What To Do To Get Referrals: The Workshops and The Extras | Ingredients

What are the extra ingredients in your business?


What do you offer your clients as an extra benefit?  


Is this something they have the opportunity to pay for, or is it included in your customer service?


Ryan Tingle

Response from Ryan Tingle

from the Buckhead Team

Service is always our main ingredient. The Tabb Insurance Agency starting writing business back in 1954, and while we have always maintained a strong roster of insurance carriers, it's our savory and sweet service that keeps our client retention well above that of the average insurance agency. We have always been very thoughtful about our hires, and treated our employees like family. As a result, the average tenure of our service staff is over 20 years. We believe there's a postive correlation between stability in our service ranks, and our retention of clients. And, no, no one ever pays extra to be serviced by the very best! 

Michael Smith

Response from Michael Smith

from the Candler Park Team

Long ago I had a boss that told me that my role as an engineer was never going to be sitting in an office designing things for others to install, and that wouldn't be in the field installing designs that others had installed - that if I wanted the job, I had to do both.  "If you only design you never learn from the installation and if you only install, you never learn the design aspects of the projects."

My clients get much more than a contractor - they get a project manager that is very knowledgable in both the design and construction aspects of their project.  They pay for a part of that expertise, but what they receive has intangible benefits that are far above their investment in a Design Agreement.  They pay a little for the design service, but get a library of information that goes well beyond the manufacturer's specification sheet.  The product and design information leads to better results and greater value for my clients.

Gregory Golden

Response from Gregory Golden

from the Buckhead Team

The extra ingredient that I provide to my clients, that is different from other family attorneys, is access.  Besides having my e-mail address and office telephone number, I provide my cellular telephone number to my clients.  I do not invite routine calls or texts after work hours but if emergencies arise, I let my clients know that they can reach out to me.  There have been times when a client will call me on a Saturday and it is not an urgent matter, and I will tell the client to call me back on Monday morning.  Other times, when police are on the scene, my client feels a lot better when I am on the phone with her or able to talk to the police officer, in order to be a calming influence on the situation.  I do not charge an extra amount to reach me outside of work hours - same hourly rates apply.

Linda Kuryloski CFP®, AAMS®

Response from Linda Kuryloski CFP®, AAMS®

from the Buckhead Team

I offer far more than investment management.............risk management, financial planning, and an overall assessment of life goals and finances are a regular part of the discussion.  All of this is part of regular customer service. 

Twice a year I bring existing clients together for complimentary educational lunches hosted by other financial professionals so they have the opportunity to hear from someone besides me about financial and market issues. 

Clients also receive regular communications about timely market and financial issues. 


Patty Voelz

Response from Patty Voelz

from the Brookhaven Team

Ameris Bank is the largest community bank headquartered in Atlanta and we still believe in being that old-fashioned community bank with the best customer service in town.  We strive to know all our customers on a personal level so we can call them by name when they come into the bank. We make follow-up calls to our new ones to better understand them and make sure we are fulfilling all their current needs.  By knowing them better, we can suggest new products and services as needed and we can help spot fraud on their accounts and reach out to them to get it stopped immediately.  My customers also like that they can call me whenever a need arises and I can help them.  I enjoy being their "Personal Banker"!

Wendy Kinney

Response from Wendy Kinney

from the PowerCore Team

The extra workshops, and the extra extra workshops are all free to Members. 
We also have WorkRooms - small groups, generally 8, who get in depth attention about one specific thing.
And there are online opportunities like Enter the Filing Cabinet.

Another extra is the opportunity for Coaches and Orientation Essentials Panelists. They get the benefit of knowing another Team well, in exchange for the information and leadership they bring.  Coaches can't conflict with a Member of the Team they coach, but Orientation Essentials Panelists are often real estate agents and insurance agents.

The Knowledge Base is an extra we're focusing on right now.
Hold Cntrl and click here  https://powercore.net/account/knowledge-base 
and notice the different headings across the top. We're loading in information about all of the Team workshops and Event Extras - and Members will be able to ask questions and, even better, answer questions! The credibility that comes from answering a question is an extra benefit.

My favorite part of the Knowledge Base is the ability to download tools, like the InfoMinut template, or the Diamond Outline, or the Impact Filter, and the PowerPerk questions.

Pins are an extra - we're exploring a new Barista pin for PowerPercolator, just working out what the requirements and documentation will look like!


