What To Do To Get Referrals: The Workshops and The Extras | Method

What is your process for creating an added benefit for your clients?

Walk us through one of the extras you offer, from: 

  • How you originally got the idea.
  • What you did to implement it, and
  • How your clients say they benefit. 
Chris Quay

Response from Chris Quay

Extras are just that in the pest control industry. If I see a need for the client ie. I notice rodent activity, the client will be informed, a plan devised and the client charged for that service.

There is no need for the client to be "upcharged" for a service they seldom need.

The clients aren't paying for a service they don't need.

Angie Hays

Response from Angie Hays

The most important thing I can give my clients is knowledge. Knoweldge about the Real Estate market, knowledge about the transaction and knowledge about what to expect 'next'. Knowledge gives my clients power to make better decisions. When I got my RE license, I made it a point to wear my name badge in the store, restaurants, etc., so people would feel comfortable talking to me. People feel comfortable making small talk with someone who looks like someone they might know (at least they know my name!). Having these conversations taught me what my future clients are thinking! So, I've had many conversations with people who ask me "How's the Real Estate Market?". My response is usually, "It's crazy! Why do you ask?" Which becomes the beginning of a great conversation. I always ask them a question about their experience with real estate, which always gets an answer. These mini conversations have taught me that people really don't know much about how real estate transactions really work. So I made it a point to be a Real Estate "Consultant" for my clients. I make it part of my schdule to read articles every week about changes with the market and how I can find programs to help every client. In my initial consultation with them I explain every step we will take. When we reach each step, they remember that we discussed that previously and it makes them confident that the transaction is going as expected. Nobody likes surprises - especially bad ones, but my clients are more prepared for those if they come up! They love that it's not the scary experience they thought it would be before they met me. AND they always feel grateful that their decisions are based on the knowledge they received by working with me.

Wendy Kinney

Response from Wendy Kinney

from the PowerCore Team

When I walked into Abbi's studio to get my hair cut, her PowerLinks certificate was framed, on the wall at eye level, right in front of the door. It was not possible to miss it! I pointed, grinned, and Abbi said, "Turkish framed it for me. He said it was an achievement, and I should be proud of it."

Not everyone values their PowerLinks certificate that much - some people keep it in a file in a drawer; I would likely throw it away. But the people who do value it, value it. This is for them.

MembershipCoOrdinators take point on the New Member Welcome Ceremony - and that triggers the 90-day mentoring program. The PowerLinks certificate is confirmation of completetion - the 7th step, a few weeks before the MembershipCore decides whether to renew this Member, which triggers the MentorCoOrdinator to remove the 90-day ribbon.

Checkmarks on a task list give a little endorphine high. The PowerLinks certification showcases that completed task, too.

Judy Bagwell

Response from Judy Bagwell

from the Canton Business Leaders Team

I always go into a prospect appointment with an open mind and with all the knowledge I have learned over the years of selling payroll.  Everyone has different situations so I "listen" and once I know what their needs are I can present the added benefits.  For instance if this is a new business and they are not familiar with payroll I go the extra mile to explain all the taxes they will see debited from their business account.  That includes the breakdown of the payroll taxes.  It surprises me that some new business owners are unaware of payroll taxes.  Another added benefit when I "listen" to their needs is having the resources if they are in search of an accountant, a financial advisor, insurance, etc. I know that I can refer members of my team to take good care of them!  Knowing I can help someone be successful in business is my goal! I have had several customers thank me for referring who I have because it has made their life easier.

Rebecca Brizi

Response from Rebecca Brizi

from the Buckhead Team

Every meeting I have with a client includes a follow up report with next steps on the first page. 

On following pages I also includes the notes from our discussion, and try to format them as much as possible in titles, bullet points, and bold text, so that it is easy to scan as well as read. 

A reminder of our discussion and how we came to the conclusions we drew is helpful when implementing the plan we worked on. 

Amy Worley

Response from Amy Worley

The most important "extra" is being an independent agent. With the insurance industry changing daily, I have multiple options for my clients. I have markets for those looking for a preferred carrier and markets for those with a challenging claim history. The biggest benefit is when the renewal term is approaching we have a system that makes it easy to compare with the carriers. We can shop the rates to see if the current carrier is the best fit based on price and coverage. I work for the client not the insurance carrier.

