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What makes you naturally good at this business?

What essential skill is easy for you—that your clients find complicated and onerous?

Did this natural strength help you choose this industry, or did the business find you first, and now you understand the reason there’s a fit?


Carrie Jones

Response from Carrie Jones

from the North Fulton Team

I'm naturally gifted with gift of gab. I'm also organized and love people. I love to make people happy and will go out of my way to make sure we (Next Door Photos) are a good fit for each Realtor we have the opportunity to work with. A good friend of mine, who happens to be a Realtor, originally shared the open position with me and it turned out to be a good fit for me.

Craig Cushingham

Response from Craig Cushingham

from the Downtown Woodstock Team

I started in the Health Insurance business over 30 years ago. I worked with Self Employed Busniess Owners. I enjoy thinking of Solutions to Problems, and that is what has keep me interested in Health Insurance ever since. I learn all the products from all the carriers. Then I begin to ask  questions ( I grew up playing 20 questions), and well before 20 questions have been asked I have narrowed the choice down to 1 or 2 plans. I explain these plans to the client in plain English and believe my clients are smart enough to choose a plan that allows them to sleep better at night!

Creative thinking are asking questions are my essential skills. They say the Devil is in the Details, but I find the details interesting! Because I work alone and have the drive to finish what I start, this industry is a good fit for me and my family.

Craig Cushingham, Health Insurance for all ages.

Christopher Eells

Response from Christopher Eells

from the Downtown Woodstock Team

I love talking to people and helping them solve problems.  one of the essential skills to being and insurance agent is, explaining coverages with hypothetical examples and i am the king of hypotheticals!  I chose this industry because it is what my family has always done dating back to my grandmother. 

Mark Thomas

Response from Mark Thomas

from the Buckhead Team

My ability to explain things to a client or prospective client in layman's terms, not legaleze.  This is easy for me because I realize that legal terms and procedures are not commonplace for most folks.  I have no clue what a plumbing term or procedure is.  I realize that just because something is in my head, that does not make my client  a mind reader.  I always attempt to ease their mind and let them know that the law is not as onerous as is depicted.  The business chose me first, and I realize that whether it is law, ditch digging or nuclear physics, I have a natural ability to explain things in simple, unstressful  terms.  

Jason Wilson

Response from Jason Wilson

from the Downtown Woodstock Team

1. What sets me apart in the real estate industry is my innate ability to educate and consult. I don't just sell properties; I guide my clients through the labyrinthine process, empowering them with knowledge. This consultative approach not only builds trust but also ensures that clients make informed decisions.

2.My standout skill is the art of active listening, dialed up to level 10. While many find the transactional aspects of real estate daunting, I excel at understanding not just what my clients are saying, but also how the other party in the transaction is processing information. This allows me to craft strategies that yield the most favorable outcomes for my clients.

3. My natural aptitude for understanding the motivations behind people's decisions found a perfect home in real estate. This skill didn't necessarily lead me to the industry; rather, it became apparent that it was invaluable once I was already immersed in it. It allows me to advise clients effectively, ensuring they achieve the outcomes they desire, rather than falling into a situation someone else has engineered for them.


Jessica Walker

Response from Jessica Walker

from the Peachtree City Team

I teach my clients how to recognize the early warning signs of Insulin Resistance, which, if left unaddressed, WILL progress into Type 2 Diabetes.  My own Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome diagnosis 38 years ago, was just one of the many unrecognized red flags that eventually led me to full-blown Type 2 Diabetes 10 years later.  I knew that I needed to make a drastic change in my diet and lifestyle, or risk an unnecessarily early and painful death ... yes, I was in a really bad and rapidly declining place and the meds I was on weren't enough to fix me.  I have fire-walked this Type 2 Diabetes journey and I came out the other side 23 years ago in complete remission. I'm now a 56 year old woman with the fullest, most athletic, and healthy life I could have ever imagined.  When a client chooses to work with me, they have a fierce and knowledgable advocate at their side.  An advocate who understands so deeply how scary it can be to completely turn around decades of ingrained habits, and unwise food and lifestyle choices ... and I'm there to hold their hand, encourage them every day, give them all my knowedge and experience with this entirely preventable condition so that they, too, can have a body that's FUN to live in again ... for a lifetime.

