What To Do To Get Referrals: Other Ways to Participate | Method

A chef starts by prepping every ingredient, then laying it out, ready, in order. This is a component of being a professional.

  • What is your process with new clients?

A chef verifies ingredients, then cleans and chops before they begin the chemistry of cooking.

Share your preparation protocol.

Wendy Kinney

Response from Wendy Kinney

from the PowerCore Team

The PowerCore mentoring process has five parts - each with a specific purpose:

  1. What to SAY to GET mentor coffee - to begin the concept of referral marketing.
  2. What to DO to GET mentor coffee - to show them behaviours create the credibility required for referrals.
  3. What to DO to GIVE mentor coffee - so they understand the many ways to bring value.
  4. Orientation Essentials - so they learn from a variety of Members, and recognize there is more than one right way.
  5. InfoMinute Seminar - to get a grip on all six essential elements, and the principles, in effective referral self promotion, and to learn there is more knowledge they can get at Information Monday.

What I'd like to do ... maybe a Guide could do this? ... is call and direct them through setting up their personal profile page. That would really be valuable. 

Rebecca Brizi

Response from Rebecca Brizi

from the Buckhead Team

I am a loyal mise-en-place person both in cooking and in my work. 

When preparing to meet with a client I first of all:


  • What are the overall project objectives
  • All notes and accomplishments from our last meeting

And then I:


  • Objectives for our next meeting
  • Discussion notes
  • My agenda and outline for the meeting

Before I cook and before I consult, I ensure I know what my goal is, that I have all the equipment, that I have all the ingredients, and that I am prepared to add any extras (red pepper flakes everywhere!). 

Jimmy D! Dunnavant

Response from Jimmy D! Dunnavant

from the Fayette Team

I start my interaction with clients through either incoming email or phone call.  After a short consultation I invite them to visit my onboarding website where we gather the information required to do a booking and also provide insights into potential discounts they might qualify for.  

After that we go into research mode, trying to find the place and time that works within the client's budget, timing and preferences.  We narrow that down by speaking with the client multiple times.  

At the end of the day I want my clients to be happy to write a 5 star review for my services, including pricing, information and service before, during and after their travel!



Tom Wallace

Response from Tom Wallace

from the Peachtree City Team

The first step with those who are interested in potentially working together is scheduling a 30-minute consultation where we discuss their specific situation, what my coaching looks like, and if we are a good fit.  

Once they decide to move forward, my clients get access to my resource page where they complete their first assignment before our first meeting which is completing a spending plan.  I include a video tutorial to assist them in completing this to help reduce the overwhelm and possible paralysis in trying to complete the spending plan. This first effort at their spending plan doesn't need to be perfect, it's just a starting point.  

Upon completing the spending plan, Once this is complete, we schedule our first meeting to begin to dive deep into their finances, and goals, along with discovering their why.

Jessica Chaos

Response from Jessica Chaos

from the North Fayetteville Team

At the onset of any new project, I follow the following steps

1. Identify final results desired- often this requries reference images or a sketch session and discussion of options.

2. Create an estimate. Client reviews estimate and approves.

3. Organize all information necessary for the project-  dimensions and details for the final product not specified in step one. Material and color choices, trim details, finishing details, etc.

4. Define timeline for project with check points for fittings or QC

5. Project production timeline 

6. Final fitting or delivery.

7. Client is delighted and amazed :-)

Amanda Williams

Response from Amanda Williams

from the Sugarloaf Team

When I have a pre-scheduled appointment, I review the type of industry they are in ahead to learn more on common challenges and triumphs to be able to share what would work best for them during those situations. That helps me build trust and share what could happen good or bad that the client may not have been aware of. I also take time to build rapport to uncover common information to support the new banking relationship.

Sri Chakravarty

Response from Sri Chakravarty

from the Roswell 400 Team

I ask my prospects detailed questions on the job at hand. Exactly what do they want to get done, and by when? What is the result they hope to see? Understanding and setting expectations ensures customer satisfaction and a job well done.