Aaron Veres

Response from Aaron Veres

from the Canton Business Leaders Team

One idea that I have had was creating video updates with my clients. When purchasing a home, there are a ton of baby steps that must be taken in ordert to get to the closing table. I worked with my bank on creating videos that would be sent out via email to explain the next steps to the clients and what to expect moving forward. These videos come out when a file is submitted to the bank and then when the bank clears the file. I have recieved great feedback from this as clients want to be in the loop at all times. Between my phone conversation and videos, there is not a step that is missed. 

Matthew Honea

Response from Matthew Honea

from the Canton Business Leaders Team

When starting my business a few years ago, I started to hear the same echo from many different clients in many different industries. When having exploritory conversations with potential clients. I would always ask, "Why are you looking to move your business to another accountant?". The echo they were talking about was the lack of communication. I immediately saw the opportunity to use this to my advantage. As I knew this was an important characteritic of sustainable business, I made sure client communication was integral in my processes for bookkeeping, accounting, and taxes. As such, I have implemented specific touch points in my practice management software to let clients know where things are in the process. Example, after a client indicates they have uploaded documents needed for the next step, they are immediately sent an email or text to let them know what is the next step in the process, who owns it, and what is needed. The response I have received is definetly favorable. 

Doug Ross

Response from Doug Ross

from the Canton Business Leaders Team

After a discovery call with a potential client to identify their transportation needs, I am then able to customize features of my services which will be valuable benefits to my client. Examples are; vehicle financing options and counseling on products which are sold within the dealership finance department.

Tom Wallace

Response from Tom Wallace

from the Peachtree City Team

After my initial three-month Foundations phase in my coaching, I will ask my clients how they feel moving forward with the process we have been working through.  If they still feel a little uneasy about going it alone, I will suggest they graduate to my Accountability and Growth phase where we continue building on the progress they have made so far, have access to discuss questions and ideas, and continue with the accountability to stay on track.

Clients like having a monthly check-in to ensure they are continuing to build momentum and have an extra set of eyes to evaluate situations that come up.

Paul Mitchell

Response from Paul Mitchell

from the Canton Business Leaders Team

The extra benefit I offer to my clients is free consultation on their needs. No customer should be expected to know the technical details of printing. I listen for how they are going to use the finished piece and what they want it to look like. I translate those desires into an actionable print process giving the customer a free proof to ensure they are happy with it. Customers tell me that the extra steps I take to ensure their products match their intentions takes the stress out of ordering and always results in a product they are happy with. 

Rob Mickler

Response from Rob Mickler

from the Canton Business Leaders Team

One of the tools we offer each of our homeowners is the ability to track their project with a software called BuilderTrend.  The website enables a visual portal of transparency between project managers and homeowners filled with open discussion, schedules, daily notes, and invoicing to name a few. This service is included with every project our company takes on. 

Susan Honea

Response from Susan Honea

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

After each coaching call, I create a custom email that summarizes what we discussed and outlines any next steps or actions we agreed upon. In addition, as part of the coaching call, I always ask clients how they would like me to support them and how they would like to be held accountable for their agreed-upon actions. Based on their responses to those questions, I also add touchpoints between coaching sessions. In some cases, it’s a quick text message just to check in, and in other cases, I might send a link to an article or another resource for the client to read – something that will help them complete their action items. Clients say they benefit because they are getting a customized solution from me, rather than a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach. They also appreciate that they’re getting more than just the coaching time.

Natasha Painter

Response from Natasha Painter

I offer my support as an agent to take care of any billing or claims issues for the life of any policy I write. I found that most of my clients just don't know the most efficient way to handle these problems and because I do, it's not as difficult for me. It saves my clients a great deal of time and frustration. It helps to build close relationships with my clients and increases loyalty.

Jeremy Osteen

Response from Jeremy Osteen

from the Canton Business Leaders Team

I always explain to my customer the way I price a job, I talk to them about time, access and risk. So they fully understand before I leave what they are getting charged for. I also take pictures of all the work that is getting completed and use my Apple Pencil to circle the limbs that are getting pruned and attach them to the quote. So when we show up there is no questions on what we are doing. 

Elisa Vales (they/them)

Response from Elisa Vales (they/them)

from the North Point Team

My added benefit is to leave my menu adaptable until I'm physically in the kitchen and actually cook everything. That means, if a client who doesn't like spicy food orders this week, I'll have at least two meals for them to choose. They also don't eat soy? Or nuts? I'll plan accordingly for the next delivery or offer to switch ingredients where possible.

With the food, I also send a complete list of ingredients and re-heating instructions.