What To Do To Give Referrals: Referral Records | Referral Records

A blender is a tool to make smoothies – the method, the order ingredients go in – matters. Liquid must be on the bottom to avoid cavitation. What’s your method for referrals?

  • Do you call the Member, then send a Referral Record marked done?

What is different when a referral opportunity happens during the week vs an idea that pops into your head here?

Herman (Tommy)  Thompson  Jr., CFP®, ChSNC®, ChFC®

Response from Herman (Tommy) Thompson Jr., CFP®, ChSNC®, ChFC®

from the North Gwinnett Team

I'm a financial planner, so most of the referrals I make are uncovered when I'm meeting with a client to discuss their finanical plan. These meetings often have a follow-up email to summarize the loose ends and setup our next communication. I can verbally make the referral during the meeting, but there is an expectation for a formal introduction between my Team Member and the client. I get to make the formal introduction, but I also get to brief my teammate on the client's need, personality, etc.

Mr. Jodey Smith

Response from Mr. Jodey Smith

from the North Gwinnett Team

I would normally text or call the Member if a referral opportunity comes up during the week.

Then I would create a Referral Record at the meeting marked done.

Wendy Kinney

Response from Wendy Kinney

from the PowerCore Team

Because I think that speed on my part equals credibility for me,
my preference is to call the Member and make the connection in the moment. (Then I don't have to worry about following through!)
When I call the Member while my client and I are talking I can put the phone on speaker and have the introduction conversation with the Member - then I turn the referral record in the next time I'm at their meeting.

IF I'm not sure this is going to be a good fit, I'll speak with the Member after the meeting, and, if they say yes, tee them up for an email introduction.  Generally I don't turn in the referral record until the next meeting, but ... it's been known to happen, and Marc thinks I should get credit for a referral even if he declines the opportunity.  He's probably right, but I want a reputation for giving good referrals, (not leads) and that means a few extra steps on my part.

Chrystal Clifton

Response from Chrystal Clifton

Referrals are often identified when an insurance client calls in with an emergency of some type.  I will let my client know that I have someone I normally refer these situations to.   If my client gives me permission to share their contact information, I will call the person I am referring to and give them details about the situation.  I follow up by documenting the referral as "done" at our next meeting.   

Eleanor Thompson

Response from Eleanor Thompson

from the North Gwinnett Team

When a referral opportunity happens during the week, and it needs prompt attention, I will always email or call my team member with the details so that they can respond as soon as possible. Some referrals just can't wait until Tuesday morning. But when something clicks with me during a PowerCore meeting, I will partially fill out the referral record to remind myself to follow up with the prospect during the week to make sure that it is a referral, and not a cold call. Many times, though, that partially-filled-out record will stay at my desk as a reminder until I am having a conversation with the potential referral about some other topic, and not just calling them out of the blue.

Carmela Arreguin

Response from Carmela Arreguin

from the North Gwinnett Team

Day to day I am either meeting with a client in person or virtually. I am in the banker seat. Often, an opportunity is incovered when I have conversations with clients and prospects that reach out to me for their financial needs. While having a conversation with my clients, they ask questions that may result in a referral opportunity. When this occurs, I make the connection to one of our members. I have business cards that I keep at my desk. I will share the business card with my client and let my client know that this member is someone who I trust and know personally. I then follow up with member via phone, text, or email so they are aware of the referral opportunity. It is rewarding to be able to help my clients and prospects by being a resource to them and being able to help our members through these connections that are made. 

James Davidson

Response from James Davidson

from the North Gwinnett Team

When an opportunity to refer to someone presents itself I will usually speak highly of the person to the client, then give the contact information to the client and then inform the person that they might get a call from the client. My favorite scenario is when I am able to refer to someone whose business I'm already somewhat familiar with as I will automatically be able to answer some basic questions for the client and I will know whether I'm in their service area so there's no guesswork or wasting of time. Most my referral records are filled out after the fact. 