Robert Mitchell

Response from Robert Mitchell

from the Downtown Woodstock Team

When I purchased two UPS Stores in 2015, the thought was I would add a 3rd, then a 4th...However, I found that, unlike my time in the corporate world, I really enjoy working closely with the customer and helping them achieve their goals. Instead of adding additional stores, we created a robust print shop within one of our stores and grew it into the premier print service location that it is today. We found the right mentors and wisdom sources to help us learn and grow and today, we are a source of wisdom for others.

In a sense, we found the business, but in another sense it found us.

Ms. Nicole Good

Response from Ms. Nicole Good

from the Downtown Woodstock Team

I have the ability to effectively communicate with my clients and to read their non-verbal cues, body language and tone. It helps me to be able to read how they are feeling and identify areas of concern while establishing trust and educating them about their questions and concerns regarding their insurance needs while determining the most effective coverage for them. I have the essential skill to be able to teach and explain things in a way that is easy to relate to and understand. I did not choose this industry, this industry chose me. I have found my ability to help people and teach them things that are critical to protecting themselves and/or their families. I like being the super hero when a claim occurs. I get to be the one that tells them everything is going to be okay. I know this is a difficult time, but we are here to make it better and to get you back on your feet and it all starts with a conversation. 

Kevin Gregory

Response from Kevin Gregory

My life long ability to learn faster than most when it comes to working with my hands. It's placed me in several trades tought by professionals and journeymen. From midwest standards to southern. My vision and problem solving skills are a asset to my craft which transitions to my clients being 100% taken care of. I love what I do and that is the real payoff for myself.

Chris Coulter

Response from Chris Coulter

from the Downtown Woodstock Team

My essential skill is my ability to connect with many different types of people quickly.  Whether it is a first time homebuyer that understands nothing about the mortgage process or the sophisticated buyer with complicated scenarios.  I am usually able to connect with them on a personal and meaningful level before we ever start talking about business.  i have always been able to connect effortlessly with different groups of people.  had a wide variety of friends in college and have a wide variety of friends today.  this skill did not attract me to the mortgage business , rather this business found me 28 years ago and I recognized a natural fit 

Dr. Kenneth Strack

Response from Dr. Kenneth Strack

from the Downtown Woodstock Team

I am a very competitive person. Going back to my time as a college baseball player, I've always hated to lose. Well now, I channel that drive into not stopping until I know what is wrong with my patients. Unlike a lot of health care providers, I don't find a common diagnosis that meets a lot of the symptoms. I keep working and testing until I find a diagnosis that fits every parameter. I want to make sure that I don't waste my patients time and money. I don't want to blindly treat and hope for the best. My treatments are all tailored to fit the diagnosis of each patient that walks into my office. And I feel like my competitive nature helps me achieve these things, because I don't like thinking that there is a chiropractor out there that is more prepared to treat their patients than I am. 

Jessica Lee-Bohannon

Response from Jessica Lee-Bohannon

I have a very creative mind, meticulous eye for detail and love working with my hands. Some of my clients get so caught up with life; they don't know where to begin when it comes to getting their house in order. I come up with a detailed plan to get things organized and functional so that it is easier to maintain.

I have that personal touch and ability to adapt as the family changes with life phases, gives them confidence and peace of mind. 

There was a natural transition in to this career path. There was a need, I wanted to be of service to women and their families, I made it happen. I will continue to learn and grow, as my business does, therefore I can provide the best service possible for my clients.

Brian Larson

Response from Brian Larson

from the Downtown Woodstock Team

The thing that makes me naturally good at my job is my communication skills. Which is also my essential skill for business. Not only the way I articulate the issues and solutions to my clients, but the the way I keep up with them and keep them updated throughout the build process. And immediately address any problems or concerns as whey arise. 
Coming from a commercial fishing background, roofing definitely found me, and I was surprised at how well it fit me and my personality. Three years in and no looking back!



Graham Kuhn

Response from Graham Kuhn

from the Downtown Woodstock Team

What makes me naturally good at my business is my compassion for people and wanting them to succeed. I look at my business as an amplifier for someone's business, to help them achieve success. I love to help people win, it's very fulfilling for me. What comes easy to me that others find complicated is storytelling. Through my years working at my church doing very impactful, emotional videos week after week I developed a solid feel for storytelling that connects with a viewer to ellicit an emotioinal response. I love psychology and how storytelling affects the brain. 

This business found me first as I was working at my church doing music and graphic design. When they decided to incorporate video, I had a background having done videos in high school and college, I became the video guy. I did that for 13 years and over that time developed a real understanding of how powerful video is and how to use music and visuals and storytelling to get the most impact possible. 

