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What To Do To Give Referrals: Pace: Present

Spend this whole minute describing your most profitable client. One minute = one client. Start with their name – any name will do – and give us specific details about them. This is all about the client, not about what you do for them … about them. One minute.
Linda Loud

Response from Linda Loud

from the North Point Team

Phyllis is my favorite Mary Kay poster child. She is 75 years young and has used Mary Kay products to take care of her skin since she was in her early 20's ...and it shows. She also takes care of her body. She walks with friends at various trails and parks throughout the Atlanta area -- averaging about 4 miles on each walk. In fact if I had to use one word to describe Phyllis it would be "caregiver". When I met her more than 13 years ago most of her time and energy was spent caring for her special needs son, Justin, and later also for her mother-in-law who lived with her and Jim. Sadly Justin passed away about 4 years ago, but she now volunteers with a support group for parents with special needs children and prior to the pandemic worked with a prison ministry. Phyllis is both my client and my friend. When I deliver her reorders or show her new products we plan on spending at least an hour just talking and enjoying each other's company.
Trent Phillips

Response from Trent Phillips

from the North Fulton Team

Cindy is my most profitable client. She has been a client for 20 years. She started an office design business 40 years ago with a partner right out of college and she is still going strong. So Cindy is 65ish. She knows bull when she hears it and so she and I hit it off well from the start. She has confidence in my abilities to help her market her business and give her advice on things she can do to get more business. Cindy values relationships. She likes true business partners, not vendors. She has a great sense of humor.

Zack Cockfield

Response from Zack Cockfield

from the North Fulton Team

My client Billy is a fantastic kid that had his life dramatically changed about 15 years ago. When Billy was about 20 years old, he was working hard to become a commercial driver (like his Dad was) but during training to to become a driver at a Trucking school, there was a tragic accident that happened in the equipment he was training on and Billy was left with a brain injury and almost no use of his legs. Billy was successful in receiving a significant legal settlement from the truck training company, but that is just part of the challenge families in Billy's situation face. Too often, accidents like these happen, the settlement is received but the family does not know how to manage it wisely, and the proceeds are gone in no time. Billy's father (who has since passed) was his guardian, made a point to take a different approach and seek out a team that could help Billy with all his personal affairs like his financial management, and being connected to a tax and legal team that could help with a myriad of issues that many financial advisors just can't handle like making sure there is a succession plan for the Guardian/Conservator and the advisors that take care of Billy. Billy used to be a kid, he is now in his mid 30s, but he is enjoying life and I think his Dad would be proud.
Carrie Jones

Response from Carrie Jones

from the North Fulton Team

James puts in very long days, sometimes into the wee hours. He drives a truck for work and spends most of his time on the road traveling between appointments. He can have up to two appointments per day! He wears an Apple watch so that he can keep track of his constantly changing schedule and communicate effectively with his real wife and work wife (office). He is married with two teenage children. One boy, one girl. Despite his workload, he ALWAYS has time for his family. He recently took them on a week-long Disney vacation because his daughter wanted to meet Mickey! This Spring they plan to attend the Georgia Renaissance Festival because his wife loves to watch the old shows and explore the ancient grounds with their kids. He is a family man. During the school months, he never misses a baseball game or cheerleading event! He is very active with his church community as well and is often found participating in one of those events, too!
Andrew Jones Jr

Response from Andrew Jones Jr

from the North Fulton Team

John has a very large house with a three-car garage in Midtown. His house is relatively new, but he likes to entertain and keeps it well maintained. He drives a black luxury SUV. He plays golf as often as possible. He has two brown Labs. His work takes him out of town often (hence I have a key). He collects sports memorabilia and has 50 famous sports photographs on 3 walls in his "man Cave". He is very meticulous, but not unreasonable and appreciates good work.
Lynn Spencer

Response from Lynn Spencer

from the North Fulton Team

Our most profitable client is Jacob and Marla. Jacob is a business owner who began working with another very profitable business owner many years ago. He is a very dedicated and hard worker. He's busy and surrounds himself with great people, all of who contribute to his success. Even though he has competent people around him, he keeps tabs on all that's done. Jacob's wife also has her own business. They have 4 children. In watching Jacob's growing success year over year, I'm convinced it's his dedication.

