What To Do To Get Referrals: Showcase Your Strengths

Equality is a value of our Team. We each have an equal opportunity to answer Referral Triggers.

Where in your business do you focus on the value of equality?

  • How does this impact your clients?
  • How does it differentiate you? 
Wendy Kinney

Response from Wendy Kinney

from the PowerCore Team

PowerCore Members have an equal opportunity to

  • Earn some pins - the Gold Star Pin and year pins and 100% Club Pins are available to everyone, without restriction.
  • Attend extra learning sessions - there is no cost to attend.

The PowerCore attendance policy is equal - e.g. the same for every Member.

The impact is that Members can teach each other what to do - for instance, submitting an InfoMinute with a Sub request greatly increases the likelyhood of acceptance.

It differentiates us because PowerCore is not pay-to-play, there is no quota, Members who want more can get it.

Michael O'Neill

Response from Michael O'Neill

from the Duluth Team

In real estate closings, I usually focus on equality between the buyer and the seller because my client is usually the buyer's lender.  If the buyer and seller have a dispute, I first determine what the lender's interest is in the dispute.  Then I contact the buyer's realtor and the seller's realtor for their opinions.  I carefully review any documentation including the purchase and sale agreement before I provide a recommendation to the buyer and seller for a resolution.

Since I have performed over 5,000 closings, I use my experience to guide me to a resolution that aims for a win-win solution for all the parties.  If the dispute is novel, I have a library of real estate hornbooks to consult in addition to a wonderful title insurance company that can suggest out-of-box solutions.

Michael O'Neill      

Vance Blew

Response from Vance Blew

from the Duluth Team

Equality is something that is required in Mortgage Lending. We have to treat everyone equally, and that is somethign that I pride myself on. Regardless of someone's Age, Sex, Race, Ethnicity. This gives all of my clients an opportunity at home ownership, which is our primary goal. I find that when people are respected and treated honestly and fairly, life is best for everyone involved. If this is a person's first home or their 25th I want the homebuying experience to be as smooth as possibly, which is why we have systems and staff in place to move the client throught all of the steps to get from application to closing and keeping all parties communicated with along the way.

Rebecca Brizi

Response from Rebecca Brizi

from the Buckhead Team

In my business it is done through simplicity. 

The 3 top complaints about hiring a consultant are all about transparency:

  1. in price,
  2. time,
  3. and deliverable.

For this reason I offer flat rates, specific time frames, and describe the deliverable upfront. All this information is also on my website and in my infominutes. Everybody knows what they get and how I charge. 

Saurel Quettan

Response from Saurel Quettan

from the Candler Park Team

Regardless of position, title, and tenure, I treat all of my clients's team members as equals. I am famous for saying: ” None of us is smarter than all of us. Only the collective can reach unimagined potential.” When I am around, hierarchy disappears. Each person’s contributions are valid and valuable. My clients are able to source innovative ideas from every corner of the organization.

Thomas Freese

Response from Thomas Freese

from the Duluth Team

I provide a wide variety of services for a wide variety of marketing businesses.  So the work I do for each client varies a lot. For example one client pays me $90 a month, another pays me $13,000 a month. However some of the ways I treat them all equally is as follows:

1. I create the same online business application for all my clients. This gives them one login for all their marketing tracking for things like their reputation online, business listings, Google maps performance, website performance, and social media performance. This differerentates me from most of my competitors.

2. I give all my clients snapshot report of how their business is performing across all their virtual doorways.

3. I give all my clients free marketing tools. 

4. Have monthly strategy & status meetings to focus on their business.

5. The same terms of service and simple billing.

6. Full transparency of everything I do for them.  They have access to this 24/7. I am finding out that this is not true of all my competitors. 


Jimmy D! Dunnavant

Response from Jimmy D! Dunnavant

from the Fayette Team

In my business I strive to provide the same level of service to all of my clients.  While some travelers are more experienced than others and have fewer needs, I always try to offer even the most seasoned traveler my expertise and "extras".  My mantra is about building Memories and Moments for my clients regardless of their travel experience.  I love it when I receive text photos from my clients having fun with their families while on a vacation I helped them enjoy! 

Tom Wallace

Response from Tom Wallace

from the Peachtree City Team

My initial coaching agreement with my clients is for three months.  

Within that framework, we work together to discover the real issue that is not allowing them to win with their money.  So, every situation is different.  I embrace that to ensure that my clients can achieve the goals they have identified and are working on their finances congruently with those goals.  This approach ensures that the client has bought into the process and wants to continue the momentum to achieve their desired outcome.