Bryan Edwards

Response from Bryan Edwards

from the Downtown Woodstock Team

What makes me naturally good at my business is my ability to build relationships and to effectively communicate. Honest and integrity are crucial in the marketplace especially in the tree world. I meet with a lot of commercial and residential clients daily so building the relationships and communication is definitely key. I don't just want to do one job for my clients. I want to be their "Certified Arborist" and have a lasting relationship which in turn breeds more work from them and referrals to family and friends. No relationship...No referral!

A essential skill that I have that my clients may find is complicated is my ability to problem solve and logistically lay out their project as no job or no tree is the same. 

I have been in the green industry a lot in my career and even owned my own Landscpae company but the tree business definitely found me. It was through relationships that I began a career as a Sales Arborist at AKA Tree Service. It has definitely been a fit as I enjoy meeting new people and being outdoors. 

Tom Wallace

Response from Tom Wallace

from the Peachtree City Team

My business found me first.  My wife and I went through a significant financial struggle in 2008.  After finding the system that worked to get us out of over $62K in consumer debt in 22 months, I saw this was doable for others I saw with the same struggle.

Having walked this path before, gave me knowledge and empathy to help others.  I'm able to break down the steps into simple, bite-size pieces that are easy to follow, and my clients from being overwhelmed to being empowered to take control of their financial future.

Scot Goldring

Response from Scot Goldring

from the Milton Team

I became an accountant as I am very good at math and many people suggested it would be a great fit. Math is very useful as there are many sets of numbers and I have a great natural ability to sense / see when the numbers do not add up as expected. This is useful in preparing income tax returns but even more in helping small business owners understand their business numbers andthis can lead them to action to improve their business. 

But my most important skill is looking out deeper for my clients. Several years ago we had a young accountant in our group, Jane. One day she was all excited that her mother (a business owner) agreed that Jane would be trusted with helping her with business and individual income tax guidance. I recall discussing this with her that she better do phenomenal work, or Thanksgiving dinner would NOT be enjoyable! Then I asked her to give that effort to all clients. 

Many clients have told me that making the extra effort and asking the additional question and looking out wider for what is best for them is what they appreciate most about me.

Sarah Newton

Response from Sarah Newton

from the Downtown Woodstock Team

What makes me naturally good at my business is having a caring attitude, willingness to actually listen, and customer service care that's hard to find these days. As someone who's personally been in a disaster recovery situation myself I know what it is like to not have a clue, be worried, stressed, and just unsure as to if I was being taken care of or not.  I know how it felt and I pride myself on not having our customers feel the same way or that they have been left high and dry!  A lot of companies in our industry get in, rip out, dry out, and leave.  All Dry Services of Atlanta does not. We take the time to listen, treat them as a family, hold our customers hand, explaining the process through out, making sure they are being taken care of, and know what to expect every step of the way!  That makes us stand out, helps us grow, all while helping others along the way!  I love this business, it fell into my lap, and suits me well because helping people is a passion of mine!  We learn something new every day, we come across challenges, and face them head on, all while making sure the customer is taken care of, and more importantly that the work has been performed & completed to the best of our ability.  When disaster strikes, I love being just a phone call away and getting my team into it action!  We expect the unexpected while leading with trustworthy customer service and referrals help us grow!  Thank you.




Sarah Newton

All Dry Services of Atlanta

Brenden Jonassaint

Response from Brenden Jonassaint

I'm naturally conversational when it comes to business. I'm also very organized and detailed oriented when it comes to organizing emails and documents. I also like to over communicate because there can be several parties involved in a transaction and information can get stuck or lost. 

I also enjoy following up becuase it makes the process faster. In my seat you kind of have to be a people person and be open to connecting with others to be successful. I chose this industry because I was curious about money and wanted to learn from people that had it. 

Robert Buczek

Response from Robert Buczek

from the Downtown Woodstock Team

What makes me naturally good is understanding complex items and breaking them down to simple parts and explaining them. Getting accurate or simple information online or out of someone is not usually possible, I take their sitation and break it down, organize it for them, and in a way that lets them know that there is someone working for them. 

I found this industry though Divine Intercession - Simply put, I'm a mid-life career changer, that had a friend explain the industry in a negative light, but a light from above put me in the place I'm in right now, and I couldnt be happier. But that's a discussion best reserved in-person. 

