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What have you worked hard to learn in order to excel at your business?

  • Do you take continuing education in this area,
  • or have a mentor,
  • or read extensively,
  • or attend conferences?

How does this skill and understanding give clients who choose you a competitive advantage?


Jon Ongtingco

Response from Jon Ongtingco

from the Cumberland Team

Because I seem to have an innate understanding of complex technologies, I've diligently studied the financial aspects of the IT industry to ensure our employees are compensated fairly, and our customers recieve the best value. My commitment extends beyond initial learning: I  participate in continuous education and have sought guidance from seasoned financial gurus, like Mark Chase. This holistic financial comprehension means our clients benefit from cost-effective technology solutions without compromising on quality.


Jonathan Ongtingco



Wendy Kinney

Response from Wendy Kinney

from the PowerCore Team

PowerCore requires a lot of writing. From scripts and Mentor Moments and Referral Triggers to Coaches Workshops and Knowledge Base posts, and Orientation Essentials, InfoMinute Seminar, the extras, and the extra extras, and ...

So I use writer's tools: Scrivener, StoryGrid, Plottr, Canva, Readwise, Pocket, along with gmail, word and ...

Writing is an essential element of my role, so I'm constantly focusing on how to be more effective.

Leslie Pierce

Response from Leslie Pierce

from the East Cobb Team

Taxes change at least annually and sometime even during a year.  Being up to date on the latest changes for both actual tax returns and for tax planning is critical to clients.   To stay knowledgeable, I belong to professional organizations that publish newletters and bulletins to keep tax professionals informed.  Also every year I include my staff in attending  an update seminar to go further in depth on all the changes that have been implemented for the upcoming year.  Not only is it helpful to know these things to prepare taxes, it definitely helps to let clients know you care about them and want them to be on top of their tax situations.

Dr. Jason Regis

Response from Dr. Jason Regis

from the East Cobb Team

As a chiropractor, I am required to take 20 hours of Continuing Education each year.  I also have several mentors in the chiropractors that adjust in the same style and philosophy as I do.  I find that I learn from them and pick up new tools and strategies when it comes to adjusting and addressing the whole body.  I also learn and excel by being a mentor as part of the externship program at Life University.  I have to stay sharp around these students with fresh ideas and the most recent knowledge.  I also work hard to practice self care.  Consistent chriopractic care, massage, acupuncture, stretching, working out and mental health coach are all a part of the regimen to keep me at my best and present for my patients.  After all as a Wellness practioner, it is important to practice what I preach!

Scott Virani

Response from Scott Virani

from the East Cobb Team

The Seniors Real Estate Specialist® (SRES®) designation is for REALTORS® who want to be able to meet the special needs of maturing Americans when selling, buying, relocating, or refinancing residential or investment properties. By earning the SRES® designation, I am prepared to approach mature clients with the best options and information for them to make life-changing decisions. In order to stay abreast of the market, we have monthly calls and quarterly meetings to discuss the most recent and current trends and stats. This leads to my mature clients being in the best position to be successful in this low inventory and competitive market. 

Stephen Dufour, II

Response from Stephen Dufour, II

from the East Cobb Team

I have to complete 40 hours of continuing education every time I renew my license. These CE topics can be on ethics, anti-money laundering, flood insurance, commercial insurance, property insurance, and may others. Keeping up with current education allows me to confidently make recommendations to my clients on the insurance products they select

Rebecca Brizi

Response from Rebecca Brizi

from the Buckhead Team

It is about how what I learn is applied. 

For example: value at risk is a statistic that investment banks use to measure the risk of loss. After the 2008 crisis, many questioned the validity of VaR. But as some people (such as Michael Lewis) pointed out: the math was perfectly sound. The problem was that because we had a formula, we had stopped thinking. 

There are many management theories out there that are perfectly sound and beneficial. But if I become too formulaic in my approach, I risk stopping thinking. 

