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A fine dining restaurant plans the garnish with the same degree of attention they plan the sauce and the side dishes.


  • How you made the suggestion, and
  • then the introduction, 

for the best referral you’ve GIVEN to a Team Member.

You made the referral; how did you make it profitable?

Jessica Walker

Response from Jessica Walker

from the Peachtree City Team

Last year I referred Kay McInroe to Brandon Hannon at Laboratory Fitness.  She has referred multiple new customers to Brandon since then, which results in multi-generation We Did Business slips for him each month with my name in the "Because" line.

Stacie Conner

Response from Stacie Conner

from the Brookhaven Team

I recently had a jury trial, and after the jury's verdict awarding my client the parties' house and some retirement assets, I had him contact Liz Bankston, the real estate agent on our team, before we left the courthouse, for her to immediately list the house for sale. This resulted in Jake Shumard, the closing attorney on our team, handling the closing on the sale. I also had my client contact Richard Arno, the financial advisor on our team, to come up with a plan for the proceeds of the sale and the retirement accounts to supplement my client's income. I then followed up with my client and the members of my team to make sure everything happened smoothly. 

Austin Miller

Response from Austin Miller

from the Brookhaven Team

The best referral I've given since joining the Brookhaven team was introducing Jason Wettlin to Brandon Berk, our project manager at RG Real Estate.

Brandon handles the construction process for close to 1m SF of office and medical office space around Atlanta and I knew that Jason could add value to our process.

By conveying to Brandon that Jason is very responsive and delivers projects on time and on budget, Brandon was willing to give Jason a shot on a few deals that we were working on.

Jason has since done great work for us and has become our go-to guy for flooring on all of our in-house projects. 

-Austin Miller 


Liz Bankston

Response from Liz Bankston

I had a new construction home for sale representing the Builder / Seller and when negotiating the price, terms, and conditons, you also must agree on the Attorney that will handle the Closing. Typically the Buyer selects the Closing Attorney,  however, I explained the Seller would prefer to close with Jake Shumard | Baker & Summy, PC. The Buyer agreed and Jake was on the Purchase & Sale Agreement with the sales price $1,430,000.00.  I sent the contract to Jake via email and called him with the information. Jake reached out to both the Buyer and the Seller with phone calls and emails immediatley. Jake did a wonderful job with the title work and coordinating everything with the Buyers' lender over the 30 day time frame and worked very hard especially to accomodate and make sure he delivered the Buyer and the Seller with an ontime Closing. Both the Buyer and Seller told me how they were very impressed with Jake and his team at Baker & Summy, PC. 

(Jake told me this business was a home run for him which made me very happy to hear! So glad Jake is on our Brookhaven Power Core Team!) 

Jason Wettlin

Response from Jason Wettlin

The best referral I have given was to Liz Bankston. My sister's in-laws were visiting and mentioned they were considering moving to Atlanta. I asked them if they had started looking at houses and they said yes. I said, Well I am not sure if you are talking to a Realtor yet but you have to Liz. Shes fabulous, has a ton of experience, and even runs her own Brokerage. 

Turns out they were already talking to another Realtor, but that didnt matter. After speaking with Liz, they agreed she would be the best candidate to find their next home. 

In less then 2 years, they have bought two houses and sold one with Liz!

Ben Levy

Response from Ben Levy

from the Brookhaven Team

A friend of mine got engaged to a fellow armed services member, but he and his fiancé were serving in different states. He asked if I knew how it would affect them getting a pre-nup. I told him it was completely out of my legal wheelhouse, but Stacie Conner is an excellent family law attorney. Let me introduce you to her. She handled my friend's side of the pre-nup within a few weeks of the introduction. 

Tom Wallace

Response from Tom Wallace

from the Peachtree City Team

As I was working with a client, during our meeting, I was asking how things have been going since our last meeting.  One of the things that they mentioned was that they would soon be losing their company health insurance and they were quite concerned about it.  I immediately thought of Steve Hamlin on the Newnan team and made the introduction between the two via a three-way email.  

Steve was able to find coverage for him that met his needs at a rate he could work with.  Definitely a win for Steve and my client.

Ted McGee

Response from Ted McGee

from the Brookhaven Team

The best referrals are the ones that end in a bank deposit (and WDB slip).  But sometimes they can create a larger business opportunity and / or a larger relationship.  I referred a client to Ben Ragin last year that needed a homeowner's insurance policy.  That referral allowed Ben to assist the client with multiple lines of insurance, creating a larger business opportunity.  The client was from London - Ben and his wife were planning a trip to England - which allowed Ben to create a larger relationship with the client = Garnish!

Jacque Streever

Response from Jacque Streever

from the Brookhaven Team

Giving and receiving Referrals are like GOLD!!!!!


A few weeks ago I was invited by Jenelle Lee-Stephens, Realtor on the Duluth Team to do Mary Kay Makeovers for the Pre-K Teachers where her children go to school!

 Jenelle was going to bring snacks and I introduced her to Jennifer Flores on the Sugarloaf Team!  Jennifer's business is Tastefully Simple and she will be bringing all the snacks for Jenelle's Event! Jenelle and Jennifer spoke on the phone.  I also asked Jenelle what she was bringing for drinks and she mentioned wine. At that point, I shared with her about Jennifer Kwon,a Wine Consultant on the Milton Team who is with Scout & Cellar, Clear-crafted Wines. I made a call to Jennifer and gave her Jenelle's number so they connected!

Jennifer, Jennifer and myself will all be able to help Jenelle with her Pre-K Teachers Event!

To me, the "Garnish" is quick follow-through, making introductions immediately to the people involved becasue you can make things happen sooner than later!  The "4"of us, all connected through PowerCore will benefit while showing Jenelle's Pre-K Teachers what a difference they make in Jenelle's childrens lives!

Dr. James Myers, DC

Response from Dr. James Myers, DC

from the Brookhaven Team

When I have a current patient and they come in after they were involved in a car accident I ask them if they have medical payments.  If they say no I ask how long they have had their current car insurance.  If they say 4 or more years, I encourage them to speak with Ben Raigen and to be sure to ask about adding medical payments coverage so they can be test assured their care after a car accident is covered. 
If the injuries are severe and I know I'll most likely need the help of other doctors I would immediately refer them to Ben Levy for who I know will guide them through the settlement and legal process to make sure they get the best settlement possible.  

Ron Goodnow

Response from Ron Goodnow

from the Brookhaven Team

My best referral was given by Luz and passed from me to Taylor Chastain. I always look for the problem to solve. Then rely on my credible relationships to fill that need. Liz Bankston's customer needed to paint to liquidate a home and referred me and others. Another company had fallen short( not in Power core ) and I offered Taylor the referral which was filled to the customer 100% satisfaction.

Max Middleton

Response from Max Middleton

from the Brookhaven Team

After restoring a homes roof after severe weather, the home owner mentioned to me that she would like to get her floors redone. I mentioned Jason Witten's name to her and did a member to prospect referral.  With both Jason and myself's work being complete, this homeowner feels comfortable enough to send me referrals to her families homes.