Dr. Brandon Faieta

Response from Dr. Brandon Faieta

I typically text the a member of my team once I make the referral and make a note in my phone for Tuesday morning to fill out a referral record. If I have an idea pop into my head I use an app on my phone that will alert me to bring it back up to that potential referral at the next preferred time 

Tom Wallace

Response from Tom Wallace

from the Peachtree City Team

If I have a referral for a member throughout the week, I will contact them and connect them with the prospect.  I will send a Referral Record marked as done.

If an idea sparks a referral during a meeting, I will pass the referral and initiate a 3-way introduction.

Tunji Ajigbeda

Response from Tunji Ajigbeda

from the North Gwinnett Team

I tend to use a mix of in person conversation, phone call, and email for referrals. If I already have an established relationship with someone where I know enough about the business service(s) that they offer, I'll do an introductory email with the referral and then follow up with a call to the member if I haven't seen an email acknowledgement in a reasonable timeframe. If I have an idea of the business services that someone offers, but I'm not sure whether the needs of the person I want to refer fit, I typically ask clarifying questions about the business services in person, by phone call, or by email before I'll pass along the referral. The goal is ensure that mutual benefit is more likely.

Nicholas Garrison

Response from Nicholas Garrison

from the Fayette Team

As part of my marketing, I am in different groups on Facebook. When I see someone looking for a service one of my team members handle. I tag them in the comment section and of course recommend them. 

Brenden Jonassaint

Response from Brenden Jonassaint

I like to send a 3-way email as a documented record of the referral being sent. Even though I aim to contact all referrals sent to me ASAP, the truth is I cannot always contact everyone the moment the referral is sent. However, because a documented email was sent with their information, I can get back to them as soon as I am free. I also respond via email usually within the hour to let both the person sending the referral and the client know I've reached out and I'm serious about connecting. 

Piper Chans

Response from Piper Chans

In Real Estate, referral opportunities occur at any point in the transaction from the initial phone call to closing day. Even years after a client closes on their home, they call my team and I for recommendations for just about anything to do with their home inside and out. When interacting either in person or on the phone with my clients, I really listen to their needs / goals and think about who I have in my sphere who I can trust to take care of them. Most situations are needing a referral to be made asap so I usually tell my client I have someone who can help them if they'd like their information. If they want this contact information, I pass it along to them and then contact the persons name I referred. When I talk to them on the phone, I explain the situation, give basic info and tell them to be on the lookout for a call or email from the individual. At the next powercore meeting, I would then write up the referral record and mark it as done. 

Ryan Kelly

Response from Ryan Kelly

from the North Gwinnett Team

When I refer a client or other contact of mine to other Powercore members, I introduce them directly to the contact via email.  I then follow up with a call and/or text to the Powercore member.  When I refer someone, they are warm leads that I have already spoken to and qualified for the powercore member.   I don't deal in cold/blind leads who are not really a fit or who are not actively looking for their service.    I consider that disrepectful to the other Powercore team members to hand off referrals that I have not qualified, and I expect the same when people are referred to me as well.  That way, none of us are wasting each other's time with cold leads/people who really are not looking for our service level of expertise.    

Once the referral is made, I document it on the referral record at the next Tues morning meeting.


Sam Heu

Response from Sam Heu

"Though this be madness, yet there is method in it" -William Shakespeare. As an Insurance Agent, most of the referrals I make are through various conversations that I make either while I'm at a meeting with a client or various people that I met at a networking event. These conversations are not one and done then BAM I got a referral. My idea for either receiving or giving referrals are wrap around building relationships and mutual trust. During casual conversations that I make with people, I always tend to ask them if they were interested in learning about what they need from people I trust. When I have someone I know who may be a good fit for one of my teammates, I let them know either formally or other communication means depending on the urgency. 


Derek Ferwerda

Response from Derek Ferwerda

from the North Gwinnett Team

Referrals are verbal and I give them verbally as I come in contact with many people during the day.  I generally ask if they are interested in personal introduction. I follow up with specifics based on their response.