What To Do To Get Referrals: FeedForward Cards | Garnish

Garnish is a little something extra for visual and gustatory pleasure. 


FeedForward Cards are like that. 

Share an extra benefit you’ve received from a FeedFoward Card after a 7-Mintue presentation. 


Susan Wright

Response from Susan Wright

from the Paulding Team

Feed Forward cards help me know if I got my message across...if my teammates understood what I spoke about.  After reviewing them, I know what my topics should be for subsequent 1 minutes and 7 minute presentations to clarify my audience's understanding.

Steve Payment

Response from Steve Payment

from the Paulding Team

I received a question about owner financing on one of my feed forward cards. My client was tired of being a landlord but also liked getting a check once a month. Since his property was paid off we negotiated a healthy down payment and and amortized loan for a buyer. The buyer is happy and the landlord still gets a check monthly but is not responsible for maintenance. I will do a deeper dive on my next 7 minute to help explain the ins and outs of this program

Jessica Walker

Response from Jessica Walker

from the Peachtree City Team

I received a question on a Feed Forward Card during my last 7-minute presentation which inspired me to create an entirely new 7-minute presentation along with all the supporting InfoMinutes for that new topic about how "Insulin Is NOT the Enemy, but It Must Be Respected and Used Wisely"

Tom Wallace

Response from Tom Wallace

from the Peachtree City Team

The feedback from a recent 7-minute presentation sparked an idea for a presentation that I can give to businesses or other organizations on the topic of financial wellness.

Olivia Howard

Response from Olivia Howard

One benefit that comes to mind is realizing how effective a 14 minute presentation would be partnering with the realtor on our team.  It helps to understand the whole process and why it's so important for a buyer to meet and get pre qualified by a mortgage lender BEFORE they start shopping for a home.  I consider myself the buyer's mortgage GPS becuase they can't reach their destination if they don't know their starting point.  There are products I can discuss based on the realtor's hunt for the right home such as 203K renovation, etc.  It show cases our expertise but also helps trigger ideas about the diversity of what we do.  

Nicholas Garrison

Response from Nicholas Garrison

from the Fayette Team

Feed forward cards help me to drill down on the questions my team mates would like answers to that would make me easier to refer.