Rob Tritt, MBA

Response from Rob Tritt, MBA

from the Canton Business Leaders Team

What makes me naturally good is that I have always veen good at taking technical topics that I quite easily understand and am able translate those topics into ordinary language.  Whether the topic is an explaination of the various types of quarks, how a traveling wave tube (TWT) works, or how to read a Profit & Loss (P&L) statement in order to understand what needs to be done in order to save the business from bankruptcy, I can explain it to someone so that they understand it.  I am also naturally a troubleshooter, so I enjoy figuring out what were the cause(s) of a specific problem and then figure out a solution to the problem. 

I started out in the Information Technology (IT) industry for ridiculously large companies (Norfolk Southern Corporation (NSC), Coca-Cola (K), Mckesson (MCK), and AT&T (T)).  I managed IT and business process projects for those ridiculously large corporations.  After many years of doing so, I began to think that it would be a better use of my education (MBA) and experience to work with business owners who don't know how to grow their business into whatever they want it to become.

The natural skills that I have, in addition to what I learned while working in the corporate world, fit very nicely into the coaching & consulting world. 

Nowadays... I thoroughly enjoy everyday that I get to work with my clients in order to help them and their employees have the business that they all deserve.

Perry Van Alstyne Jr

Response from Perry Van Alstyne Jr

from the Downtown Woodstock Team

Some of the things that make me good at plumbing service and installation are that I like to work with my hands and I don't mind getting messy. Also, I enjoy talking to my customers, whether it be educating them on an issue in their  home or just getting to know one another. 
The one essential skill that is easy for me is the desire to figure the cause and solution to an issue. Installation of plumbing systems is one thing, but finding and solving problems on an existing system is another. It gives me great satisfaction to help my customers in that way. 
 I realized I had this trait as a young servicemen that had to fix whatever problem was in front of me.  I believe the Lord gave me the tools I needed long before I knew I needed them!


PVA Plumbing


Jessica Chaos

Response from Jessica Chaos

from the North Fayetteville Team

My natural talent for sewing has many  perplexed since they tend to see sewing as a confusing and stressful prospect. As a visual and very tactile person seeing how to manipulate fabric to fit over a body or frame is second nature for me. Typically once a client has seen what I can do for them they become repeat customers. Decision making is another factor my clients value, because if they aren't sure what to do or if its worth doing they know I can be trusted to be decisive and unbiased in my advice on whether to pursue a particular alteration or sewing project. These skills developed while I was in college for fashion design, but I would still say my business found me and has become a natural progression of my skill and experience after working as a seamstress for many companies in various industries that utilize sewing. Other natural talents that assist in my business are my extroverted nature and comfort with strangers and groups, my higher moral sense of doing right by my clients, and my eager pursuit of personal growth.

Amanda Williams

Response from Amanda Williams

from the Sugarloaf Team

I enjoy talking and getting to know people in general which is a large part of my job role. As a relationship manager for a bank, getting to know clients, how they like to do their banking, what's important helps me customize products for them to reach their goals quicker. Over the years, I have taken many leadership as well as skill developing courses to also provide me insight on how to communicate with people more effectively. I have always worked in retail management and when working with a peer who worked at the bank already, she identified an opportunity for me to switch careers. 

James Denmon

Response from James Denmon

from the Downtown Woodstock Team

What makes me naturally good at this business is that I have always had a bit of a natural gift for understanding the technology. I am able to take what for many is a complex principle and provide a way for them to execute those complex things in a simple way. 


I started in the AV world when I was a young teenager primarily because I understood how to run the sound at my church better than the adults who were doing it at the time. It is a good fit for many ways. Let's have coffee and I'll tell you more!

Wade Lewis

Response from Wade Lewis

I’m naturally good at doing electrical work  , this is in part due to my grasp of how energy flows in and out of each electrical component.  This paired with  my hands on ability and adaptability, make it a win for my customers.

One of my many essential  skills is thinking outside the box. Perhaps one example would be installing wiring for a  receptacle that has limited access to power without opening up multiple access points. Instead the wiring was routed up, over, and back down.  Even though this was a little more expensive, the customer saved by not having to hire a drywall repair company.  

This industry found me at an early age of 18.  A friend of mine told me that electricians do really well and stay busy and that his parents just paid a large sum of money to an electrical company. I was hooked. Where do I sign up? So, I went to the IBEW local 613 , the rest is history.