Jenelle Lee-Stephens

Response from Jenelle Lee-Stephens

As a REALTOR®️, it is my duty to remain ethical at all times, and follow the Code of Ethics. To me, the term REALTOR® signifies competency, fairness, high integrity, and moral conduct in business relations. On a foundational level, REALTORS® must give equal professional service to all clients and customers irrespective of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, national origin, sexual orientation, or gender identity. On a more personal level, it is important for me to treat and serve my clients equally, although their real estate needs may be different. My clients entrust me to assist them with an extremely important (and expensive!) decision in their lives, so at a bare minimum each client receives:

  • An initial phone consultation
  • An in-person consultation
  • Weekly updates while actively buying or selling
  • Status updates regarding important dates and timelines throughout the process
  • Full transparency and communication

While each business transaction is unique, implementing a standard of care to each client ensures that they will at least, receive the same level of care, time, respect, and expertise as the next person. It is extremely important to me to develop and maintain lifelong relationships beyond the sale.


Magneta Gonzalez

Response from Magneta Gonzalez

from the Peachtree City Team

Equality equals Quality. Everyone is treated with the best quality of care. In a safe comfortable and clean space. 

It is seen in the focused massage work that I give each client.

Impact on my clients:  Clients feel and see great improvement afterwards most times immediately. Improved flexilbity, decrease stress levels, improved sleep, increased range of motion. less muscle tightness. 

Differentiate me from others 

All massages are designed for the individuas laying on the massage table. People Get Results.   

Judith Taylor

Response from Judith Taylor

Primerica prohibits discrimination and harassment against any employee or applicant on the basis of race, sex, color, religious creed, religion, national. I am happy to provide a safe environment that promotes equality for my clients by making sure that all applicants are given the same opportunity to discuss their life insurance needs and apply for coverage. In addition, the questions on the life insurance application have been updated to reflect recent changes in the law, for example in smoking marijuana.

I also help clients to submit a request for reconsideration to present new evidence for coverage in the event of their application being denied.

Phil Terranova

Response from Phil Terranova

from the Newnan Team

Mortgage lending is not a one size fits all as every situation is different and can require different products or even a lot of pre-work to get the end result of obtaining the dream of homeownership. Whether one client requires more effort before or during the mortgage process I will work at all hours of any day to help them achieve that dream. I take it as far as when I know I may not be able to help someone I will do everything I can to find a way to help them. A recent example of that is I was referred to a person looking to buy a couple of properties and may not be able to do the transaction due to the zoning of the properties but I am doing everything I can to connect them with someone that can.

In addition, regulations in the mortgage industry require us to abide by the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA) which prohibits discrimination on the  basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, age, receipt of public assistance, or good faith exercise of any rights under the Consumer Credit Protection Act. 

Manny Osho

Response from Manny Osho

from the Duluth Team

Being in the  roofing industry I focus on equality from start to finish. While im with my clients I give them my complete undivided attention. Not all roofs are created equal but I do treat my clients equally. You never know where your next referral may come from and the small more personal job could lead you to the next big one. I answer all calls within an hour. I do free inspections with videos and pictures included.After jobs are completed I go back to their homes  to inspect it again and send a video of the completed work.

Xavier Reed

Response from Xavier Reed

At Two Men and a Truck, we have something we call Core Values. Perhaps the most important Core Value is The Grandma Rule, which is to treat everyone with the same care we would like our grandmother's to be treated with. As a Mobile Move Specialist, one of my main job duties is to perform In-Home Consultations for potential clients. One way I uphold equality during this process is I never judge my clients based on the location, appearance or size of their home. Every client, whether they live in a 1,400 or 14,000 squarefoot house gets my undivided attention for the entirety of the estimation process as well as equal follow up time deticated to their needs. I utilitze the tools at my disposal to provide the most top notch moving experience for clients regardless of the size of their pocket book and tailor my services to fit almost any budget!

Susan Honea

Response from Susan Honea

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

I want every client to feel as though they are equally important to me. It’s unrealistic to think that I would have only one client, so I work to ensure that even though I am managing multiple clients, each individual client knows I care about their success and am devoting the time they have booked with me to them and only them. I also follow the same exact process with each client I onboard: coaching services agreement, intake survey, Strengths assessment, and invoice. What differentiates me isn’t how I treat people equally; it’s how I approach the work within the coaching context, which is customized to each client’s specific needs and is confidential. So, while the process is the same for everyone, each client feels that I’m catering to them uniquely behind the “closed door” of the coaching call.

Cindy Hicks

Response from Cindy Hicks

from the Peachtree City Team

Equality in my clients is the time I give them to understand their back offfice business.  Every business is different and needs different solutions but the understanding of how to get the most out of the back office should be the same.  

Ron Goodnow

Response from Ron Goodnow

from the Brookhaven Team

Our Pricing system allows us to give an accurate quote before leaving the clients home. All our painting pricing is automated and based on measurments in each room or exterior. This means it doesnt matter what zip code you are in as a client you are receiving the same pricing based on sq footage and linear footage not zip code. Many of our clients appreciate this because they always feel that due to their current zip code they are paying more. ( several actually stated 20% more). This allows us to bring in value to what they need from us and allows us to serve them better.