Mark Thomas

Response from Mark Thomas

from the Buckhead Team

I represent many clients who are injured in car wrecks and as a result of these wrecks have property damage to their vehicles.  If they call one of the high volume firms, they will be told to handle that themselves.  Property damage appraisal and valuation can be very confusing and difficult to deal with when a client is hurt.  I spent a few years early in my career handling property damage subrogation matters for a major insurance company so I know the process.  As part of my customer service, I am happy to help  clients with property damage issues and help them get temporary transportation.  I do not charge extra for this.  It is one less thing for an injured client to worry about. 

Lori Harris

Response from Lori Harris

from the Buckhead Team

My "extras" usually revolve around social media.  A frequent exercise I do for clients is to take one piece of content and create 6-23 months of social media posts in a variety of mediums - video, text, image - for a variety of channels - email, Facebook, TikTok...  

When I'm creating an ad campaign, the content and messaging around that campaign results in, well, content.  Taking that content and creating a 6-12 month distribution campaign is an extra I often provide to show clients the benefit of a distribution campaign as a paid service.

Greg Jordan

Response from Greg Jordan

from the Buckhead Team

As sad as it is to say, my extra ingredient is responsiveness. I respond to every customer phone call. I even respond to calls that are from prospects in another FISH territory. I also makes sure even if the prospect isn’t for me, I capture all the customer information for the appropriate FISH franchisee.

I provide quotes for routine jobs within 24 hours although I get most estimates back the same day by close of business. If the job is complex, I give the customer a date, so they know when to expect the quote. If I fall behind, I let the customer know. If the customer requires services, I don’t provide than I try to refer them to an appropriate vendor.

I make sure my quotes are complete and include what services are covered versus items not included. I ensure that my quote will meet the customer needs. I will add suggested items for the customer as line items so they can add additional tasks if they choose. I ensure that I set expectations, so the customer knows the result once the work is completed.

Once the job is scheduled, I make sure the cleaners know about any special items the customer needs. If we are going to be late or have weather issues, I inform the customer. If there are weather issues, I have an alternate date for the customer and will give them priority if they have a date they need to plan for.

After the job is complete, I call the customer to follow up to ensure their expectations were met. If there are issues, I provide a date for a follow up visit. I assign that date a high priority.

Bo Riddle

Response from Bo Riddle

from the Buckhead Team

Access and flexibility.   While not really extra ingredients, i try to keep them forefront of my mind.  When clients are focused on commercial real estate, they are not focused on their core business that generates income.  Commercial real estate used to be conducted during normal business hours Monday-Friday.  But that has changed as people are busier and working different hours.  People appreciate the flexibility of looking at properties before/after work or weekends.   

Karen Armstrong

Response from Karen Armstrong

from the Buckhead Team

I think of my extra ingredients as my value proposition. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t know a realtor?  What do I have as a realtor that entices people to consider me over other realtors.  I pay for staging and it is around $3000 upfront.  That is the number one hook that draws people in. It is a tangible financial benefit. The second special ingredient is that I am an appraiser which helps with pricing and also to see if we are likely to appraise or have an appraisal gap.  And third is you guys!  I make my network of referral partners available to sellers and buyers where they can have trusted sources to get their home needs met.

Jim Lewis

Response from Jim Lewis

from the Buckhead Team

One of the biggest challenges....in addition to low inventory.....for homebuyers currently are interest rates and the monthly payment when buying a home. Our clients are fortunate to not only work with a builder that has inventory, but also is currently buying down the interest rate to 4.5% for the first year, and 5.5% for the remaining term of the loan. This makes the home much more affordable, saving them $577.00 per month the first year and $394.00 per month for the remaining 29 years. 

This is an "extra ingredient" we provide, to make the home more affordable. 

Taylor Sellers

Response from Taylor Sellers

from the Buckhead Team

The extra ingredient I include is an enjoyable and often humerous closing experience.   Most closings are like an overbaked chocolate chip cookie - dry but still somewhat enjoyable based on the ingredients.  But closings are supposed to be like well bake funfetti cake - not dry and fun!  Closings should be a celebration and an enjoyable experience, not just pushing paper.  However, it is a job for the attorney doing the closing and many attorneys treat it like a job, "sign here, sign here, sign here" never looking up.  Like eating a dry cookie, it gets the job done but it isn't what you really want.  

I include the humor and fun at no extra charge.  In fact, our fees are actually 20-40% lower than most firms.