Jaad Nicholas CMPS®

Response from Jaad Nicholas CMPS®

from the North Fulton Team

My client Grace is a first-time homebuyer. She has her eye on a specific property and has contacted our team to get her pre-approved as soon as possible because the lease on her apartment is ending in two (2) weeks. Her monthly expenses include basic living necessities (food, gym membership, etc.), rent for her apartment, two (2) credit cards, one (1) car loan, and a few student loans. She has had trouble with her credit in the past but is currently making on-time payments toward her student loans/credit cards, and only owes about four months' worth of payments on her car loan. Because she spends all of her free time with her family, they are more than willing to gift her a few thousand dollars toward her down-payment. She graduated from a nursing program at Emory University two (2) years ago and has since maintained solid W2 employment at Emory Hospital. Although she does make extra income by working overtime, her salary on its own is enough to use as qualifying income for the purpose of approving her for a mortgage loan. Grace should be able to close within the next two (2) weeks and move into her dream home!
Tom Martin

Response from Tom Martin

from the North Fulton Team

Power Core community, meet Steve, a first-time entrepreneur! In 2018 Steve's telecom company offered early retirement packages that were too good to pass up, so Steve accepted the one he was offered. Despite being an empty-nester, Steve was not ready to retire and desired to do something with a purpose. So, after doing his research, Steve became a franchisee of a national fitness chain and opened his studio in North Metro Atlanta in 2019. From day one, Steve desired to create an "everyone's family" atmosphere in the studio as this is reflection of who Steve truly is and what he values most. Before I started working with Steve he was always at the studio and frustrated that he was more of a manager than an owner. Steve's big on vision and highly relational, but he'd be the first person to tell you day-to-day operations are not his cup of tea. Thanks to Steve being open to change, innovation, and coaching, the studio survived the mandated fitness studio shut-down in 2020, and has been in the growth mode ever since with Steve doing what he loves and working when he wants.
Donna Chunglo

Response from Donna Chunglo

from the North Fulton Team

My most profitable client is Bonnie. She had a leak and we were able to replace her roof for the same out of pocket as it would have been for a repair. She in turn told all her book club ladies and we replaced their roofs and they in turn have given me a referral or two. All together Bonnie has been responsible for 8 new roofs.

Marlon Rhine

Response from Marlon Rhine

Tom is a client that needs help the most. He is someone who has undergone a potentially life changing event or accident that wasn't his fault. Medical bills are mounting and Tom has no idea how to handle the deluge of paperwork that has started to fill his mailbox/inbox. He has health insurance but is confused why he is still getting bills from the hospital. Tom is concerned about what his next steps look like and how he is going to take off time from work to have the surgery which was recommended by his doctor.

Renee Pruitt

Response from Renee Pruitt

from the North Fulton Team

My client Sam is a great guy. He works hard for his corporate job, whether it be in person in the office or virtual. He is a problem solver and a loyal employee who values teamwork and success. He also has a loving family, wife Karen and 2 children. His older daughter just graduated from college with a double degree and full honors. His younger daughter has learning disabilities and is currently thriving in her specialized program at school. Sam also is very passionate about his hobby: home improvement and renovation. If not at work or one of his girls' events, you can find Sam working in his wood shop or adding architectural touches to their new home. I am certain he could build an entire home from the ground up. Sam values his family, his work, and his life. He has a good work/life balance and always offers a helping hand to any of his neighbors. Needless to say, he is the most popular guy in the neighborhood. When not doing, Sam enjoys watching a great sports event with a cold beer. Not a bad way to relax.
Matthew Jones

Response from Matthew Jones

from the North Fulton Team

My best and most potential client's name is John. He has been touched by the entrepreneurial bug and seems to set up a new company each month. Despite his business acumen, John is a bit of a hothead and gets himself into trouble a fair amount with his temper. Nevertheless, he is also exceedingly reasonable in his world viewpoint and accepts advice when offered. He is married with two grown children and lives in a house that I would consider relatively small considering those with similar wealth. I am jealous of the Tesla that he drives, but he was nice enough to allow me to ride with him a few times to assuage that feeling. Outside of his passion for business, John enjoys hiking the Appalachian Trail and hunting.

Jayden Doye

Response from Jayden Doye

from the Sandy Springs Team

My most profitable client is Shalonda. She is a trademark attorney who has had her own firm for 2 years. She is 35 years old, married and currently has no children. She has a network of high value professionals, a few of which she has referred to our CPA Firm. She owns a townhome in Roswell Georgia where she has created her home office space. She drives a Toyota hybrid because she prefers a sedan over a convertible or SUV. You'll see her one of 2 ways, super relaxed wearing sweatpants with her hear tied or a fashion-forward outfit from express with 5-inch heels. Personal grooming is very important for her, she always has her hair & nails done even during a pandemic. When going out to eat she is the one that pays for the check for everyone. She finds a happy median when sending emails, mixing formal language with slang such as LOL.
Spencer South