So I learn everything I can, and then I turn it on its head and wonder what if the opposite were true, and I try to navigate work (and life) based not on what I know, but on what I can learn. 

Linzy Parsons

Response from Linzy Parsons

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

The insurance industry is heavily regulated. In addition to holding a license, I must maintain this license with 30 hours of continuing education every 2 years. While this is the minimum requirement to maintain my license, I work hard to excel and always do right by my clients AND the insurance companies I represent. Given the climate of my industry and the difficulties in the market, I stay up-to-date on the changes and have a clearer understanding of insurance concepts and challenges by reading industry publications and articles from thought leaders. All of this helps me deliver excellence to my clients and manage their expectations so they have the best experience with their chosen insurance company. 

Saurel Quettan

Response from Saurel Quettan

from the Candler Park Team

I have worked hard to learn to listen beyond my innate perceptions as a human being. I have worked hard to learn to diminish the significance of my perceptions. I have been studying and practicing since 1999, and on average take continuing education for 150 to 200 hours every year. I love to teach to learn, so I attend conferences and seize every opportunity I can to be one of the presenters. I have both formal and informal mentors. We connect weekly, for one to two hours, to practice and hone our listening skills.

My listening skills, and my ability to reduce the significance of my perceptions make it possible for my clients to uncover barriers to high performance that are in their blind spot faster than their peers. Clients who choose me grow their businesses faster with less stress.

Sheldon Berch

Response from Sheldon Berch

from the East Cobb Team

I have been a very active member of my Insurance Association for 30+ years.  I believe it is important to meet with other professionals in a wide variety of companies.  On the surface it looks like these are my competitors but in reality they are a source to assist.  From the relationships I have made in the association, I have been able to help my clients.  We meet several times a year as an association, but I talk with members on a regular bases.  One of the best cases I have ever completed was because of my relationship with a member who had a relationship with the head underwriter for a company.  21 Carriers had declined my client before I was able to get him approved.  

Erik Chambers

Response from Erik Chambers

When I became a family law attorney, I felt naturally comfortable with the custody aspects involved. However, there are also significant financial componets as well - reviewing business documents and understanding business valuations, assisting clients with Domestic Relations Financial Affidavits, preparing Marital Balance Sheets, identifying and calculating incomes, etc. Over the years, I have sought out both continuing education and conference seminars to improve my knowledge and understanding in these areas so that I can be more efficient in my work and more valuable to my clients. I also maintain professional relationships with several experienced forensic accountants in our industry who I can contact to ask questions or to introduce to our clients to assist with their case. As a result, my clients - especially in those cases where custody and financial issues are in dispute - can feel confident knowing I am skilled and trained to handle all aspects of their case.

Francisco Neri

Response from Francisco Neri

from the East Cobb Team

"ABL" - Always Be Learning!

While all licensed mortgage originators are required to take annual continuing education in order to maintain licensure, this education alone does not lead to success in my business. Some of the additional steps I take in order to be successful are as follows:

1. I actively seek out additional knowledge and training on the industry and financial markets in order to stay in front of trends and changes that may affect my team, referral partners, and customers. 

2. I have fantastic mentors in my industry that I regularly lean on for advice and guidance. 

3. I often explore non-traditional products and strategies that expand my knowledge on residential lending and the types of customers I can serve. This has allowed me to provide solutions to a wider variety of customers, some of which have strong finances but need more flexible guidelines in order to realize their dreams of homeownership. My self-employed, international, and investor clients have especially enjoyed the expertise I bring in this area.

4. I regularly attend and participate in webinars, workshops, and mastermind groups in order to sharpen my tools and knowledge base.

Tom Wallace

Response from Tom Wallace

from the Peachtree City Team

I continue to refine my skills with the art of coaching.

I regularly attend webinars and workshops to stay sharp in my coaching learning better and different approaches to ensure my clients get the best coaching experience from me.

I'm part of a weekly mastermind group of other financial coaches.  I'm also an avid reader, consuming several books per year.