Amanda Hamilton

Response from Amanda Hamilton

Gift wrapping, packaging, and shipping are a few of the extra ingredients in my business. 

I offer my clients the opportunity to receive local delivery via courrier or sometimes I am able to do it personally. I also offer nationwide shipping. 

I usually know the occassion we're celebrating, if there is one, so I gift wrap appropriately for that too. 

There is no extra charge for gift wrapping, this is part of my customer service. I often include the price of shipping in my initial pricing and proposal. If it's something that's decided later, it is added as an additional cost. 

Gift wrapping is always included. :) 



Rebecca Brizi

Response from Rebecca Brizi

from the Buckhead Team

Business tips in different formats, several times a week. 


I produce a significant amount of content, including:


  • Tuesday On Your Business, a weekly email with a business tip for small businesses
  • It also includes a Consultant's Corner video, where I tell a story about my history or approach and tie that into a business need
  • YouTube shorts, 60-second business tips
  • and my book, Phrases for Business Success

These are all ways to keep my clients and contacts active on their business - as well as in their business - and to always have them think about ways to improve business even more. 

Barry Kaplan

Response from Barry Kaplan

from the Buckhead Team

Clients come to me seeking to protect their new products and inventions. Most often, clients are in the very early conceptual and design phase. They are excited about their idea, but they haven't fully thought through important considerations, such as whether their product will profitably meet a market demand; design aesthetic; manufacturability; whether there will be regulatory hurdles to overcome; how to make the product safer, less expensive, higher quality; the scope and power of market adjacent competitors; and other important technical and legal considerations.

Although I'm first and foremost a patent attorney, I also have a mechanical engineering degree and extensive experience in that discipline. Because of my legal and technical background, I'm able to ask important, focused questions that help guide my clients through the things they haven't thought about yet. My questions and guidance helps them to develop better products, to meet a more expansive market, and to have a more legally protectable product.

This is part of my regular dialog and ongoing work with my clients. Like most attorneys, I charge for my time, but clients tell me that the value they receive is far beyond their expectations.

Mohua (Mo) Thakurta

Response from Mohua (Mo) Thakurta

from the Buckhead Team

At Aaramba, we offer the following extra ingredients:

  • Personalized Consultation
  • Extended Support
  • Customization
  • Access to Content Files

One of the benefits of choosing Aaramba is access to all content files that we record for our clients. We not only share them upon request, but we can also store them for our clients.

Access to all files is free, but storing files after we have finished the project is a paid feature.

Jim Demetry

Response from Jim Demetry

from the Buckhead Team

In my practice representing businesses, the extra ingredient I provide is my own business experience as a former Chief of Staff and General Counsel for a large corporation, as well as a former business owner.  With that experience, I am always helping my clients do what is best for their business, including their bottom line.  Sometimes that means suggesting contract clauses that I know will help protect their business and revenue, sometimes its providing an honest cost-benefit analysis to help them decide whether to resolve or pursue litigation when disputes arise.  Mixing the ingredient of understanding their business priorities with sound legal advice is my approach with every client.         

Ramona Baptiste CPA

Response from Ramona Baptiste CPA

from the Buckhead Team

There are several extra ingredients that I offer to my existing clients.  First and foremost, they have access to me for consulting services.  They can use my Calendly link to schedule a time convenient for them without even communicating with me first.  My clients love this option, and use it quite frequently.  

Another service I provide my clients is tax resolution services.  For clients neededing assistance with tasks such as back filing, installment agreements, penalty abatement or offers in compromise, I am able to assist them with these services.  No need to go anywhere else.  For existing clients, these services are usually offered for an additional charge, but again, clients love this option since I am already familiar with their information. My fees are often less than going to a new provider as a result of my familiarity with their situations, or access to the information needed to respond.  Many CPAs do not provide these services as an option, so this is a great value add for my clients.

Finally, for some of my older or disabled clients, I provide concierge document services.  Upon request, I arrange for their tax documents to be picked up and scanned at tax time, and deliver them back to the client along with a hard copy of their return.  This eliminates their angst related to scanning and uploading of documents, which is the normal model for providing tax info to me. This service is provided at cost if their is a courier involved in the process.

Dr. Carolina Tillotson

Response from Dr. Carolina Tillotson

One of the driving forces behind me building a practice was being able to care for people the way they deserve to be cared for. I wanted to be able to help people get well quickly and with the least amount of barriers. Rather than compartmentalize care (chiropractic, trigger point therapy, craniosacral work, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, kinesiotaping), each visit includes exactly what the patient needs in that moment. I charge one price and include whatever needs to be done to help them heal quickly and efficiently. 