Response from Spencer South

from the North Fulton Team

My best or potentially most profitable client has been a Realtor that is also an investor R..... She was passed along to me from another agent on a home that she had listed and completed a flip. Another contractor had missed some of the work form the original proposal we took care of the original proposal and found some additional items that needed addressed, we made sure we completed that work to so the sale could go through. This relationship has blossomed and been almost 10 years with an average of 4-5 jobs a year together, some large and some small but the service and trust is what we provide. She has referred me my so many other realtors and investors it has been a gift that keeps on giving some of which also complete more than 5 jobs a year with us. This has built to a more than business relationship now and I consider us to have become friends.
Daniel Chadwick

Response from Daniel Chadwick

from the North Fulton Team

My client Kyle is a family man. He has 3 kids, 2 dogs, and married the love of his life. He spends the majority of his time participating in his children's extracurricular activities. Whether that be sports, the arts, academia, or media, he is always encouraging them in whatever they aspire to do. Kyle always puts his family before himself. He may travel for business from time to time but his mind and heart is always at home. He treasures his commitments to his family and that is second to none. He listens more than he speaks and is true to his word. In the family's free time, they love their weekend getaway trips to their home on the lake where they enjoy watersports, grilling out, board games, and overall just cherishing time together. Two of his kids are in their final years of high school and will be going off to college before they know it, so it's crucial to get as much family time they can, in the meantime. Kyle and his family have a strong college affiliation and his kids have always grown up dreaming of attending said University and cheering on the family alma mater. No matter the distance between Kyle and his family though, they can count on him to always be there to vent or bounce ideas off of. He'll always be genuine and straight with them and have their best interests at heart.
Robert Montgomery

Response from Robert Montgomery

from the North Fulton Team

My most profitable customer's name is Miles. Miles was actually one of my first customers and its interesting because Miles has several different businesses with us. I admire Miles because he enraptures the spirit of a true renaissance man. His very first business was a vacationer's guide to the Pan Handle from Seagrove to Panama City and everything in between. Talk about the ultimate workcation. Constant trips to Water Color, Seaside. Getting to know restaurants and hotels in the area, publishing a magazine and a web site and getting paid for all of it. Later, when the movie industry moved to Georgia, Miles successfully started the GA Hollywood Review magazine and web site. With the same basic ambition he wanted to get to know all the players in the movie industry that has become such a big part of the GA economy and get paid for it. Although there are many other endeavors I could bring up the final one I'd like to highlight is after bringing his many businesses over to Rova Payments for processing, Miles partner with us at Rova Payments, to create 30 A merchant services which together we have over one dozen combined clients. Renaissance man meets entrepreneur meets a good friend that you'd be happy to spend any Saturday afternoon grilling out with, Miles has become much more than a client and a business partner, I'm proud to call him a friend.
Ted Brown

Response from Ted Brown

My most profitable client is RedSpeed. They are responsible for installing speed detection devices in school zones. Whenever a ticket is paid, they take half of the profit and put it toward the school system.

Ms. Elizabeth Middleton

Response from Ms. Elizabeth Middleton

My client is a 74 year old male who has battled hard for four years with a variety of health issues. It started with gut health issues, spiraled into a major surgery, followed by a massive infection that targeted his system. Along with that, my client was given medication he was allergic to and again was hit with symptoms that hindered everyday life. Fast forward, four years later, this individual is struggling with still searching for answers. His medical team has had some data that led to misdiagnosing along with searching for the reason for his cognitive decline, balance issues and many other triggers that are not allowing him to live optimally. Therefore, after all these battles he is more open to finally looking at his lifestyle and food to seeing if the food he eats (or lacks) can assist with inflammation within his body. This is where I hope to help becoming the "detective". Mapping out his system, assessing, recommending and adjusting his nutrition plan and supplements. Trying to work with his medication protocol, talking with his caregiver to help map out a plan him feel better each and every day. This will take time, but if we can strive for small obtainables and adjust his care one day at a time to get him moving more and connecting with others he will be on his way to living again. "Forward Together" with Forward Function Health.
Banks Hickman

Response from Banks Hickman

from the North Fulton Team

Hi everyone, meet my client Nick, a senior physical therapist. Nick is married to his high school sweetheart and they have one child with one on the way as well! He managed to land a job in the Metro Atlanta area near his home so he is still able to take care of his pregnant wife and balance his work load at the same time. When Nick and his family are not at home they enjoy spending a lot of their time outdoors. They are a very active family that loves to kayak, hike, swim, and camp when they get the chance. He is a stereotypical good family man that I am proud to call a friend. As far as business goes, Nick is a more than qualified individual who is very professional yet a understanding man. He is personal with his clients and always assures they are comfortable and in good hands. He makes sure his clients receive the best and most beneficial treatment they desire and is always willing to put in the extra effort just to prove he puts his clients first.