In addition, I attend a couple of conferences a year run by Coach Connections (a financial coaching group I'm a part of) and Ramsey Solutions as part of their Preferred Coach Program.

Pamela Dabrowa

Response from Pamela Dabrowa

As I write this, I am taking a break from the Adobe Max Conference, which I am attending online. I’m deeply intrigued by the potential of AI and how it can enhance my photography and video production company. My goal is not only to leverage AI for my own work but also to empower others in my industry to harness the power of this technology for the good of society.

Building meaningful connections with fellow creatives within my industry is a priority so that I can keep my eye on what is new and improved for my clients.  Creative relationships foster valuable conversations and contribute to both my artistic and technical growth, ultimately helping me provide more effective and efficient photography and video production services.

Despite having spent 30 years professionally behind the camera, delivery content for publications, marketing executives, and communications managers, I recognize the importance of continuous learning and adaptation to remain relevant in this ever-evolving field.

Jessica  Love

Response from Jessica Love

from the East Cobb Team

I have worked hard to learn payroll in general. How it works, the laws, and why a company should choose to use a service. I spent a couple of years processing and learning how our particular system works, so I think that has helped me know and learn the many different types of payrolls there can be. My company is great at keeping us updated with new changes in tax rates and laws, and my mentors are the people I work with. I see how they are successful, and I can always turn to them with any questions or ideas I may have. 

Chase Waldroup

Response from Chase Waldroup

from the East Cobb Team

Studying the roof straetgist and HAG classes allows me to stay on top on the industry as the roofing world grows.

My boss would be my mentor when it comes to growth, with over 20 years of experience I'm able to learn what was ok and what now has changed.

Attending roofing conferences allows for different perspective on how to approach the homeowner with knowledge about the right product for their home.

Rob Tritt, MBA

Response from Rob Tritt, MBA

from the Canton Business Leaders Team

There are a lot of moving parts to a business.  Business is a lot more than selling something and collecting money.  There is accounting, sales, marketing, human resources (HR), information technology (IT), strategy, compliance, production/manufacturing, legal, etc. 

Each of these areas have their own nuances and best practices that are associated with them, so it is important to stay up-to-date on things that are happening in business so that I can make suggestions to my clients that will provide them with the best results / most benefits. 

In order to stay current on business trends, I read business articles for different areas, and I read a lot reagrding what is going on in terms of what companies are doing what.  By watching what the big companies are doing, I can take that information to my much smaller clients and scale it down so that it works for their business.   


Harry Schnabel

Response from Harry Schnabel

from the East Cobb Team

In my business we are required to take training on a number of subjects throughout the year to instill that we keep up with procedures, disclosures, and products.  I'm constantly brushing up on my knowledge to make sure that I'm on my game when needed.  One thing that I am not afraid to say is that I don't know everything and an endearing quality of mine is that I'm not afraid to tell my customers when I don't know the answer.  That's not a problem though because I know who to reach out to when I need to find an answer.  My customers respect the fact that I'm upfront and honest with them and know that I will do everything I need to do to have their questions answered.

Amanda Williams

Response from Amanda Williams

from the Sugarloaf Team

Overall- patience. Every client I encounter is different and needs a different approach to support. Every client learns in different ways so I have learned to adapt more to how they perceive information to provide that to them. I have taken several leadership classes over the years, Situational leadership I and II as well as crucial conversations, extradordinary leader and lead yourself. By removing some emotion out of situations, it creates a better outcome. 

Wade Lewis

Response from Wade Lewis

Early on in my electrical career i worked hard to acquire a state unrestricted high voltage license. I would say a gagillion hours. And later on, to facilitate even more know how, I acquired an unrestricted low voltage license. Another bazillion hours of study. Both of these licenses require continuing education.  Perhaps a day class or a seminar once a year.

My customers get the competitive advantage of a multi  licensed and multi decade experience Electrical contractor .  All transparent with a license that has a  date.