As an added benefit, patients have access to a personalized online portal that contains exercises specific to what they need at that phase of healing. I also have free wellness workshops open to patients and the community that will support the healing they are going through in the office. Some wellness workshops can include:  nutrition, stress management, gut health, breathing/mindfulness or other aspects of healing and health. 

Keyaan Williams

Response from Keyaan Williams

from the Buckhead Team

My cybersecurity services are more like a baked pastry that requires precise ingredients to produce a consistent outcome than a salad or a burger that can be modified without a problem.


My flagship solution for commercial clients is a comprehensive Cyber Readiness Assessment™ based on the practices defined by the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) to evaluate an organization’s operational resilience and cybersecurity practices. The CRA is not a technical assessment. It evaluates cybersecurity governance and program management based on a review of documented policies, procedures, standards, and guidelines. Very specific. Very precise.

The final report documenting the assessment is often 75 pages or more. The report must document the methodology and approach that I used along with the results, the measurements, and the justification for my conclusions. I help my customers maximize their value by using a software solution designed for risk management and compliance. This tool costs me $250 per customer per month, but it allows me to provide a much shorter executive summary (15 pages). Everything else that would have been in the tool is put into the software so the customer can generate custom reports and track their progress to fix any problems that were identified.

Few companies provide this additional software at no charge to the customer. I find that the extra “ingredient” increases the value of my service and makes it easier for the customer to put my work into action.

Chris Marek

Response from Chris Marek

the quality of our employees is the extra benefit. We always follow up with the client to see how things are going after an installation. We receive feedback that no other company is doing this. 

Tom Wallace

Response from Tom Wallace

from the Peachtree City Team

With my initial foundational coaching program, my clients have access to a wide variety of short video courses and exercises that assist them in learning new tactics to solve an issue in their finances.  These are all included along with the eight hours of one-on-one coaching they get with me.

After the initial foundations part of my coaching, I offer continued coaching for accountability to stay on track with the process and growth with their wealth-building knowledge.

Adriana Santiago

Response from Adriana Santiago

from the Buckhead Team

In my practice, every single service is completely customizable. Most other practices have specific protocols they follow for certain services, but I have the ability to customize every treatment in a way that better serves the patient. 

This extra bit of convenience is built into all my services already, so every patient can be sure they are receiving exactly what their skin needs. 

Kellen Stennett

Response from Kellen Stennett

from the Buckhead Team

At the root of our extra ingredients is our customer service and care for our clients. Our clients come to us in a time of crisis and they need a partner who can educate them while getting the job done right and ethically. We often provide extensive inspection of a clients home or business that points out all kinds of issues that may or may not be related to the reason they called us in the first place. we also often work around our clients' schedules, which is not typical for companies like ours.

Typically there is no charge for our extra ingredients. We often spend hours educating our clients and helping them with a wealth of knowledge that only costs them their time to listen.


Cory Blum

Response from Cory Blum

from the Buckhead Team

My approach to health insurance is simple and twofold: insure my clients healthcare needs are met while saving them as much money as possible. The extra ingredient, though, is customer service. Long after a client's policy is already in place, I make myself available as a resource whenever they have questions, concerns or, even on occasion, claims disputes. My clients all have my personal number and full access to me 7 days a week, which never costs them a penny.

Susan Honea

Response from Susan Honea

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

Coaching is a significant investment, so I offer a number of customer service focused elements to demonstrate the value of what the client is purchasing. I begin by conducting a complimentary first call to establish whether there is a good fit between myself as the coach and the client. If it’s not a good match, the relationship doesn’t benefit either party. In addition, I subscribe to lots of resources that I can then share with my clients, such as materials from Psychology Today, articles from Harvard Business Review, Fortune, The New York Times, and Entrepreneur, and other things. This gives me flexibility to provide my clients just-in-time activities and articles that can help them navigate the issues we’re discussing in the coaching context. And, with most of my packages, clients typically have open access to me by phone, text, and email between calls for spot coaching.

Karla Bradley

Response from Karla Bradley

from the Buckhead Team

Being a Travel Concierge is my extra ingredient.  We are no longer just Travel Agents or Reservationists.  Its truly evolved into being available and accessible 24/7 and paying attention to details of trips including seats, bedding types and whatever else is most important to the client. We are a free service!