7 pounds, is $1,499.99. The Active Pure Fresh Air Mobile unit covers 500 square feet for $199.99 and is a portable unit weighing about 8 ounces. The Fresh Air Personal is a small personal unit you can wear around your neck cleaning or place on a nearby surface. Cleans about 50 feet of air immediately around you for $129.99. While we do not have any standard gift give-a-ways, we do provide customers with quantity discounts. Occasionally, the units will go on sale. We do provide window/door clings for our business customers that state the air in their establishment/building is constantly being cleaned sanitized. I will help clients determine which unit is best for their needs.
Daniel Clay

Response from Daniel Clay

At Edward Jones our Managing Partners and top 25 Advisors discuss and consider all other company price points before deciding how to adjust ours every few years. We continue to be competitive within similar firms as Edward Jones though it is hard to find someone that competes with our model. However, when it comes to my personal service there are 5 things that take cost out of the equation all together when considering using our service.  

1) Personalized Asset Management -- every client has a personalized portfolio designed to accomplish their SPECIFIC goal  

2) Behavioral Finance -- occasionally your portfolio will go down, my job is to stop your emotions from taking charge and say "no" sometimes  

3) Key Life QB -- I do not stop at just your portfolio, I work hand in hand with every key life decision you have, from taxes to estate planning I will work with you and your other professionals  

4) Peace of Mind -- you can sleep peacefully knowing I am always looking out for your best interest  

5) Excellent Customer Service -- you speak with 1 of 2 people at my office, not a 1-800 #